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Geneticists study genes of humans, animals, plants, virus, bacteria, and all other organisms to understand the molecular basis of genetic inheritance, how genetic inheritance leads to expression of various characteristics in organisms through biomolecular processes, and how genes could be altered naturally as well as artificially. Study of genes can have numerous applications ranging from treating diseases to finding living descendants of war survivors / deceased combatants to finding life in another planet to finding healthy food substitutes or growing improved plant varieties or to arrest criminals even!


Why become a Geneticist / Genetic Engineer?

Do you wonder what genes are and how strong genes can be? Are you or were you very fond of those Biology classes in school when you first got to know about 'genes' but understood nothing of it? Genes are what makes each organism different from the others and also each human different from another or each bacteria different from the other. Have you ever thought of cloning a new species or organism by creating special genes? Or do you wish to invent new kinds of medicine to help patients suffering from incurable diseases? Do you want to create new types of crop plant varieties that are more nutritious? Or maybe any other invention through modification of genes? The possibilities are vast and modern-day Genetics is enormous and powerful! So here we go! Read on to find who Geneticists or Genetic Engineers are, what they do, how they do it and how to become one.

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