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Best Career Options in Arts in 2024: Jobs, Salaries, & Top Recruiting Companies


Are you looking for popular career options in arts? Well, you are at the right place. There’s an ongoing myth being circulated that there are limited career options in the arts stream. But the reality is drastically different than what it’s being portrayed. In the current era of a modernized and digitally active world, there are a plethora of career options in arts available. There are now several career options in arts available in distinctive domains.

According to the latest AISHE Survey, based on the actual response at the undergraduate level, enrollment is highest in Arts (33.5%), followed by science (15.5%), Commerce (13.9%), and Engineering & Technology (11.9%).

The 12th class is super important for students because it decides what comes next in their education and job opportunities. Picking a career after finishing 12th can be tricky, especially for those who studied arts. In the past, there weren’t many career options for art students, but now, more industries want creative and artistic people.

Arts students can also get ready for exams like civil services, work in banks, or become chartered accountants after finishing their higher studies. It’s important to pick the right subjects because that can affect the kind of jobs you can get and how much you get paid. This blog will talk about the top career options in arts in 2024 and their salary. So, stay tuned for more details!

List of the Best Career Options in Arts Stream

Are you eagerly waiting for the list of the best arts stream jobs? Career options is not just limited to jobs, you can also choose to study or research. In this section, we will be listing some of the best career options in arts available. Not only the names, but also their eligibility, and average salary in India. These are enough parameters to help you decide if the given option aligns with your goals or not.

Given below is a table containing the list of the best career options in arts, along with their eligibility requirements and average salary in India.

Best Career OptionsGeneral EligibilityAverage Salary
Fashion DesignerBachelor of Design in Fashion DesignINR 3.86 LPA
Event ManagerBA/BBA in Event ManagementINR 4.87 LPA
Hotel ManagerBA/BBA/BSc in Hotel ManagementINR 4.41 LPA
AnimatorBSc in AnimationINR 3.95 LPA
JournalistBachelor of Journalism and Mass CommunicationINR 3.91 LPA
Interior DesignerBachelor of Design in Interior DesignINR 3.16 LPA
PhotographerCertificate/Diploma in PhotographyINR 3.99 LPA
Graphic DesignerBachelor of Design in Graphic DesignINR 3.06 LPA
Film MakerDiploma in Film MakingINR 11.74 LPA
Content Creator/YouTuberN/AINR 3.75 LPA

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Here are chart showing some of the top career options after 12th arts:

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Explaining the Best Career Options in Arts in Detail

In this section, we will be discussing the top career options in Arts in detail. Not only the description of the job, but also the top recruiters, and related job roles. This will give you a brief introspection about the jobs. Let’s begin with the details regarding the career options for art students.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are creative professionals who design clothing and accessories. They either create original designs or adapt current fashion trends. Their job involves tasks like coordinating pattern drawing and garment construction, examining sample garments, and sketching detailed drawings of apparel or accessories. Fashion designers use computer-aided design (CAD) software and other tools like Adobe Creative Cloud for their work.

They often collaborate with others, including sales and management executives, to discuss design ideas. In terms of skills, they need to think creatively, establish interpersonal relationships, and organize and plan their work effectively. Fashion designers typically require some level of formal education, such as an associate or bachelor’s degree. Fashion design is surely one of the best career options in the arts.

Top RecruitersLakme India, Manish Malhotra Designs, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd, Reliance Brands, Fab India, etc.
Associated Job RolesSaree Designer, Lehenga Choli Designer, Bollywood Costume Designer, Textile Print Designer, Ethnic Wear Designer, etc.

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Event Manager

An Event Manager is someone who plans and organizes different events to make them run smoothly and be memorable. They take care of everything, like choosing the venue, arranging food, and decorations, and making sure all the technical stuff works well. Event Managers work closely with clients to understand what they want and turn those ideas into creative plans.

They also keep an eye on the budget, talk to different people involved, and solve any problems that come up during the event. Good communication and being able to handle many things at once are really important for Event Managers. Their goal is to make events successful and even better than expected.

Top RecruitersSeventy EMG (Encompass Events), Fountainhead MKTG, Wedniksha (Wizcraft Wedding Company), Showtime Events India Pvt. Ltd., Think Events, etc.
Associated Job RolesEvent Designer, Wedding Decorator, Theme Decor Specialist, Production Designer, Exhibition Designer, etc

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Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager is like the captain of a hotel, making sure everything runs smoothly for guests. They oversee the hotel’s daily operations, take care of the staff, and make sure guests have a great experience. From managing reservations to solving any problems guests might have, Hotel Managers keep things running well.

Hotel Managers work with different teams like housekeeping and catering to make sure everything is in top shape. Budgeting, advertising, and training staff are also part of their job. Hotel Managers need to be good at talking with people, leading their team, and making the hotel a welcoming place for everyone. It allows you to explore diverse possibilities, which makes it one of the best career options in commerce.

Top RecruitersTaj Group of Hotels, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, ITC Hotels, AccorHotels, etc
Associated Job RolesHotel Manager, General Manager (Hospitality), Front Office Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Operations Manager (Hotel), etc.

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An Animator is a creative person who makes drawings or computer images move to tell stories. They use their artistic and technical skills to create animations for things like movies, video games, and ads. Animators design characters, plan out how the story will go, and use special software to make everything look realistic and smooth. Animation courses after 12th open up a great way of possibilities.

They pay close attention to details to make sure everything flows well. Animators often work with a team of other artists, directors, and producers, and they have to finish their work on time. They also keep learning to stay updated and make cool and interesting animations.

Top RecruitersDisney India, Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Technicolor India, Toonz Animation, etc.
Associated Job RolesAnimator, Character Animator, 3D Animator, Motion Graphics, Animator, Visual Effects (VFX) Artist, Storyboard Artist, etc

Check out the list of the Top Animation Colleges in India here.


A Journalist is like a storyteller who shares news with people through different ways like newspapers or TV. They find out information, talk to people, and go to events to write stories that are true and interesting. Journalists follow rules to make sure what they say is right. They might focus on specific topics like politics or sports.

To do this job, it’s important to be good at talking and writing and also to work fast. Journalists help everyone know what’s happening around them, find out the truth, and show different sides of stories to the public. Journalism courses are a great way to kick-start your career here. Career option as a journalist is very rewarding and one of the best career options in arts for sure.

Top RecruitersNDTV, Times of India Group, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, CNN-News18, etc.
Associated Job RolesNews Reporter, Feature Writer, Correspondent, News Anchor, Editor, etc

Interior Designer

Interior Designers are creative experts who make indoor spaces both useful and nice-looking. They talk to people to understand what they want and how much they can spend. Then, they plan how everything in the space will look and work together. This includes choosing colors, furniture, and decorations that go well together.

They use special computer programs to make detailed plans. Interior Designers also work with architects and builders to make sure everything happens smoothly. They need to notice little details, know about design rules, and keep up with what’s popular in their field. In the end, they make spaces that are practical, stylish, and just what the clients want.

Top RecruitersLivspace, Pepperfry, Godrej Interio, Urban Ladder, Interior Design Companies (Local and National), etc.
Associated Job RolesInterior Designer, Senior Interior Designer, Junior Interior Designer, Design Consultant, Interior Architect, etc.

Explore the list of the Top 10 Interior Designer Colleges in India here!


Photographers are like visual storytellers who use cameras to capture special moments. They use their creativity and skills to take interesting and beautiful pictures, whether it’s at weddings, in fashion, or for news. Photographers work with people to understand what they want, choose good places to take pictures and use the right lighting and equipment. After taking pictures, they use computer programs to make them look even better.

Photographers need to be good at talking to people, paying attention to details, and being ready to work in different places. Their job is to create pictures that tell stories and make a lasting impression. Different from mainstream careers, photography is one of the best career options in the arts.

Top RecruitersGetty Images, Shutterstock, National Geographic India, Wedding Photography Studios (Various), Fashion Magazines (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar), etc.
Associated Job RolesFreelance Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Photojournalist, Commercial Photographer, etc.

Master the World of Photography with the top colleges here.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are like creative professionals who make things look good and tell a message through pictures. They work on different projects, creating designs for websites, ads, logos, and other things. Graphic Designers talk to people or teams to understand what they need and who they’re talking to.

They use special computer programs and their artistic skills to make things that look nice, using colors, fonts, and pictures. Graphic Designers also keep learning about new styles and tools to make sure their designs are modern and effective. They need to be good at paying attention to details, being creative, and showing ideas through pictures.

Top RecruitersGetty Images, Shutterstock, National Geographic India, Wedding Photography Studios (Various), Fashion Magazines (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar), etc.
Associated Job RolesFreelance Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Photojournalist, Commercial Photographer, etc.

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Film Maker

A Filmmaker is a person who plans and creates movies or videos. They are in charge of the whole process, from coming up with the idea and writing the story to choosing actors, filming, and editing. Filmmakers work with a team of writers, actors, and other specialists to turn their ideas into a movie.

They decide how the movie will look and make sure the story makes sense and looks good. Filmmakers can focus on different types of movies, like documentaries or short films. To be successful, they need to be good at telling stories, know a lot about making movies, and be able to handle the whole project from start to finish. Being a filmmaker, you will not regret it because it is surely one of the best career options in the arts.

Top RecruitersT-Series, Netflix India, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Viacom18 Motion Pictures, etc.
Associated Job RolesFilm Director, Assistant Director, Scriptwriter, Cinematographer, Film Editor, etc.

Content Creator/YouTuber

A Content Creator or YouTuber is like a digital storyteller who makes interesting videos for people to watch online. They come up with ideas, write scripts, film, and edit videos on different topics to entertain, teach, or inspire viewers. Content Creators use platforms like YouTube to share their videos and connect with their audience.

They pay attention to what’s popular, make visually appealing videos, and talk with their viewers through comments and social media. Sometimes, they work with brands for sponsored content. Being creative, flexible, and regularly making new videos are important for success in this exciting online world.

Top RecruitersTVF Qtiyapa, ScoopWhoop, Dice Media, Netflix India, Amazon Prime Video, etc.
Associated Job RolesYouTuber, Content Creator, Video Editor, Scriptwriter, Social Media Manager, etc.

We hope that you are now fully overwhelmed with the list of the top arts student career options. These options are not limited to the above-mentioned recruiting companies. You can find work opportunities in several sectors across the nation.

Government Jobs After 12th Arts

There is a wide range of government jobs in the fields of administration, diplomacy, jurisdiction, security, etc. for the students of the arts stream. Some of the top government jobs after 12th arts are:

  1. National Defense Academy (NDA): The NDA & NA Examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for admission into the 3-year Military training program at the National Defense Academy Pune and at the Naval Academy, Ezhimala.
  2. SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL): The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts an open competitive Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination (CHSL) for filling up the posts of Lower Divisional Clerk (LDC) / Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA), Postal Assistant (PA) / Sorting Assistant (SA), Data Entry Operator (DEO), Data Entry Operator Grade ‘A’ (DEO Grade A), in the various Ministries, Departments, and Offices of the Government of India.
  3. Indian Railway Recruitment Board (RRB): Computer Based Test (CBT) is an open competitive exam conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) for filling up the post of Junior Clerk-cum-Typist, Accounts Clerk-cum-Typist, Junior Time Keeper, Trains Clerk, Commercial-cum-Ticket Clerk, Junior Stenographer Hindi, and Junior Stenographer English, etc.
  4. SSC Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS): The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts an open competitive examination for filling up the post of Multi-Tasking Staff (a Central Government Group C service) in the various Ministries / Departments/offices of the Government of India.
  5. SSC Stenographer (Grade C and Grade D): The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts an open competitive Computer Examination for filling up the posts of Stenographer Grade ‘C’ and stenographer Grade ‘D’ in the various Ministries, Departments, and Offices of the Government of India.
  6. Indian Coast Guard: The Indian Coast Guard recruits candidates who have passed the class 12th examination as a Sailor or Naviks. There are two positions after the 12th:
    • Sailor or Navik (General Duty)
    • Sailor or Navik (Domestic Branch)

Note: For detailed information on government jobs after 12th, don’t miss out on this page

Things to Withdraw

The career options in arts have lots of great job choices that are interesting and rewarding. The best jobs in the arts go beyond what people usually think, including things like designing graphics, making movies, creating content, and designing interiors. Nowadays, being creative and thinking of new ideas is important.

Choosing a job in the arts lets you express yourself and be a part of different industries. Doesn’t matter if you want to tell stories with pictures, change the way spaces look, or create content on the internet, there are many ways to have a job you like and succeed in the arts.

Do you still have queries? Do you want to know how it will impact your studies? Reach out to industry experts!

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What are the highest-paying career options in Arts?

Some of the highest-paying arts career options include being a Fashion Designer, Event Manager, Hotel Manager, Animator, Journalist, and similar options.

What career should I choose in Arts?

Explore diverse careers like graphic design, filmmaking, content creation, and interior design in arts. Consider your interests and skills to find a fulfilling path, such as becoming a visual storyteller or transforming spaces.

Are career options in arts good for the future?

Yes, art careers offer promising prospects. With a growing emphasis on creativity and innovation, fields like graphic design, content creation, and interior design are in demand, providing ample opportunities for a successful future.

Which course is best for after 12th arts?

Pursue courses based on your interests. Consider Bachelor’s programs like Fine Arts, Design, Mass Communication, or Psychology. Explore diploma courses in graphic design, filmmaking, or interior design for practical skills and career readiness.

How to find the best career options in arts?

Identify your interests and skills, research various art careers, network with professionals, and seek guidance from mentors. You can also gain hands-on experience through internships, and stay updated on industry trends.

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