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What is Online Career Counselling?

Expert advice from career counsellors can do wonders for students who are confused about their career path. What if this valuable expertise can be accessed from the comfort of your home?

Online career help from empowers candidates with the latest career updates and inspire confidence in their decisions. One may be in any part of India but can take help from our online career counsellor to sort out their career problems.

Why Should One Go for Online Career Guidance?

  • Easy Access through Internet :

    The internet helps students of all age to acquire new knowledge and polish their talents. Thus, it is easy to share useful information and make counsellors accessible to all the students with online career guidance.

  • Interaction with Career Experts at Personal Comfort :

    Online career counsellors are experts in their own fields, have deep knowledge of various courses and colleges and help extract the inherent talent of a candidate.

  • Take Aptitude Test from any Geographical Location :

    With online career guidance, the candidate does not have to travel long distances and can take the test from a location of their choice. These results are also made available online to the candidates.

How the Online Career Counselling with Works? is India’s largest online career counselling institute in India. It believes that every student is different and follows a step-by-step procedure to help them realize their true potential. Here is the 5-Step Career Planning from :

  1. Career Exploration : orients each candidate to plan their career goals. The online career counsellors educate them about new age careers and the scope of those careers. In comparison to their peers, those availing online career help from also get access to real life interviews of professionals and their career case studies.

  2. Know Yourself : takes an online assessment where it uses psychometric career assessment tools to map a candidate’s aptitude, interests and personality traits. This way, it helps a student to discover their real potential and maximize the use of their inherent talent.

  3. Find the Right Career Fit :’s online career guidance guides towards suitable career choices, aligns career goals and potential with these options and helps a candidate take a good decision.

  4. Find the Right Subject/ Stream : also helps you in selecting the right subjects, streams or courses. The online career counselling experts also help in planning, shortlisting and preparing for relevant entrance exams.

  5. Colleges Selection and Applications :

    For those struggling with admission procedures and applications, online career help provides all the necessary guidance. One can stay updated about various entrance exam deadlines and application admission dates with timely email and SMS alerts.The online career counselling experts help in preparing a list of dream colleges and a backup list of colleges.

Explore Online Career Counselling Only with

Career counselling with is a pleasant and successful experience for students who are at the crossroads of finalising the correct career move. The online career guidance platform provides a personalized career dashboard to every candidate for which they have to simply register on by filling a simple form. Once registered, they can login to their dashboard and have access to three valuable features - Assessments, Counselling and Information.

So, with the first feature, Assessments, a student can take a psychometric career assessment test which includes three tests- Interest Assessment, Personality Assessment and Aptitude Assessment. After the test, each student is provided with a personalized 16-page career report that throws light on their Interest Profile, Personality Profile and Aptitude Profile. In this report, a candidate receives a recommendation on the best career choices for them once mapped against 21 career clusters. Moreover, a very detailed understanding of their aptitude recommendation, their personality career recommendation and interest career recommendation is also added to this report. For more insights, check out this sample report.

With the online Career Counselling feature, a candidate has ready access to help and guidance from career counsellors. They can easily view the name and check the profile of the online career counsellor. If there is a career query, the candidate can simply drop in a question and start chatting with the counsellor without any hesitation.

The most important feature of’s online career guidance is the Information section on their dashboard where a candidate gets three types of information categorized as Explore Careers, Exam Directory and Scholarship Directory. One can gain access to 450+ career information including eligibility criteria, career path, scope in future and a career institute list for each of these careers. There is the latest information related to every other career whether its investment banking or vocation career like fashion designing. This list provides the website link, contact number and entry route for the listed institute. You first need to select a career option followed by choosing a career cluster and a career pathway. iDream Career is also India’s first online career counselling platform in Hindi language and also provides an easy switch to Hindi for information on the dashboard.

A candidate also gets access to nine types of information on each of 400+ entrance exams listed in Exam Directory like Eligibility, Exam pattern, Application Procedure and Fees, Exam Centres, Important Dates, etc. The third type of information for a candidate is on scholarship and competitions. Now one can easily get to know about the awards associated with a scholarship, selection procedure, official contact address of the scholarship provider, etc.

Another feature on the dashboard is the blog section which has valuable content related to various subjects, competitive exams and future career paths. For more information, you can view the video here.

Take guidance from, a premium quality career counselling institute in India and shape a successful career starting from today.