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Subject Combinations for 10th – What Is It, All Board Options and More

subject combination for 10th

Thinking about what subject combination will fetch you higher marks in 10th? Your school will only tell you the ones that they can offer you but not all the subjects that your board allows…

All of it depends on your school board affiliation and the subjects that your school can offer to teach. But what is subject combination for 10th in cbse, icse, state boards etc.?..

What are all the subjects that you can opt for? Don’t you think the best choice may mean better marks and better options in the future, no matter if you have to switch schools?..

Go for a school that can offer you YOUR best subject combination for 10th. For that, you must know ALL the subject combinations that you can have for yourself. This will help you choose.

What is Subject Combination (Meaning)?

Subject Combination for 10th refers to the set of subjects that students need to study in order to receive their Secondary School Certificate (Class X Certificate) . These include both compulsory and optional subjects.

Subject Combination for 10th – CBSE

SubjectsName of the SubjectsGroup
Subject 1 – CompulsoryLanguage 1 (Hindi or English Language & Literature)L
Subject 2– CompulsoryLanguage 2 (Any one from the group of languages {other than language chosen at Subject 1)L
Subject 3– CompulsoryMathematicsA1  
Subject 4– CompulsoryScience
Subject 5– CompulsorySocial Science
Subject 6 – OptionalSkill subject from the group of skill subjectsS
Subject 7 – OptionalLanguage 3/Any Academic subject other than opted aboveL/A2
Subject 8 & 9 – Assessment and Certification at School Level – Co-Scholastic AreasArt Education Health & Physical Education Work Experience 

Important CBSE Instructions That You Must Follow –

Class 9 and class 10 is an integrated course. You need to take only those subjects in class 9 which you intend to continue in Class 10. And You can select subjects by study scheme in class 9. You need to continue same subjects for class 10 also..

Hindi or English?

Which language? Hindi or English must be 1 of the 2 languages you will in class 9th and class 10th. Hindi and English can also be studied simultaneously, any one as the 2nd language..

Will it be mandatory to pass 3rd language?

Yes. You cannot give for your boards in Class 10 if you have not passed in the 3rd language. It is important that you study 3 languages till class 8.

What if one fails in any language subject?

If you fail in any language subject out of 5. It can be replace by the 6th subject or the 7th subject (optional). And provided you have passed this language subject and after replacement either Hindi or English remains as a passed language in the 1st 5 subjects..

Which subject combination for 10th can’t be taken together?

Computer Application, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence cannot be taken together.

List of subjects and subject combinations offered in class 10 level by CBSE:

Check all the CBSE subjects in various groups here.

Languages allowed by CBSE in Class 10:

Check the CBSE class 10 languages allowed here.

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Subject Combination for 10th – ICSE

  • All ICSE students have to register and choose their subjects in Class 9.
  • No candidate shall be permit to change subject(s) after registration in Class 9.

Detailed lists of subjects under various groups are linked at the end of this section: ICSE students have the option to choose any 2 subjects from Group II (Science, Economics, Mathematics, Commercial Studies, etc.) with any 1 subject from Group III (Fashion Design, Home Science, Computer Applications, etc.).

Group I subjects like English, 2nd Language, Geography History and Civics are compulsory.

Get complete information about courses, streams and subjects after 10th

What After 10ThScholarship For Class 10How To Check Cbse 10Th Result
Which Stream Is Best After 10ThSubjects in 10th StandardExams After 10Th

Important ICSE Instructions That You Must Follow

You must enter for a minimum 6 subjects:

  • Group I (Compulsory): English, a Second Language, History, Civics and Geography
  • and Group II: at least 2 of the subjects listed
  • and Group III: at least 1 subject listed

You will be examined by the school in your practicals/project work in English, the Second Language, History, Civics and Geography and the 3 subjects of your choice and in Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) and Community Service.

Check out the lists of all subjects and subject combinations offered by ICSE here.

Check here – Example of ICSE subject selection form – ICSE Class 10.

Can you use calculators?

Where permitted, you can use Casio fx-82 MS (Scientific Calculator) for Mathematical calculations only. Other Calculators with similar functions are permitted.

Additional language allowed in Group 1?

Yes. You have the permit to take an additional 2nd Language in Group I where Hindi is one of the 2nd Languages.

Additional subject allowed in Group 2 subject combination?

Yes. After 2 subjects, you have the permit to take another additional subject in Group II.

subject combination

Subject Combinations for 10th in State Boards

Every board has separate objectives and pedagogical curricula. So, it’s best to check each of them separately.

Top 10 state boards in India and their subject combinations for 10th, choices & regulations in class 10 with links:

  1. Maharashtra Board
  2. Tamil Nadu State Board
  3. West Bengal Board
  4. Andhra Pradesh State Board
  5. Gujarat Board
  6. Karnataka State Board
  7. Rajasthan Board
  8. Kerala Board
  9. Delhi Board

Final Words..

Choosing a subject combination for 10th and choosing a school that offers you YOUR best subject combination is a tricky challenge. The school boards (ICSE, CBSE, state boards etc.) offer a lot of options however, in the schools, the number of official faculty & the quality of the same is not good enough or consistent across all schools in India. Career planning becomes an intense affair if you’re not aware of the many things you have in you. iDC is the foremost in this field and helping millions show the true colour their mettle, in India and abroad.



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