Career as a Lawyer In India

As a Lawyer, you will become an expert in legal matters. You will provide legal advices and assistance to clients which include individuals, organisations and governments. You will draft various legal documents for your clients, help them to execute legal contracts or agreements, and represent them in a court of law. You will present oral arguments in front of the judges, question witnesses, present documentary and other evidences, and present written submissions about various legal matters.


Why become a Lawyer?

Do you have the gift of the gab, meaning, an ability to speak fluently and confidently in front of others or an audience and make people believe in what you are saying? Do you regularly participate in debate competitions and have won a few? Do you love reading? In the sense that you are not afraid when presented with a thick book or a thick bundle of pages to read? If these answers are in affirmatives and you are doing quite well in your studies, you can think of taking up Law as a profession.

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