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ICSE Vs CBSE: Know the Difference

icse vs cbse

Where you should take admission? Which schools are the best? Which board is best ICSE vs CBSE  for overall development?

Many of you must have such questions in your head. In India, students and parents must choose the right education board between ICSE vs CBSE. It takes up the top slot in the list of dilemmas of choosing right for the future.

India’s education system provides national-level and state-level education boards. They cater to the educational needs of the people of the country. However, they cannot come together because of their differences.

The type of exposure provided, the curriculum to be followed, the applicability of the curriculum on each education board. All these play a critical role in the career as well as personality development.

This post is not to justify your choice but to strengthen your choice. We have compiled a detailed guide about ICSE vs CBSE. Come along!  

ICSE Vs CBSE – Overview

Difference between CBSE and ICSE

Difference between CBSE and ICSE

Let’s have a look at the following table to know the difference between ICSE vs CBSE

What is it?It is a national-level board.Conducted by the Indian School Certificate Examinations Council.
Assessment TypeInternal assessments along with the practical testsThe emphasis is placed on practicals and lab tutorials.
Government RecognitionRecognized by the Government of IndiaRecognized by many foreign education systems
Medium of InstructionEnglish or HindiOnly English
Number of Schools (Affiliated)24,000+ schools2,300+ schools
Open for Regular & Private StudentsYes, for both categories of studentsNo, only for students who have studied in ICSE affiliated schools
ResultsDisplays grades onlyTwo result sheets are announced, one displaying grades and the other showing marks obtained.
SyllabusComparatively easier and appropriate for clearing entrance exams for various professional courses.Quite difficult, is usually designed on the basis of the foreign education system.

Which is better CBSE or ICSE for the future?

Ultimately, it is the decision of the concerned person. You need to have a vision of the future while choosing between ICSE vs CBSE. Both the boards have their own benefits that can help shape your future.

The CBSE seems to be on the verge of India. It has a syllabus focused on application-based learning, adding more confidence. It takes competitive tests to continue the studies. ICSE, on the other hand, controls its emphasis on relaying the English language and flexibility in subject choice.

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Grading system in CBSE and ICSE

CBSE offers an alphabetical grading system, on the other hand ICSE provides evaluations in the form of a score.

ISCE Grading System

ISCE Grading System

CBSE Grading System

CBSE Grading System

Final Verdict – Which board is best CBSE or ICSE?

Simply put, ICSE is more detailed and can be much more complex than the CBSE board. The CBSE is clean and student-centric, making it a little easier. Both the education boards are uniquely designed. Both are widely implemented by several schools all over India.

We hope that this post on ICSE vs CBSE has helped you in understanding the differences between these two boards. If you still have questions seek expert opinion from unbiased counselors. We at iDreamCareer always believe in helping young minds discover their true mettle. We try to help young confused minds from 9th class10th classclass 11class 12 with an aim to select their most-suited career choices.


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