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Ultimate Guide: MBBS in UK – Be A Brit Medic


Ready to be a medic? Do we hear you say ‘not in India’? Are you yet to figure out how to study medicine abroad? Wish to study MBBS in UK?

You must have a high score in the higher secondary exam, and IELTS to secure a seat.

Or have you already begun your preparations? Whichever it is, this post welcomes you!

We’ll also get acquainted later with the institutions in the UK that are approved by the Medical Council of India. This is a requirement because you will need your eligibility certificate accordingly issued to move out of this country for higher studies.


MBBS is the most competitive course in UK. Indian students, as well as international students, seek admission in UK universities.

MBBS in UK is classified into 2 aspects:

  1. Foundation training, 2 years program
  2. Undergraduate study, 2 years program

After completion of this 4 years course, you can opt to continue medicine with a specialization.

The entry process for specialization in the medical field is even more competitive than getting entry to MBBS in UK.

MBBS in UK Entry Requirements

Medical colleges in UK have strong ties with the local hospitals and healthcare centers.

  • You have to apply for medical degrees in UK through UCAS website.
  • UCAS is the official website of the UK government. It regulates the application service of all universities in the United Kingdom.

You should score a minimum of 7 in the IELTS exam, for most programs and schools.

MBBS in UK: Application Process

All Indian students can apply for 4 types of medicine courses (medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or veterinary science) through UCAS website.

UCAS Application, Admission Test and Interview

The deadline is 15th October every year, and the course of study starts from the subsequent month of September in the next year.

Most UK universities require admission test scores as a mandatory selection criterion. These tests (UKCAT/ BMAT/ GAMSAT) are mandatory to get admission in the relevant course, which forms part of the UCAS application.

  • The results of the admission test are automatically sent through your UCAS application.
  • Followed by a test and online application, if you are eligible, you will receive an invitation for an interview.

Interviews may be conducted through Skype or you may have to visit the University and take an interview in person.

MBBS in UK: Admission tests


25 medical schools in UK use UKCAT score to offer admission to the candidates.


This is required by seven medical schools in UK. You can register yourself to take this test after sending your application through UCAS.

Generally, this test is conducted in the month of November and the results are sent directly to the relevant medical schools. Clarify from the admissions offices of your chosen medical schools whether you need this.


This is a common medical entrance exam. GAMSAT is used for different medicine courses, including MBBS.

However, this is not merely enough for admission. Along with UKCAT, this is only an option before applying through UCAS.


Filling your UCAS UG application

Here are the top 6 things before you start your application.

Admissions teams will look for these when reviewing your application.

  • Qualifications
  • Content of written personal statement displaying a passion for medicine, which demonstrates motivation, enthusiasm, skills, and experiences
  • Content and quality of reference
  • Knowledge of and commitment to medicine as a discipline of study
  • Good attitude to personal development and learning
  • Ability to articulate fluently and accurately in writing

7 simple steps

Step 1 – Registering for use

Get a username, add some personal details, create a password as well as set your security questions.

Step 2: Sign in to fill in other personal details

Funding & sponsorship options, residential status, any special needs or impairments, etc..

You can give a parent, guardian, or adviser-nominated access. UCAS will be able to discuss your application with them.

Step 3: Course choices

You can only apply to a maximum of 4 courses in any one of medicine, veterinary medicine, veterinary science, or dentistry.

Step 4: Full education history

You must enter all your qualifications from secondary education onwards – whether you have the result or you’re still waiting.

Step 5: Writing the personal statement

Show universities and colleges why you want to study medicine and why you’d make a great student.

Step 6: Viewing all the details

See if you need to make any edits, after which you can mark it as complete and save it. You don’t need to do it all at once. You can save your progress and sign back in anytime.

Step 7: get a reference, pay your fee and hit ‘send’

A reference is a written recommendation. It may come from a teacher, adviser or professional who has known you academically.

Only one reference is required. If you want your university or college to see more than one, you’ll need to contact them and ask if it can be sent directly.

Best Colleges for MBBS in UK

This is the list of the only 8 MCI-recognized universities in the UK. MCI is the Medical Council of India.

  • Postgraduate Medical Education & Training Board, UK
  • Queen Mary University of London, UK
  • Saint Georges University of London
  • Glasgow University
  • Leeds University
  • Liverpool University
  • NewCastle University (Upon Tyne)
  • Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff, Wales


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How to study MBBS in the UK for Indian students?

To study MBBS in UK universities, you need to have a class 12th certificate and UKCAT or BMAT test results. Indian students also need NEET results.

Is an Indian MBBS degree valid in the UK?

No, an Indian MBBS degree is not valid in the UK.

What is the application procedure for MBBS in the UK?

Most UK universities require an entrance test for admission to MBBS. These tests are required for admission to the relevant course which is part of the UCAS application. Entrance exam results will be automatically sent to the UCAS application.

Is the UK MBBS degree valid in India?

Upon completion, applicants are eligible to practice medicine not only in the UK but also in India. The UK degree is recognized in India by the MCI (Medical Council of India). Students can apply for PG in the UK after MBBS in India without clearing NEET-PG.

Can Indian students study MBBS in the UK without NEET Exam?

Yes, Indian students can pursue MBBS abroad without NEET. There are several MBBS universities abroad that accept other forms of exams instead of NEET.

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