Psychometric Test

What is a Psychometric Test?

It is vital to remember that a student’s actual abilities are as important as their aptitude for a certain stream or subject. A psychometric test is a scientific method to check existing skills and interests and assess personality. It helps a student to make an informed decision about their future study course. Career counsellors use a psychometric assessment to understand the personality and interests of the candidate and assess their skill set to find a suitable career path. These tests may also be used by recruitment agencies to determine if the candidate is suitable for a particular job.

When Do You Need a Psychometric Career Assessment?

A student undergoes many stressful changes during their student life and there are different stages where they can utilize a psychometric test to make better decisions for future. There is no failing or passing in these tests. Also, results may be unique as every candidate is different. The best time when a candidate should start taking these tests is when they are in the 10th standard. It is the first stepping stone of the career league in the Indian education system. One can take the online career assessment even in 11th and 12th standard or even before choosing stream for graduation, but it is always better to be vigilant about career planning since 9th or 10th standard. One may take a career assessment under following situations :

  1. Confusion about selecting a stream

    A psychometric test at this stage will help a student find the right stream for themselves. They will learn about their capabilities and strengths in the true light and not based on the market trend. It will aid the student in choosing the right stream based with a clear mind.

  2. Confusion about personal skills

    Often, candidates are confused between few career options. Peer pressure and general advice from well-wishers or parents are not of much help either. In this scenario, a psychometric career test helps to evaluate personal skills, helping them understand who they really are and maybe how they can become their best versions in the future. These psychometric assessments help them choose the right path that can use their talent, skills, and strengths to the best possibility. It helps them to understand if they can handle stress or not and thus, aid in decision making.

  3. Confusion about career path

    Many students may know what they are good at, but may still be confused about the real-life application and future opportunities. A psychometric career test helps them to choose the right subjects or streams and make better decisions for the future. The test may also be taken by people who are working but find themselves in the wrong career and wish to switch to a new career.

How Will Psychometric Test by Help You? (iDC) utilizes two psychometric tools that have been developed after rigorous 4-stage pilot testing and have been utilized for online assessment of more than 6 lac students. One tool is for the private school/college students and one for the government school/college students. The later one is also available in alternate languages like Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.

The online career assessment includes two 20-minute tests namely Interest Assessment and Personality Assessment and a 50-minute Aptitude Assessment. The Aptitude assessment has 5 factors- Numerical Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Mechanical Aptitude, Spatial Aptitude, Reasoning Aptitude - against which a candidate’s ease with numbers, language concepts, machine understanding, pattern recognition power and logical reasoning are checked. This is followed by the personality test where a student’s personality is assessed against five parameters - Learning Orientation, Interpersonal Orientation, Emotional Orientation, Attitudinal Orientation, Conscientiousness Orientation - followed by the entire profiling of student personality.’s psychometric career test also includes an Interest Assessment in which a candidate’s most common interest patterns are figured out. The test is designed to essentially assess the vocational interest of students to help and guide them in making an informed career choice. It tests if people are realistic and doers by nature, interpretive and investigative, artistic and creative, social and helpers, enterprising by nature or organized by nature. On the basis of this test, one gets to know their top three interest themes. All in all, a candidate gets a detailed profile of themselves mapped against 16 factors that help provide a clear roadmap and top career recommendations. Post-assessment, they get a personalized 16-page unique career report with recommendations of 7 to 8 top careers out of the 21 career clusters.

Moreover, if the entire psychometric test needs more conviction, the reliability statistics of this assessment tool, which has been already analyzed over a sample size of 7,712 students, is here for help. The reliability statistics of the tool has been calculated using Cronbach Alpha. The desirable range of acceptability for Cronbach alpha is between 0.6-0.9 and each part of the psychometric assessment falls within the range (Aptitude Test - ɑ= 0.84, Personality Test - ɑ= 0.79 and Interest Test - ɑ= 0.78). With over 6,00,000 students taking this assessment tool in the last 5 years, it is also the maximum for any career assessment tool developed in India.

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