Career as a Software Engineer In India

Software Engineers design, develop and write codes for the computers to perform various tasks. They may develop operating software such as Windows 10, android, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux, etc. or develop application software such as MS-Office, mobile apps, anti-virus software, etc. They may work for various business clients and develop specific software for their usage such as banking system software (which runs the banking system of a bank), passenger reservation software (such as the one used for railway booking, airline booking, etc.), etc.


Why become a Software Engineer?

Do you love working with the computer and are already into basic level of writing computer codes? Are you adept in using various computer software and wants to get deep into understanding how the software are developed and written? Are you passionate about technologies and keep to understand how things work? Do you feel fascinated by the future scopes in computers such as artificial intelligence? Software programming could be a great choice for you. But remember, you have to be doing very well in Mathematics in your school. If you are not into Maths, better stay away.

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