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We help students find a career that maximizes their potential.

Why seek Career Counselling in Delhi? 



Delhi is the education hub of North-India. You will find the best career counsellors in Delhi, but its only iDreamCareers which provides UNBIASED career counseling and 100% DATA PRIVACY.  

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Be Content

8 out of 10 professionals are unhappy with their jobs

Career Counselling in Delhi 1

Overcome Confusions

Be able to to take conslusive and strong decisions

Career Counselling in Delhi 1

Understand Yourself

Enter into professions that you will be delighted about

Career Counselling in Delhi 4

Be Priveledged

Only 40% professionals get growth in their jobs

Career Counselling in Delhi 4

Plan Ahead

Get prepared to plan 5 years ahead of the time

Career Counselling in Delhi 4

Get Direction

Focus all your energies on a program that will bring success

Our Career Counselling Packages in Delhi

With our commitment to only giving UNBIASED career guidance after graduation and 100% DATA PROTECTION policy,  you will be hand-held to explore your true potential.We make sure that your search to reach the best career guidance center in Delhi come to an end. 

Why are iDreamCareer’s Counselling and Guidance Services in Delhi the Best?  

iDreamCareer has impacted over 95 lakh students from India and the Middle East since 2014. In Delhi, UNBIASED and 100% DATA CONFIDENTIALITY is not common, and with commitment to these two important ethics, we wish to serve you in a manner that you deserve.

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Career Portal

We have a cutting-edge, technology-powered web and mobile application that lists groundbreaking information on 530+ careers, 2100+ colleges, 1150+ entrance exams, 1100+ scholarships from 15+ countries. You can be mobile, yet be informed.

Psycometric Tests

We host a psychometric test recognized and accepted by NCDA, USA that assesses student’s aptitude, personality & interest (among 16 other factors), resulting in an 18-page career report giving top career recommendations.

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Career Counselling in Delhi 9

Trained Career Counsellors

We have 800+ trained career counsellors from 18+ states of India. This gives us the power to give in-person career guidance and support to maximum students apart from online/skype sessions. Our feat of counsellors helps us to guide 2.5 million students annually

Application Guidance

We help students apply for colledges in India and abroad apart from keeping them updated about the scholarships they can apply for. In some cases, we work together with the students till they get an admission in a college of their choice.

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Reviews & Testimonials

Since 2014, iDreamCareer has created an enormous footprint that has directly impacted the lives of 9.8+ million students. We have worked with over 48,000+ schools across India & the Middle-East, along with 9+ Indian State Governments & 7+ NGOs.

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Kartik Srinavasan

9th Class Student, DPS - Delhi

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Kartik Srinavasan

9th Class Student, DPS - Delhi

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Kartik Srinavasan

9th Class Student, DPS - Delhi

FAQs About Career Counselling & Guidance in Delhi

iDreamCareer works to provide UNBIASED educational counselling to Indian students to make fulfilling careers anywhere around the globe. You may check out the commonly asked questions about career mentoring & guidance in this section.

I am a class 10th student, when is the right time for career counselling?

The time is always right to get a telescopic view of your strengths and capabilities which ultimately directs you to the right career. Mostly students who have recently entered class 10th or 12th can benefit right from the beginning. Therefore, it is best if you are one step ahead of time always.
Career Counseling services can be effective if you start early. It equips you with informed choices for your long term plans. It also lessens any last-minute confusion or delays. iDreamCareer makes sure you get all the required help in finding your true calling. Just like a best friend, iDC will guide you in the right direction, let you decide what is best for you, and support you in all the inevitable challenges.

Am I eligible for career counselling if I am not a resident of Delhi?

Absolutely! Our Career guidance services are easily accessible to all the students across India. If you are not a resident of Delhi or are unable to reach us out in person, we provide counselling sessions via video chat too.
Moreover, video chat sessions via skype or any other communication medium are equally effective as the one-to-one sessions. iDreamCareer makes sure the sessions are helpful for the student, means of communication has never been an issue for us.

Who are the best Career Counsellors in Delhi?

Our team of qualified career counsellors is highly experienced in providing career guidance. As your mentor, they will make sure you get the best of opportunities.
iDreamCareer has a team of more than 864 stalwart career counselors working all across India. Our career counsellors can introduce you to a plethora of career options to choose from. We at iDC can clarify your doubts on various career options and there scope and help you scuffle through the top colleges to make the right career choice.
At iDC a student can easily avail one-to-one sessions or set up video chat sessions and receive unbiased expert guidance right from the beginning.

Who are the Career Counsellors who will guide me?

We have a team of profoundly experienced and qualified career counsellors working in Delhi and all across India. Our career experts are accredited professionals having abundant knowledge of up and coming careers. They have been in this field for years and continue to make a difference in students’ lives.

What if I have some doubts after the counselling session?

Don’t worry! We offer support services even after you are through with one-to-one counselling session. Our experts will stay in touch with you and will always be happy to help even if you have any minor queries or doubts. You can reach us here if you have any doubt and we will connect you with your counsellor.

Who All Can Opt For Career Counselling in Delhi?

We provide career counselling services to all students aged between 13-18 years. We are happy to connect you with one of our best career counsellors in Delhi in case you happen to be in any of the following situations:

  • If you are in class 10th or concluding 10th and want to decide which stream to choose
  • If you have just completed class 12th and have not decided which career stream to follow
  • If you have decided your career stream after 12th class but are not sure of the academic stream for the career
  • If you are not aware of the different entry routes for a particular career
  • If you are not sure which college to apply to
  • If you have a chosen academic plan but don’t know what to pursue in graduation
  • If you are not sure or confident of your career path
  • If you want to explore alternative career paths
Why iDC’s career counselling services are the best in Delhi?

iDreamCareer is backed by a team of talented and qualified professionals who share the same school of thought- providing exceptional career counselling services in India. Our experts use psychometric assessments to evaluate students’ potential.
Moreover, we are currently working with over 9.8 million students at 48,000 schools. Our career counseling services in Delhi and across India are recognized and well covered by Yourstory, The Statesman and other communication channels.
As a career guidance and counseling platform, we understand the importance of a good career counselor. So, when our experienced and qualified career counsellors get in touch with you, they will answer all your queries, clear all your doubts and offer you maximum support to pursue a career that is right for you.