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FAQs About Career Counselling & Guidance by iDC

iDreamCareer works to provide UNBIASED educational counselling to Indian students to make fulfilling careers anywhere around the globe. You may check out the commonly asked questions about career mentoring & guidance in this section.
Most students are not aware of the number of options available to them and tend to miss out on great opportunities. If a student gets proper career guidance right after class 11th, chances are they would make the right choices in the future as well. Students after completing class 12th often get influenced by what their peers say. Hence, in order to make sure a student is well aware of all the possible career options, he/she must lookout for a good career guidance program. When a student gets the right career guidance from experienced professionals, not only do they discover numerous options available to them but also get the right information for making the right choice.
There are abundant career opportunities for science buffs. If you are curious to know the scope and opportunities available in science then iDC’s pathfinder package can be your aid. Pathfinder packages allows you to search for information you are looking for and makes sure you get all your doubts cleared. iDreamCareer’s expert counsellors know exactly what a student needs at this time i.e. support and right guidance. If you want to talk to our career planners to be sure if you have taken the right decision and have an idea of your career track, then taking iDC’s informed program would be helpful. iDC’s has a vast network of career counsellors working all across India who are experienced and qualified. If you want your career planner to have tremendous knowledge and experience, then you must register here and make the best choices for your career.
Most students are not aware of the number of options available to them and tend to miss out on great opportunities. If you are a student who has just completed class 12th and are looking for career guidance, then you need to know what iDC has to offer. There are many options to choose from, which is why choosing the right career has become complicated. With more information available on the internet, students are confused about which information is authentic. By taking an expert’s guidance and planning a career chart after 12th, you can simplify the entire process. iDreamCareer, India’s full-stack career solution offers to counsel class 12th students and helps them make informed decisions. iDC’s expert career planners would help you navigate the right career track. If you are interested in iDC’s career guidance program for class 12 th students, then register here and make the right choice for your career.
Mostly students who have recently completed class 12 th can benefit a lot from career guidance. It prepares you to make the right career choice. It also lessens any last-minute confusion or delays. Therefore career guidance after 12th can help you make informed decisions for your career. If you are looking for career guidance after 12th , then ventures like iDreamCareer offer online career counseling services for students in finding the right career track. iDreamCareer makes sure you get all the required help in finding your career path. iDC’s team of experienced and qualified counselors will make you aware of all the possible career options after 12th, they will inform you about all the careers you can choose from to make the right choice. With the right career counseling after 12th , students can make the right career choices for themselves and chart a successful career track for themselves.
If you are not very sure about what you want to do in graduation or if you don’t have an idea about what you want to pursue in your future, then career guidance can simplify your decision making. iDreamCareer’s counsellors are focused on helping students make the right career choice. They are well aware of the doubts and queries students might have when they transition from school to college. Thus with the right career guidance, a student gets familiar with the possible opportunities in a career field. If you want to know more about iDreamCareer’s career guidance programs, then you can simply get registered here in few steps and our service adviser would get in touch with you for a follow up.
Of course! Any student who wants to know what the career options are after 12 th can get career guidance. If you have doubts or feel that your knowledge base is not enough for you to take decision in choosing a stream, then iDC’s expert career counsellors can help. iDC’s career counselling services are till now one of the best in India and its career guidance program is being acknowledged by the students.If you are looking for career guidance after 12th, then all you have to do is register here and one of our service adviser would contact you for follow-up.
SiDC’s online career portal is intended to help students choose which stream is best for them. It acquaints them with numerous possibilities available in different career fields. iDC’s dashboard answers all the questions a student can have about career fields. However, it does not provide pdf for the same. If you wish to know what career options available are after 12th, you can register here to get all your doubts cleared.
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