Online Aptitude Test / Online Career Counselling Test

What is a Career Test?

The learnings of today find the maximum meaning tomorrow only when one can apply them. The story is not different for students at various stages of life. Everyone is looking forward to making the best use of knowledge attained and have a successful career ahead in life. Career choices are not just decisions taken in a day, they are vital picks of our lifetime and can become a complicated affair over the years.

Each individual is different, with varying levels of comprehension, personality and interests that make them better at something than others. For a sound career, it is important to understand yourself in order to make the best career choices ahead. Thus, it is important to take a career test to gain more control over the sense of perception and ambitions. These tests may have grown very popular around the world but still very new to the Indian students.

If you are stuck at any career decision in your school and college life, is here to help you with its online career counselling test. Now you can gain insights and develop a deeper understanding of your own capabilities with a simple online career test.

How will a Career Test Help You?

In today’s competitive world, one needs to plan carefully and have a career strategy. It takes a well- designed and thought-after plan to fulfil your life goals. It is important to know your strengths as they fill you with confidence, but it is most important to know your weaknesses. This way, one can be careful of their career-oriented activities and check from time-to-time if their weaknesses are getting regulated or gaining momentum. You need to strategize in a way that you face the least resistance.

Career test is available for different age groups but it is recommended that one should start taking them during 10th class, the first important career milestone in the life of a student. One may continue taking them in class 11th, 12th or before joining a college. But it is important to take a online career guidance that is relevant to their age to get the best results.

Online Career Counselling Test at is India’s most reliable career counselling institute that has two online career test tools in English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada. These tools have been researched over and passed through a 4-stage pilot testing to suit each and every student with maximum accuracy. The career counselling test at combines three 20-minute tests where a candidate’s personality, interests and aptitude are mapped against 16 factors, after which they receive a detailed report with the top career suggestions.

One of the most important parts of the test is the aptitude test. Research indicates that there are distinct individual differences in cognitive abilities and it may play a significant role in performance across different career profiles. Each candidate who takes this online aptitude test has their aptitude compared to 5 set parameters, namely Numerical, Verbal, Mechanical, Spatial & Reasoning aptitude.

The second part of this online counselling test is the personality test and psychometric test. It maps personal traits or characteristics of a candidate against five relevant factors. It is important to understand that the personality elements once known through this online career test may be really rewarding in the career path. It will also let one understand what type of things one tends to like and the kind of work environments they are suitable for.

One can also gain more knowledge of their interests and utilize it to take better career steps in the future ahead. maps your choices in the personality career test to their six parameters which show if you are a doer by nature, like to think and interpret different things, have an inclination towards arts or hold an influencing power.

A Brilliant Career Path with

With the career aptitude test, personality test and interest test, the online career test by will help you make informed and confident career choices for the future.