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How To Make a Successful Career in Hindi Literature


Become aware of why Hindi is much more than just a patriotic language and explore the opportunities you can grab with your degree in Hindi Literature, from working as a translator in large corporations to finding opportunities in the Army as an interpreter. This blog talks all about a career in Hindi literature and how you can pursue one!

‘Language is the key to understanding anything.’ I personally believe this to be true. But is Hindi that language which will be the key? Is it worth building a career in? Yes, of course, it is. I am not going to give you the same old lecture on how Hindi is our national language and we are obliged to preserve it. It definitely is but there’s more to Hindi than what meets the eye.

Apart from 425 million people speaking Hindi as a first language, making it one of the most spoken languages in the world, and another 120 million speak Hindi as a second, Hindi is a language in which you can build a prosperous career. The further you read, you’ll understand these are not empty words. While Hindi is the official language of India, Hindi is also spoken in Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, and Nepal.

There’s a similar pattern of thought amongst Indians, that English is THE language which will open the doors for a secure career for you and that our own language Hindi is ‘so backward’.

Career Fact: But what if I told you, this pattern of thought itself is backward? There’s a demand for experts in Hindi for a job post of teaching the language to the U.S military so as to equip them to interact with the locals in regions where the language is used. Hence, a career in Hindi Literature might just be the best career option for you if you are a Hindi language lover.

Educational Requirements

To pursue a career in Hindi Literature you may find a number of job opportunities in this career field. Therefore a Bachelor’s degree or B.A. in Hindi Literature is enough for a fairly lucrative career. If you wish to go for further studies like a Masters or Ph.D., then you can expect more options available.

There are institutions all over India which bestow the mastery in Hindi and yes, believe it or not, there are colleges abroad which offer you courses in Hindi. It doesn’t matter nowadays as to why Hindi language wasn’t given much importance as it deserved in the past decades, but now, pursuing a career in Hindi Literature is dream come true for the number of opportunities it offers. To understand the career pathway for jobs in Hindi literature, read the below flow chart and find the most suitable pathway for a successful career.

Career Path

Indian colleges offering courses in Hindi Literature

To pursue a career in Hindi Literature, you must have a bachelor’s or higher level of degree. Following are a list of colleges/universities offering degrees in this career field:

InstitutesLocationCourses OfferedEligibilityWebsite
University of MumbaiMumbaiM.A. & Ph.D. in Hindi LiteratureGraduate in any discipline Masters degree in any disciplinehttp://mu.ac.in/ 
Bangalore UniversityBangaloreM.A. in Hindi/ P. G. Diploma in Functional Hindi TranslationGraduate in any discipline with 50% marks in Hindi University degree OR Graduate in any discipline with 55% marks in Hindihttp://bangaloreuniversity.ac.in/ 
University of Kerala  KeralaM.A in HindiGraduate in any discipline www.keralauniversity.ac.in/  
University of DelhiNew DelhiM.A in HindiGraduate in disciplinehttp://www.du.ac.in/ 
University of MadrasChennaiM.A. Postgraduate course in Functional Hindi and Translation Ph.D. Certificate course in HindiGraduate in any discipline Graduate in any discipline   M.A 10+2http://www.unom.ac.in/ 
Vision Institute of Professional StudiesKolkata B.A. in Hindi10+2 in any disciplinehttp://www.visionvoice.co.in/ 
Babu Hari Ram Singh MahavidyalayaAllahabadB.A. in Hindi10+2 in any disciplinehttp://bhsdegreecollege.org/ 
Banasthali UniversityJaipur Banasthali UniversityB.A. in Hindi10+2 in any disciplinehttp://www.banasthali.org/ 

International colleges offering courses in Hindi Literature

InstitutesLocationCourses OfferedEligibilityWebsite
University of ChicagoChicagoB.A.10+2
(any discipline)
Boston UniversityEnglandB.A. (Hindi-Urdu CAS)10+2 (any discipline)www.bu.edu 
University of CaliforniaBerkeleyIntroductory Hindi Intermediate  Hindi Readings in Modern Hindi 10+2    Intermediate Hindihttp://southasia.berkeley.edu/ 
University of MinnesotaS.E.
Minneapolis MN
Intensive Hindi Course10+2http://umabroad.umn.edu/ 

Fee Structure

In India, the fee for a Bachelors’s degree in Hindi literature is within the range of 15,000 rupees to 100,000 rupees, depending on the location and institution. In government colleges, you can get a free seat with minimal charges after passing an entrance exam (on the date which the college decides). Masters and Ph.D.’s average fee is the same as a Bachelors’ degree. The course fee, overseas ranges from 4,500 to 10,000 dollars.

Job Opportunites


As mentioned earlier with your expertise in Hindi do not be under the presumption that you are limited to work in India only. Today the US intelligence and security agencies desperately require Hindi translators.

“As a linguist or translator in the U.S. Army, you are deployed to duty stations around the world. You can get recruited for language interpretation and intelligence analysis. As a linguist, you can qualify for an enlistment bonus up to $40,000 and the Montgomery GI Bill worth over $60,000,” says an army recruiter.

In 2009, the US Army introduced a program in which immigrants who speak one or more from 35 languages including Hindi can get in the military and receive citizenship by the end of basic training of just 10 weeks.

The reason why the Hindi language is getting a strong foothold overseas is because of the economic growth in India, which makes the foreign countries interested, language becomes a barrier, just like the old times when British colonized 2/3 of the world. Hence a career in Hindi Literature could fetch you one of the most lucrative career opportunities.


With significant importance being given to our national language around the globe, there are various employment opportunities. Following are a few of the jobs in Hindi Literature you may find helpful:

  • Posts like Hindi Officer, Hindi Translator, Hindi Assistant, Manager (Official language) in different departments and units of Central and State government. You can also look for govt jobs in Hindi literature.
  • The scope has increased with the advent of private TV and Radio channels and the launch of Hindi versions of established magazines and In the field of Hindi media, there is a need for Editors, Reporters, Correspondents, Sub Editors, Proof Readers, Radio Jockeys, Anchors, etc.
  • A Degree or Diploma in Journalism, Mass Communication along with academic qualification in Hindi is merit for job seekers.
  • One can work in the mediums of Radio, TV, Cinema as a Script Writer, Dialogue Writer, and This field necessitates a natural and artistic mastery of creative writing. But a degree or diploma in creative writing will enhance one’s style of writing.
  • Need for translation of well-known works from international writers, blockbuster movies, advertisements and the work of translating in courts, is peaking as you read this.
  • You can earn your livelihood as a freelance translator and can also set up your own translation firm. There are also opportunities for translation projects from foreign agencies. The task can be easily done through the internet.

Now we find every global publication house struggling to make space for their existence in the masses, particularly the Hindi belt. Most surprisingly the leading multinational publishing houses not only started commissioning Hindi publication but started publishing translated versions (in Hindi) of best sellers also on a massive scale. So there are great opportunities available if you want to pursue a career in Hindi Literature. Some of the most preferred ones are: as a translator, editor & composer in publishing houses.

There is a job opportunity in foreign countries for the Post Graduates in Hindi language, especially those who have completed their Ph.D. Scope of teaching Hindi language and linguistics in foreign universities.

Growth for interpreters and translators overall was expected to be at a very fast rate of 46% over the period of 2012 to 2022.

One can always choose the traditional option of teaching Hindi at schools, colleges & universities as teachers and professors in India and overseas.

Salary structure

The average salary for interpreters and translators was $49,320 a year. Whereas, the entry-level translators may be paid somewhat less in the range from $22,301-$72,017.

Those who want to put up a career in teaching can start earning in the range of 10,000 to 20,000 rupees per month.  Candidates working with embassies can receive a compensation of 8,000 to 10,000 rupees per month. Translators are paid between 50 to 100 rupees per page. Interpreters generally earn around 300 to 500 rupees per hour.

Professors in universities can earn up to 40,000 to 90,000 rupees per month in India.

Topics covered
  1. Conclusion


As you read above, pursuing a career in Hindi Literature is no longer just a dream, it could be a reality for Hindi literature lovers. So, you should not hesitate when entering the career in the Hindi literature as it may land you a lucrative career alternative that was not available years ago but is now in India and al over the world. If the national language is something that you want to excel in, know that it has much more renown and use than what has actually been publicized.

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