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VITEEE Exam 2020 Pattern, Syllabus, Fees and Exam Strategy (Top 10 Hacks) – A Comprehensive Guide


VITEEE exam is a B Tech and B Des engineering entrance exam. VITEEE exam is one of the top most choices for an engineering aspirant in India today. VITEEE entrance exam is conducted by the Vellore Institute of Technology. The institute has branches at Vellore, Chennai, Bhopal and Amravati. Every year, around 2 lakh candidates appear for VITEEE exam. This post talks about various details of the VITEEE entrance exam including the VITEE exam pattern, the VITEEE exam syllabus and VITEEE exam fees.

VITEEE Exam 2020 –What’s new?

VITEEE entrance exam 2020 is cancelled. It shall not be conducted this year. VITEEE entrance exam was scheduled on July 28-August 02, 2020, but as a result of the new pandemic COVID-19, VIT has modified its admission process. Admissions this year shall be done on the basis of marks obtained in 10+2 (Class 12 marks).

Figure: VITEEE EXAM 2020
Figure: VITEEE 2020

VITEEE Entrance Exam – Introduction

VITEEE is a 2.5 hours long entrance test with 125 MCQs on Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics/ Biology, Aptitude, and English sections. The most questions are asked from Mathematics/ Biologysection and there is no negative marking.

You also get an opportunity to select your exam center from around 124 choices in India and 4 international including Muscat, Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait. You will be competing for approximately 5000 engineering seats.

VITEEE Exam Pattern

VITEEE is conducted in 3 shifts a day. Each session has duration of 2.5 hours. You can choose from any of these shifts.

I9.00 AM to 11.30 AM
II12.30 PM to 3.00 PM
III4.00 PM to 6.30 PM
VITEEE Pattern 2020 Sessions

The revised VITEEE exam pattern has 5 sections instead of 4.

  1. Chemistry
  2. Physics
  3. Mathematics/ Biology
  4. Aptitude
  5. English

The newly added Aptitude section has 10 questions. Like mentioned earlier, the paper (all 5 sections) is for a total of 2.5 hours.

Mode of VITEEE ExamOnline
Duration of VITEEE Exam2.5 hours
Language of VITEEE Exam question paperEnglish language only
VITEEE Exam question TypeMultiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Number of Questions in VITEEE exam125
Sections of VITEEE examPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, Aptitude & English
Slots3 sessions each day
Marking Scheme of VITEEE exam1 mark for each right answer
Penalty MarkingNO negative marking
VITEEE Exam Pattern 2020 highlights

VITEEE Exam Pattern: Section-wise

SubjectsTotal MarksNumber of Questions
Total (2.5 hours)125 marks125 questions
VITEEE Exam Pattern: Section-wise

Question paper

All questions are MCQsdivided into 5 parts.

  • Part 1 – Mathematics/Biology
  • Part 2 – Physics
  • Part 3 – Chemistry
  • Part 4 – English
  • Part 5 – Aptitude

Your order will be either MPCEA or BPCEA


If you are appearing for this order i.e. Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry/English/Aptitude, you will be eligible for all the engineering degree programs.


If you are appearing for this order i.e. Biology/Physics/Chemistry/English/Aptitude will be eligible for only B.Tech Bio Stream degree programs which are:

  • Bio-engineering – VIT Bhopal
  • Biotechnology – VIT Vellore
  • B. Tech. ECE (with Biomedical Engineering specialization at VIT, Vellore)
  • B. Tech. CSE (with Bioinformatics specialization at VIT, Vellore)

VITEEE Exam Syllabus:

VITEEE exam question paper consists of 125 MCQs pertaining to 5 sections i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology, English and Aptitude.

VITEEE exam Syllabus is based on the curriculum of Class 12th and Class 11th. The syllabus is similar to that of CBSE and Tamil Nadu State Board of Higher Secondary. Here are some of the most important topics for VITEEE exam:

SubjectMajor TopicsWeightage
VITEEE exam syllabus for ChemistryAtomic Structure, Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry, p,d and f – Block Elements, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium, Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Alcohols and Ethers, Carbonyl Compounds, Isomerism in Organic Compounds, Carboxylic Acids (and derivatives), Organic Nitrogen Compounds, Bio-molecules28%
VITEEE exam syllabus for PhysicsOptics, Laws of Motion & Work, Properties of Matter, Energy and Power, Current Electricity, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Dual Nature of Radiation, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Semiconductor Devices         28%
VITEEE exam syllabus for MathematicsTrigonometry and Complex Numbers, Matrices (and Applications), Vector Algebra, Analytical Geometry of two dimensions, Differential Calculus, Differential Equations, Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions, Integral Calculus (and Applications), Probability Distributions, Discrete Mathematics     32%
VITEEE exam syllabus for BiologyCell and Molecular Biology, Taxonomy, Genetics and Evolution, Human health & diseases, Reproduction, Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Biotechnology and Plant Physiology, Biodiversity, ecology and environment32%
VITEEE exam syllabus for EnglishReading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary 4%
VITEEE exam syllabus for AptitudeTime and Work, Verbal and Logical Reasoning, Series, Puzzles, Directions, Coding-Decoding, Blood Relations, Rank and Order8%
VITEEE Exam Syllabus 2020

VITEEE entrance exam: Sample questions for Mathematics

VITEEE Exam Sample Questions for Mathematics
VITEEE Exam Sample Questions for Mathematics

VITEEE entrance exam: Sample questions for Biology

VITEEE Exam Sample Questions for Biology
VITEEE Exam Sample Questions for Biology

VITEEE entrance exam: Sample questions for Physics

VITEEE Exam Sample Questions for Physics
VITEEE Exam Sample Questions for Physics

VITEEE entrance exam: Sample questions for Chemistry

VITEEE Exam Sample Questions for Chemistry

VITEEE Exam English Section Highlights (least weightage)

The English section in VITEEE entrance exam comprises 5 questions based on Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and Pronunciation.

Passages, lines of poems, dialogues, grammar, etc. shall be given
You will have to go for the best suitable answer according to you from the options given for each question.
3 Questions for Reading comprehension: Short passages (30-50 words) or 2-3 lines of poem or a dialogue
2 Questions  for Grammar and Pronunciation
VITEEE Exam English Section Highlights

VITEEE Exam Aptitude Section Highlights

Aptitude is a newly added section in the VITEEE exam. This section has questions mostly from Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation. You can master this part, with good and regular practice of course.  This section of the VITEEE exam has 10 questions from these 8 topics:

DirectionsNumber Series
ClocksData Interpretation
Data SufficiencySyllogism
VITEEE Exam Aptitude Section Highlights

VITEEE Exam Fees 2020

VITEEE Exam Fees 2020is represented in the table:

Application ModeApplication Fee
OfflineINR 1200 + 50 (Demand draft)
OnlineINR 1150
For NRIUS$ 50
VITEEE Exam Fees 2020

VITEEE Exam 2020 Eligibility

VITEEE entrance exam 2020 Nationality:

  • You should be a Resident / Non Resident Indian National / PIO.
  • Foreign Candidates can apply directly through foreign category only. Visit

VITEEE entrance exam 2020 Age Limit :

  • Date of birth on or after 1st July 1998 are eligible
  • DOB as recorded in the High School / SSC / X certificate shall only be considered.
  • You should produce this certificate in original as a proof of your age at the time of counseling, failing for which you will be disqualified.

VITEEE 2020 Qualifying Examination:

You should have either completed or shall be appearing in 2020, in any one of the following qualifying examinations :

  • Class 12thexam of State Board; Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE, New Delhi), The Council for
  • ISC, New Delhi.
  • Intermediate or Two-year Pre-University Examination
  • Advanced (A) levelGeneral Certificate Education (GCE) examination (Cambridge/London/Srilanka)
  • High School Certificate Examination (Cambridge University) or International Baccalaureate Diploma (International Baccalaureate Office, Geneva).
  • Regular ‘NIOS’ board candidates are also eligible. If this applies to you, you should produce the Migration Cum Transfer Certificate at the time of joining.

VITEEE exam 2020 Eligibility Criteria For The Qualifying Examination:

  • You should have secured minimum aggregate of 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology in the qualifying examination (+2/Intermediate).
  • 50% for the following categories:
    • SC/ST
    • From Jammu and Kashmir/ Ladakh and the North Eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Sikkim Nagaland, and Tripura.

VITEEE exam 2020 Subject Eligibility:

  • Maths,Physics,Chemistry in Class 12th or Higher Secondary Board
  • If you have Biology, Physics, Chemistryand no Mathematicsin Class 12th/ Higher Secondary Board, you are eligible for the following only.
    • B.Tech. Biotechnology(VIT, Vellore)
    • B.Tech. Bio-engineering(VIT-Bhopal)
    • B.Tech. ECE(with Biomedical Engineeringspecializationat VIT, Vellore)
    • B.Tech. CSE(with Bioinformaticsspecialization at VIT, Vellore)

VITEEE Exam Strategy 2020

List of Top 10 Tips to Prepare for VITEEE Exam

Now that you’ve arrived at this part, you must be conversant with all the factual aspects of VITEEE exam. It is important to bear all of that in mind.

You can go back any time and see if you’ve missed anything. In this part, we’ll particularly discuss how you can ace your attempt at one go and fill up as much as you can with the right answers!

Make these suggestive tips a firm part of your action plan in combating VITEEE exam so you can look at the results whenever they are announced with a wide grin!1

1) Be accustomed to the syllabus: You must have in-depth knowledge of VITEEE exam syllabus and VITEEE exam pattern

The syllabus is demanding so it will be very useful if you know it well. I mean, you can recall it in your mind. You should know it that well.

Cut down on extra information and focus on important concepts.

Get an idea about the weightage of sections so you can decide which section you need toprioritize.

2) Design a Realistic Routine : a realistic and well-structured time table is what you need to create to boost your preparation since you will have to finish a 2 years syllabus.

You may have to be slightly flexible with it modifying it occasionally depending on your progress.

3) Build a smart study stock : high quality study materials are the need of the hour. With your teachers and expert assistance, you can build the correct stock with ease.

You may contact repeating candidates or successful ones for advice.

4) Take notes : scribble concepts, topics, and focal points of a chapter on pages or on colorful stick-ons& make them float around your eyes.

Stick them around to make “vision boards” on a particular wall or on the door of your closet or anywhere else which you may attend to at different times. Revisit according to your convenience and routine.

5) Revision is Must: You can fix 1-2 hours daily for revisions and do not leave any topic for the eleventh hour.

You must keep aside time for revisions and more practice.

6) Do not Use Calculators while practicing. This is a strict no-no.

7) Practice mock tests : pen-paper testing is THE RULE. You shall have to learn to manage time, which is a required aspect of VITEEE exam.

VIT releases sample papers too. Make just use of them.

It will be great, if you could finish a topic and instantly test your understanding of it.

At the end of all topics, you can take a series of mock exams to put your knowledge of an entire subject to test.

8) Time – boxing : Do not do long hours of cramming. That prevents easy memory retention.

Time-box your hours & routine. Time-box your chapters & lessons. Build Pomodoro around leisurely breaks.

Pomodoro is all about segmenting your study time with 3-4 minute breaks in between. “Pomodoro” will refer to the interval of time that you spend studying.

9) Avoid following too many books : This tends to mess up your preparation. This is common advice.

Not too many books but too many sample tests is what you need. Practice more and cram less.

10) What’s inside is reflected out : Eat healthy, work out and find sufficient sleep to build an efficient biome inside of you and brace yourself for a VITEEE exam knockout!

VITEEE Entrance Exam – Programs Offered (B Tech and B Des)

B. Tech Courses offered

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Bioinformatics
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Information Security
  • Computer Science and Engineering with Business systems(in collaboration with TCS)
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Data Science
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Internet of Things
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Data Analytics
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Networking & Security
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in AI and Machine Learning
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Cyber Physical Systems
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Gaming Technology
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Cyber security & Digital Forensics
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Block Chain Technology
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Robotics
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication with specialisation in Biomedical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialisation in Embedded Systems
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialisation in VLSI
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Fashion Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical with specialisation in Automotive Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics and Automation
  • Production and Industrial Engineering

B. Des. Course offered

  • B. Des. Industrial Design

List of top 25 Bachelors of Engineering Entrance Exams in India

There are a number of important and popular engineering entrance exams that give way to a degree in engineering for students like you aspiring to graduate with a bachelor of engineering or technology.

Here are the most popular ones.

JEE-Mains & AdvancedBy National Testing Agency
BITSATBirla Institute of Technology – Pilani
VITEEEVellore Institute of Technology
TS-EAMCET for EngineeringTelangana State Engineering, Agriculture &Medical Common Entrance Test
All India Entrance Examination for Admission, AIEEA (UG)Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
SRMJEEE- B.TechSRM University
HP CETHimachal Pradesh Technical University
 SNUSAT-APT-B.Tech.Shiv Nadar University
CUCETCentral Universities Comm on Entrance Test
APEAMCET-ENGAndhra Pradesh (Engineering, Agriculture & Medical Common Entrance Test)
NMIMS-NPAT-B.TechNarsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
NERIST Entrance Examination (NEE) – III (B.Tech.)North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology
JKBOPEE CETJammu and Kashmir – Common Entrance Test
GUJCETGujarat Common Entrance Test
CUSAT CATCochin University – Engineering
COMEDKConsortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka Under Graduate Entrance Test
MHT-CETMaharashtra Common Entrance Test for Engineering
KEAM – EngineeringKerala Engineering Agriculture Medical Entrance Examination
Assam – Combined Entrance Examination (CEE)Assam Science and Technology University
METManipal Academy of Higher Education (Earlier known as Manipal University)
KIITEEKalinga Institute of Industrial Technology
AMUEEEAligarh Muslim University
WBJEEWest Bengal Joint Entrance Examination
BMSCEBMS College of Engineering, Bangalore
Top 25 Engineering Entrance Exams

List of 9 States which accept JEE (Main) Scores for Bachelor of Engineering

The following 9 states accept JEE (Main) scores for preparing the Merit List for admission to the state engineering colleges

  1. Bihar
  2. Haryana
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Nagaland
  5. Odisha
  6. Punjab
  7. Tamil Nadu
  8. Uttar Pradesh
  9. Uttarakhand

Must read:

VITEEE Exam – Conclusions

Learning about individual engineering entrance exams like the VITEEE exam is only one of the important steps to prepare for your transition from school to an engineering college. But a smooth transition depends upon a lot of factors. Understanding those is critical. Making an informed choice of your education and career is very important. Talk to an expert counselor today.

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