Career as a Forensic Scientist

in India

As a Forensic Scientist, you will collect evidence from the crime scene. These all evidence could be physical like broken pieces of glass, footprint; chemical like drugs; biological and medical like blood, urine, fingerprint, etc.; electronic like mobile and computer; financial and documentation like papers, passports, bank accounts, etc. Your job will be to collect them and take to the lab where either you or other forensic experts will study these samples and try to find al clues, assess identity, assess fraud, etc.


Why become a Forensic Scientist?

We have all seen numerous movies, TV series based on crime. We all know that on the scene of the crime, police always invite an expert to collect evidence. While we all know this, some of you might be intrigued by the work of this person. This person is known as a forensic scientist or expert. If you have interest in helping government and agencies in controlling crime and nabbing criminals, this could be one career for you.

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