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Cheap Universities in UK You Need to Know Before Considering

Cheapest Universities in UK

The cost of tuition is the top priority for anyone contemplating studying in the UK for undergraduate or graduate programs. The cost of attending a British university is commonly recognized to be among the highest. Only a portion of that is accurate. The living expenditures, not the college tuition, are what make British education seem so expensive. For Indian students, London is the costliest place to study in. We will inform you about cheap universities in UK in this blog.

Most institutions charge overseas students a higher tuition rate than they do for British or European citizens. Prospective overseas students search for UK universities with reduced tuition costs. There are still a few universities that are less expensive than others. Additionally, keep in mind that just because these colleges have affordable tuition doesn’t mean they are any less selective.

Did you know?

Indians overtake China as the largest group of foreign students in the UK.

The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world when it comes to higher education. However, it might be expensive to study in the UK, particularly if you are an international student. Depending on the institution and the degree of study, the annual tuition for international students might range from £10,000 to £38,000.

What all is covered in this post?

To make it easier for you, we have created a quick guide to everything you need to know about cheap universities in the UK.

Cheapest Universities in UK post

List of the Top 10 Cheap Universities in the UK

Here is the list of the top 10 inexpensive universities in the UK that you need to know.

Name of The UniversitiesQS Global Ranking
York St John’s UniversityNA
Coventry University601-650
The University of BoltonNA
London Metropolitan University801-1000
University of CumbriaNA
Leeds Trinity UniversityNA
Leeds Beckett University1001-1200
Tesside UniversityNA
Staffordshire UniversityNA
University of ChesterNA

About the Top 10 Inexpensive Universities in the UK

Let’s have a close look at the top 10 inexpensive universities in the United Kingdom. We will also have a look at the popular courses offered by the universities and their average course/annual fees.

York St John’s University

Students at York St. John University have access to cutting-edge facilities. Six months after graduation, 93% of graduates are employed or enrolled in full-time education.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
BA (Hons)13,000

Coventry University

With more than 27000 students studying on its two campuses, it is the largest university in the city of Warwick. It was founded in 1992.

CourseFees (in Pounds)

The University of Bolton

Special effects for film and television and visual effects for film and television are just two of the unusual degrees that the University of Bolton offers. Along with the more conventional academic courses, it also provides a wide variety of vocational courses.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
Undergraduate Courses12,950 (Per Annum)
BSc (Hons) Nursing12,950
Postgraduate (Excluding MBA)12,950

London Metropolitan University

The university’s courses offer affordable options for professional growth and practical workplace skills, as well as one of the biggest teaching labs in all of Europe. It also offers specialized art and design studios. The university’s Moorgate Business School just underwent a £1 million renovation.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
Masters Degree16,500

University of Cumbria

In order for instruction to take place both on the university’s campuses and at outlying colleges throughout Cumbria, the university was founded in 2007 using the concept of a dispersed learning network. Inviting and embracing students from all over the world, the University of Cumbria has a proven track record in multidisciplinary research. An innovative Institute for Leadership and Stability was established by the university at its Ambleside site in 2012 to advance students’ learning.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
BA, BSc, LLB13,250
BA (Hons) Social Work13,250

Leeds Trinity University

One of the best universities in the UK for teaching quality is Leeds Trinity University, which is renowned for its journalism programs. Recent grads are completely satisfied with one-fifth of college courses. It is frequently referred to as Leeds’ safest university.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
Three-Year UG Courses12,000 (Per Annum)
Two-Year UG Course12,000
MA Childhood Education11,500
MA Creative Writing11,500
MA Criminology and Criminal Justice12,500
MA Family Support11,500
MA International Business12,500
MA Journalism12,500
MA Mental Health11,500
PhD, MPhil11,500 (Per Annum)
MSc Project Management12,500

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett provides cost-effective education and training in high standards. To guarantee that students land the greatest positions after finishing their studies, the university has formed partnerships with several businesses and organizations. Among British universities, it offers one of the lowest tuition rates.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
PG                                     15,000
PhD, MPhil11,500 (Per Annum)

Teesside University

According to the International Student Barometer 2008–12, Teesside University consistently ranks in the top ten in the UK for overall average international student satisfaction. The Times Higher Education University of the Year title has only ever been bestowed upon this one modern university. The university has a long history of top-notch instruction.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
Full-time UG Course14,400
PG  Diploma13,350
MSc/MA14,000 (Per Annum)
MA Social Work28,000
Full-time MBA one year14,300
Full-time MBA (Applied) two-year17,000

Staffordshire University

The university is well known for its science programs, with some of them ranking among the top 10 in the UK. In its plans, the university states that it would run as a morally upright organization that is guided by its core beliefs. It has consistently been listed among the top 100 universities in the UK.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
Law, LPC, and LLM Combined12,300
Postgraduate Research13,000
MSc Computer Science15,000

University of Chester

Chester, England is home to the public institution known as the University of Chester. The University of Chester was originally founded as a teacher-training college. The university belongs to the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the North West Universities Association, the Cathedrals Group, and Universities UK.

CourseFees (in Pounds)
MA Social Work16,000
MRes/MPhil/PhD (Classroom)13,308
MRes/MPhil/PhD (Laboratory)17,142

Keep In Mind – Words like “cheap or cheapest” have negative connotative meanings. Usage of words like “inexpensive or affordable” is highly recommended instead.


Given your newfound clarity of the various cheap universities available in the UK, you may be considering seizing this opportunity as soon as possible. We have condensed all of the information for you, and we hope that we were able to address all of your questions.

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Cheap Universities in UK: FAQs

Which university has the lowest fees in the UK?

Staffordshire University considerably has the lowest fees in the UK for international students. However, you can consider more universities such as The University of Bolton, Leeds Trinity University, and many more.

How can I study with low marks in the UK?

You can apply for Clearing at UK institutions if you want to study in the UK but your test results weren’t good enough or you just missed out by one grade point.

Which university has no application fee in the UK?

The University of Glasgow, University of Warwick, Leeds University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and University College London are just a few of the top UK universities without application fees.

Does the UK accept GPA?

While a high GPA helps with admission, many colleges and institutions in the UK allow lower GPAs and provide an equal opportunity for international students to succeed despite their difficult academic beginnings.

Which course pays the highest salary in the UK?

There are many in-demand and trendy courses in the UK. Some of them are dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, economics, general engineering, mathematics, physics, astronomy, and many more.

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