Career as a GST Accounts Assistant & GST Practitioner

in India

GST Practitioner and GST Accounts Assistant are not two widely different professions. A GST Practitioner is a professional who is registered and approved to work as a GST Practitioner under an Act (to file GST return, claim benefits under GST, etc.). However, a GST Accounts Assistant could be any person knowing GST, appointed by a company or any person for performing functions related to filing returns by the applicable due dates.


Why become a GST Accounts Assistant & GST Practitioner?

Are you someone who's really good with numbers and has an excellent working memory for carrying out detail-oriented work? Are you someone who is good at analyzing huge data and isn’t overwhelmed by formulating long calculations? Are you someone who would enjoy checking and analyzing the balance sheets of individuals or organizations for calculating taxes? If the answer to all the above questions is affirmative, then the GST Accounts Assistant & GST Practitioner is a great career option for you.

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