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Explore a Career in Culinary Arts


Culinary Art is an exploration of new dimensions of food. It does not limit only to the edible aspect of food but extends far beyond as a form of art. Passion towards food can pave a path to excellent career opportunities in the culinary world.

The world is a canvas and we have the freedom to paint it according to our mood. Food is one fascinating form of art that does not only give the liberty of colors but also the ability to curate remarkable tastes. Culinary artists are cooks and chefs who deeply explore the art of luscious food-induced-highs.

Has food involved you more than just satisfying the hunger pangs? Does the taste go beyond the tongue? Does the fragrance sink deep within your soul? Do you live to eat and not eat to live? Undoubtedly, then Culinary Art is the nirvana profession for you. Come let’s unravel the mystic world of food that has bonded societies and transcended across cultures.

Culinary Art is a rapidly growing and vibrant form of art that has changed the face of the food industry. It is a unique blend of culture, food, modernization, and innovation. Culinary art involves the skills of cooking, preparing, designing, innovating and presenting food. Passion for food and cooking are the basic driving forces for culinary artists. Cooking skills are acquired by practicing, having an in-depth knowledge of ingredients, tastes, raw materials and also the art to innovate.

Formal education is required that provides information about recipes, nutritional values, nature and benefits of ingredients, hygiene, health, planning and productivity of the food prepared. Education is needed for handling food and most importantly the manner in which it is presented. Culinarians have made food products rise above its materialistic value and established a brilliant culture that is dominated by the freedom to explore different dimensions in every inch of edible food.

It has resulted in an increased number of professional institutes that offer a wide range of courses in culinary art and provide a financially secure and socially reputed career.

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Top Indian Institutes for Culinary Arts

To pursue a career in culinary arts, here are a few culinary arts colleges in India:

Culinary Academy of IndiaBachelor Of Catering Technology And Culinary Arts (BCT&CA), Post Graduate Diploma In Culinary Arts, The One And Half Year Craft Certificate Course In Food Production And Patisserie, Special CoursesHyderabad
ITM School of Culinary ArtsGraduation, Post-graduationMumbai
Institute of Hotel Management4 Year BA (Honours) Culinary ArtsAurangabad
Welcome Group Academy of Culinary ArtsBA in Culinary ArtsManipal

Top International Institutes for Culinary Arts

InstituteCoursesCity, CountryWebsite
Institute of Culinary EducationGraduation, Post-graduation, DiplomaNew York, US 
Culinary Institute of AmericaGraduation, Associate DegreesNew York, US 
Culinary Institute of America at GreystoneGraduation, Associate DegreesCalifornia, US  
Le Cordon BleuGraduation, Post-graduation, Certificate DiplomaAustralia 
The International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA)DiplomaDubai, UAE 
New England Culinary Institute MontpelierGraduation, Post-graduation, InternshipsVermont, US 
L’Academie de Cuisine Gaithersburg– Maryland, US 
Johnson & Wales University ProvidenceGraduation, Post-graduationRhode Island, U.S 
Culinary Arts AcademyGraduation, Post-graduate DiplomaVitznau, Switzerland 
Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary ArtsGraduation, DiplomaColorado, USA 

Fee Structure

The fee structure of the course varies from 45,000 to 2, 00,000 INR per annum. The fee for short term diploma courses ranges from 30,000 to 80,000 INR. For studying abroad, the fee structure is much higher, beginning from 8, 00,000 annually. However, scholarships and financial aids are available for skilled students. There is the arrival of a new era, where the shackles of old limited professions are over and off-beat fields such as culinary art have become tools of professional liberation.

Job Opportunities:

Culinary Art is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry that offers a wide range of opportunities for diverse profiles. Within the country, the industry has been estimated to double in its size in the coming decade. Culinary artists have employment opportunities in Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Resorts, Bistros, and Bakeries. The field gives the liberty to explore the food industry as determined professionals and passionate freelancers as well.

Culinary Artists can explore a spectrum of profiles:

  • Chefs
  • Cooks
  • Food and Beverage Controller
  • Restaurant Consultants and Designers
  • Food Stylists
  • Food Critics
  • Food Bloggers
  • Commercial Food Manufacturers
  • Food Inspectors
  • Professional Instructors
  • Catering Managers

Career Path:

Salary Structure

Culinary Art is a career field that offers economic gains according to the passion of the artists. Starting pay for culinary artists is comparatively low because the leading companies hire them as interns initially. Since there is immense competition, only the highly skilled and determined individuals are able to flourish. For beginners, the pay scale ranges from 7,000 -15,000 INR even in five-star hotels. Since there are diverse job profiles, the pay scale varies and the highly paid employees in the industry get salaries as high as 50,000- 70,000 INR per month. Experience and expertise are important traits that count for the income hike in this industry.


Globalization has changed the face of the Food & Beverage industry. Cross-cultural influences, hybridity, and innovations have widened the scope of this industry. Food has evolved from being a means to survive to an incredible art form. The regional, national and international food and cultural festivals have given recognition and opportunities to culinary artists. In the coming years, the industry has been estimated to grow in qualitative and quantitative dimensions. Thus a career in culinary arts could be the best choice for anyone who is passionate and determined.

Gear up food lovers and make your passion your profession as culinary artists.

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  1. The Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts offered by Culinary Academy of India with affiliation to Osmania University is a fully hands on and most affordable PG course available in India .The practical inputs in Raw Cuisine, Vegan, Bean, Ayurvedic,local cuisines by highly respected culinary professionals in this course

    1. Hi,

      You may look at Culinary Academy of India. It offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Catering Technology and Culinary Arts and other courses. For Culinary Arts most colleges have their own entrance exam plus interview process. You may have to check the individual college site for more info.

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