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Seek the Finest Career Counselling in Delhi

Seek the Finest Career Counselling in Delhi
If you are looking to reach out to the best career counsellor in Delhi, you are at the right place. iDreamCareer hosts the best career counsellors in Delhi who are ready to give a new direction to your dreams.

Why Seek Career Counselling in Delhi?

If you live in Delhi, you must seek help from the best career counsellors who are stationed near to you. Selecting a career and being able to excel in it is largely dependant on your desire and ability to pursue it. Our Career Counselling Services make sure that your decisions in this regard are fool-proof.

Choose your life goals early

Perfect time to fuel your growth

Build aspirations and clarity of intent

Plan for a career that is fulfilling & motivating

Enter into professions that you will be delighted about

Take the first steps towards a meaningful journey

Steps Taken by Our Career Counsellors in Delhi

Since 2012, iDreamCareer has been at the forefront of providing career counselling in Delhi. In this journey, we have counselled 2.5 million students across the country while working with 48000+ schools.

Career Dashboard

Career Dashboard Get access to our career dashboard and get information on 530+ careers, 21,000+ colleges, 1150+ entrance exams, 1100+ scholarships from 15+ countries. Be in a position where you know the options beyond you.

Psychometric Tool

Our psychometric tool assesses students on 16 factors covering aptitude, personality & interest. Available in English, Hindi & 6 other languages, our tool has been administered to over 1.95 million students, attaining the highest possible reliability & validity. The assessment results in a 16-page career report giving recommendations of the top careers.

One on One Guidance Session

Sit with a trained education counsellor who will help you know your strengths and opportunities. Students along with their parents will undergo a detailed session to get an understanding of the most suitable careers, courses you should opt and the top 10 college recommendations

Regular Support

Our career counselors are there with you at a click of a button. From your career dashboard you can simply chat with our career experts and ask any query related to your career and college application process.

College Application

With our Explore program, we help you in just not finalising colleges and courses, but further help you in college applications and selecting the right scholarships as well. Our counselors will help you in the entire process until you get into a college.

Study Abroad Guidance

With our Study Abroad Program, we help you in not just finalizing the country but also in selecting the right course college, and also guide you in study abroad scholarship procedure. Our study abroad professionals will also help you in building your profile, and will help you in evaluating your LOR/SOP so that you can complete your dream of studying abroad.

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Feeling lost about your career path? iDC Query Connect gives you 1:1 guidance from the industry’s best expert counselors with 20+ years of experience. Book a personalized 30-minute online session to:

  • Discuss your skills and interests in a judgement-free zone
  • Get insider tips and unbiased advice tailored just for you
  • Create your unique career roadmap to success

  • Also,get access to our exclusive student community and free career dashboard so that you always stay on track.

    Reviews & Testimonials

    Since 2012, iDreamCareer has been at the forefront of providing career counselling in Delhi. In this journey, we have counselled 2.5 million students across the country while working with 48000+ schools.

    iDC Mentor helped me in sorting out my Career related issues. I specially loved it because iDC’s Assessment Test combined with their counseling session can really sort out any person’s future

    Aditya Khurana, Class Xth (DPS Mathura Rd)

    By joining the iDC Inform program, I got to know about the main colleges and courses to pursue and clarity about my career path. It was a great experience!

    Kartik Arora, Class XIIth (DPS Maruti Kunj, Gurgaon)

    I really like how the counselor cleared all my doubts with patience and interest. The assessment report helped me understand my strengths and gave a detailed insight on best career paths.

    Student, Class 12, Modern School, Vasant Vihar

    FAQs About Career Counselling & Guidance by iDC

    iDreamCareer works to provide UNBIASED educational counselling to students in Delhi. Our services help students realize their true potential and develop a high yielding career anywhere around the globe. You may check out our FAQ section to learn about the most common questions that we are asked.

    Career Experts in Delhi can help you chart your career path and help you with stream selection, course selection and through aids like Psychometric Assessment and Career Dashboard Find the right fit for your profile.
    career experts in Delhi help identify your strengths based on your interests and profile which is evaluated by the use of our bespoke psychometric assessment, while also helping you with your stream & course selection, identifying scholarships and finding the right fit for your profile.
    It is most important to consider your personal interests, passions, and skills when choosing a career that aligns your choice with to ensure long-term satisfaction and success. Additionally, considering the courses eligibility and availability, costs, job market and demand for your chosen career can help you make a practical and informed decision.
    A dedicated career dashboard provides access to information on 550+ careers, 21,000+ colleges, 1150+ entrance exams, 1100+ scholarships from 15+ countries. Putting students in a position where they know the options beyond and further getting them ready for a successful career path ahead.
    An expert career advisors in Delhi help students pick the right subject combination so that they get clarity on a long-term career path and with the help of our psychometric assessment identify areas of interest, aptitude level and personality type.
    An Expert Career Guides in Delhi will help identify scholarships in the field of liberal arts available to our students based on their profiles. The Expert Guides in Delhi also help students with the eligibility and requirements for the scholarships and also in applying for the same.
    An Expert Career Counsellors in Delhi help keep track of the important dates, form filling, eligibility and course selection based on the students score and profile and with the college applications for CUET entrance exam aspirants.
    As a school student the best time for career counselling is in identifying the right stream choice for you in 9th and 10th standard, so that you pick the right subject combination that puts you on a successful career path.
    As a class 12th student the best time for career counselling is starting early in identifying the right course choice for you and in identifying the career path based on qualitative and quantitative analysis.
    As a college student you should start career counselling as early as possible so that with the help of a career counsellor you can identify the weather you are on the right career path and how to further your career in the same field whether through work experience or through higher education. Career counselling can also help you in identifying if you require a switch in your field and if there are alternate fields you can venture into.
    The fastest way to get answers to Career guidance related queries is through the Ask Me Anything feature which you can find on iDreamCareer’s App and WebApp. Through the Ask Me Anything Feature, you can get real-time responses to all your questions by industry’s best career counsellors in Delhi.
    Psychometric assessment allows you to identify areas of interests, aptitude level and personality so that you can find the right career path for your profile. It also helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses through a 16 page in-depth career report to identify the right career pathway for you.

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