Certification Program for Career Counselors

Through our training programs, we have empowered 300+ career counselors to deliver effective career counseling using our assessment report and information on careers/colleges/scholarships present in our online platform

Career Counselling Certification Training Program

Join three days classroom based certification training program to become a iDC Certified Career Counsellor to meet the demand of one of the most needed professionals today The iDreamCareer training program will cover the basics of counselling techniques and their applications to career counselling. It will enable you to fully understand how to successfully implement concepts for providing career counselling to students. As career counselling has now become an exceptionally lucrative career option, we shall give a brief overview of how to improve your entrepreneurial skills to help a large number of students and also earn decent income in the process.

Who Can Undergo The Training ?

Anyone who is passionate about helping students make informed career choices and is :

A Graduate in any stream, preferably psychology Postgraduates.
A school teacher aspiring to become school educational counsellor.
A career counsellor aspiring to be an entrepreneur.
A psychological counsellor who wants to explore career counselling.
A fresher who wants to become a career counsellor.
A retired school teacher.
A full-time employee in specialised field and wants to mentor students on a part time basis.
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