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FAQs About Career Guidance for
9th & 10th Class Students

iDreamCareer works to provide objective educational counselling to students of 9th & 10th class. By studying the right subject and opting for the right stream, you will be 10x ahead of the competition.

After 10th , a student can choose one of the three main streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts. Each of these streams have different future prospects and career options. If you are a student who has just completed class 10th, then it is imperative to get yourself acquainted with the scope of all the major streams and define your career path right from the beginning. Imagine selecting a stream without prior knowledge of its scope only to regret later and pursue a career you dislike! This is a common occurrence in real life! This has taken place with a lot of students who just went with any stream and landed into an undesirable career field. Not only does iDreamCareer’s counsellor give you valuable advice, but also provide enough information to let you choose the right career for you.

Most students are not aware of the number of options available to them and tend to miss out on great opportunities. If a student gets proper career guidance right after class 10th, chances are they would make the right choices in the future as well. Students after completing class 10th often get influenced by what their peers say. Hence, to make sure a student is well aware of all the possible career options then he/she must look out for a good career guidance program.

Career guidance after class 10th is crucial in order to get a clear idea of what you want to pursue. iDC’s dashboard has information on over 540 careers with the possible entry routes, specialisation track, earning potential, future prospects and many other well-researched content. However, it does not provide PDF or PPT for the same. If you are looking for career guidance after 10th class, then you can register here to connect with our finest career planners and make the right choice.

If you are even slightly doubtful of which stream to choose after class 10th or if you don’t have an idea about what you want to pursue in your future, then career guidance can simplify your decision making. iDreamCareer’s counsellors are focused on helping students make the right career choice. They are well aware of the doubts and queries students might have when they are to choose which stream they want to choose. Thus with the right career guidance, a student gets familiar with the possible opportunities in a career field. If you are not sure about which stream you want to choose after 10th or wish to know more about their scope in the future, then you need unbiased support from experts who are well experienced in this field. If you want to know more about iDreamCareer’s career guidance programs, then you can simply get registered here in few steps and our service adviser would get in touch with you for a follow up.
Students who have recently completed class 10th can benefit from our career guidance. It prepares you to make the right career choice. It also lessens any last-minute confusion or delays. Therefore career guidance after 10th can help you make informed decisions right regarding subject and stream selection. If you are looking for career guidance after 10th, then iDreamCareer offers online and in person career counseling services for students in finding the right career track. iDreamCareer makes sure you get all the required help in finding your career path. iDC’s team of experienced and qualified counselors will make you aware of all the possible career options after 10th; they will inform you about all the careers you can choose from to make the right choice.
If you are a student who has completed class 10th, then you must be looking for some guidance on which stream you should select and what is its scope. You must also be looking for someone who can inform you about the latest information about various career fields and how to choose the best option. Keeping in mind the doubts and confusions a student goes through after 10th, iDreamCareer’s career guidance program makes sure the students who enroll for its counselling program are well equipped with necessary information needed to make the right decision. iDC offers one stop solution for students after 10th; choosing what stream to follow like science, commerce, arts; finding your domain of interest or making decisions for a particular career path, iDC’s experienced counsellors guide students in making the right career decisions.

As you are at the junction of which stream to choose and whose advice you should follow, we at iDreamCareer would suggest that you listen to no one. You heard that right. Our career counsellors always tell students to have a practical approach towards making career choices. The practical advice they give is: Get yourself aware about the scope of all three streams Analyse what really matters to you in all the above three Choose what suits best for you Take a decision A career counsellor does not force you to take decisions. In fact counselling is entirely the opposite of this. A career counsellor makes sure whatever you decide or choose, you are absolutely aware of its scope and the opportunities. Therefore, all the streams have futuristic scope if pursued with utmost passion. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your capabilities. And this understanding is vital for class 9th and 10th students.

Science stream is the most sought out career option for most students. After completing class 10th if you opt for science stream, you have the option to select either medical or non-medical science stream. There are abundant career opportunities for science buffs. If you have opted for the science stream and are curious to know more about its scope, iDC offers a pathfinder package for your aid. Pathfinder packages allows you to search for information you are looking for and makes sure you get all your doubts cleared. iDreamCareer’s expert counsellors know exactly what a student needs at this time i.e. support and right guidance. If you want to talk to our career planners to be sure if you have taken the right decision and have an idea of your career track, then taking iDC’s informed program would be helpful.
iDC’s online career portal is intended to help students choose which stream is the best for them. It acquaints them with numerous possibilities available in different career fields. iDC’s dashboard answers all the questions a student can have about career fields. However, it does not provide pdf for the same. If you wish to know what career options available are after 10th, you can take a free trial and get all your doubts cleared.
Of course! Any student who wants to know what the career options are after 10th can get career guidance. If you have doubts or feel that your knowledge base is not enough for you to take decision in choosing a stream, then iDC’s expert career counselors can help. iDC’s career counselling services are till now one of the best in India and its career guidance program is being acknowledged by the students. If you are looking for career guidance after 10th, then all you have to do is register here and one of our service adviser would contact you for follow-up.

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