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Cheapest Universities in Australia That You Can Easily Afford

Cheapest Universities in Australia

Students are in quest of the cheapest universities in Australia. Attending a university outside of one’s own country exposes students to a wide range of opportunities that are unavailable there. Students have the opportunity to mingle with a diverse student body from across the world, experience their culture, and most importantly, integrate into the nation. Modern amenities are combined with cutting-edge infrastructure to provide students studying abroad with an all-encompassing educational experience.

Do you know?

Australian Universities call for immigration reset for international graduates.

One of these areas is the cheapest university in Australia for international students, where applicants can choose based on their preferred degree of study and university. Candidates should be aware that paying lower university tuition does not always imply that the education being provided to you will be of lower quality. It simply means that you have the opportunity to attend one of Australia’s numerous reasonably priced institutions and acquire a top-notch education. Continue reading to learn more about Australia’s affordable universities.

What all is covered in this post?

To make it easier for you, we have created an overview of cheapest universities in Australia with its popular courses and average annual tuition fee.

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Affordable Universities in Australia

The popular, reasonably priced universities in Australia with low fees are listed here. Continue reading to find out more about each university, including its programs, costs, and other information.

  • Central Queensland University (CQU)
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Southern Cross University
  • Federation University Australia
  • Charles Sturt University
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • University of the Sunshine Coast

Cheapest Universities in Australia based on their tuition fees

A list of affordable universities in Australia is provided below. Candidates can visit each of the universities listed below to learn more about the courses offered, the cost, the length, the admissions and eligibility requirements, and much more.

Central Queensland University

The institution offers short-term, certificate, postgraduate, and undergraduate degree programs in addition to research. Education and humanities, accounting and law, community services, apprenticeships, trades and training, psychology, health, performing and visual arts, social work, IT and digital media, science, and environment are among the study areas offered at the institution.

CoursesDurationAverage Annual Fees (In INR)
Meng2 Years20 L
MBA2 Years18 L
MIM2 Years18 L
BHM2 Years17 L
MS2 Years19 L
BBA3 Years18 L
BE/BTech4 Years20 L

Edith Cowan University

Perth, Western Australia is home to Edith Cowan University, a public university in Australia. Through its eight schools—the Business and Law School, the Arts and Humanities School, the Education School, the Engineering School, the Medical and Health Sciences School, the Nursing and Midwifery School, the Science School, and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts—this university offers more than 400 courses.

CoursesDurationAverage Annual Fees (In INR)
MIM2 Years21L
Meng2 Years18 L
MS18-24 Months17 L
MBA2 Years18 L
BE/BTech3-4 Years18 L

Australian Catholic University

In eastern Australia, where four tertiary Catholic institutions had joined forces to create the Australian Catholic University, a public university was founded in January 1991. Four faculties can be used to group together all of the institutes and centers. They are law and business, education and the arts, theology, and philosophy, and health sciences.

CoursesDurationAverage Annual Fees (In INR)
MIM2 Years13.80 L
MS2 Years13.80 L
BE/BTech3-4 Years16.50 L
MBA2 Years18 L

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University, which comprises campuses in New South Wales, southeast Queensland, Lismore, and Coffs Harbour, is located on Australia’s east coast. The university’s undergraduate and graduate programs are divided into six schools, two colleges, and two research centers.

CoursesDurationAverage Annual Fees (In INR)
MIM2 Years16.50 L
MBA2 Years16.50 L
BHM3 Years15.50 L
BBA3 Years16.50 L
BE/BTech3-4 Years14 L

Federation University

The fourth-oldest postsecondary educational institution in the nation, Federation University Australia (FedUni), can trace its roots back to 1870. The institution, which includes campuses in Ballarat, Brisbane, Berwick, Wimmera, and Gippsland, is well known for its research and Sports Science research.

CoursesDurationAverage Annual Fees (In INR)
MBA24 Months16 L
Meng2 Years16 L
MS24 Months12 L
BBA3 Years14.50 L
BE/BTech3-4 Years13.80 L
MIM2 Years13 L

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University, usually known as CSU, is a multi-campus public university in Australia that was founded in New South Wales in 1989. Students can select from a variety of postgraduate and undergraduate courses, giving them the chance to learn in contemporary classrooms equipped with all the tools they need to succeed.

CoursesDurationAverage Annual Fees (In INR)
MBA18 Months17 L
BBA3 Years14 L
MS18-24 Months15.50 L

University Of Southern Queensland

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ), a prominent center of higher learning and research in the Australian state of Queensland’s Toowoomba city, was founded in 1967. At the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels, the institution provides more than 700 professional degree programs with a focus on specialization.

CoursesDurationAverage Annual Fees (In INR)
MBA18 Months26 L
BBA3 Years13 L
MEng2 Years16.20 L
MIM1.5 Years14 L
MS18-24 Months14 L
BE/BTech3-4 Years15 L
BSc3 Years15.50 L

University of Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is a public research university in Queensland that was established in 1994. More than 120 programs in a variety of fields, including business, education, social science, tourism, humanities, law, communication, design, health, creative industries, science, and technology, are offered by USC’s eight schools.

CoursesDurationAverage Annual Fees (In INR)
BBA3 Years14 L
MBA18 Months15 L
BE/BTech3-5 Years14 L
MIM2 Years15 L

Disclaimer – The above-mentioned course fee is calculated as the average of its variables, and may change depending on your course and other stuff. Candidates are advised to check universities’ official websites for the same.

Things to Withdraw

Now that you are familiar with the inexpensive universities in Australia, you may be pondering embracing this chance as soon as possible. We have summarized every bit of information for you, and we hope that we were able to address all of your questions.

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Cheapest Universities in Australia: FAQs

Are Australian Universities affordable?

The first year’s tuition at Flinders University is 10,350 AUD. The IPAG Business School’s annual tuition is 13,000 AUD. Tuition at the University of Wollongong begins at 18,800 AUD per year. The University of New England’s annual tuition is 19,100 AUD.

Which courses are cheaper in Australia?

A HR Management Diploma (12-24 months) Located in the heart of Queensland, Australia. Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma (12 months) Melbourne is the location.

Which course has more job opportunities in Australia?

The most in-demand professions in Australia are nursing, social work, teaching, engineering, architecture, psychology, and hospitality. Basically, everyone can find a course online. Because they provide many opportunities for career progression, these courses have become more and more popular.

Which course is popular in Australia?

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career track includes the agricultural science course. After completing the course, you can pick from a wide range of employment opportunities, including forestry.

Is getting PR in Australia hard?

Even though it can be time-consuming and challenging, obtaining PR in Australia is possible. Before applying, it’s crucial to perform some study and recognize the areas where points can be earned. Book an appointment with one of our advisors right now if you need assistance with PR.

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