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All you Need to Know to Pursue a Career in Tally Professional

Career in Tally Professional

Do you have a passion for numbers and currency calculations but do not want to go for higher studies? Are you interested in profit and loss calculations? Can you work with figures and finances for long hours at a computer? Then you may try to learn to work with the software Tally and progress as a Tally Professional.

Tally professionals enter, classify, compute and record a company’s financial data using the software ‘Tally’ for keeping all the records up-to-date. They need to perform regular accounting calculations to maintain the company’s records.

Why Become a Tally Professional?

As a Tally professional, you will be responsible for entering and recording of an organization’s financial transaction data into computer systems using the software ‘Tally’. Using the software, you will carry out various commercial and accounting functions and computations to keep the organization’s financial data up-to-date.

Using the software ‘Tally’, you will maintain various books of accounts for the organization you are working for as well as generate different financial statements. You will also be involved in day-to-day accounting functions such as invoicing and billing, voucher generation for payments, keeping records of day-to-day cash and bank transactions, processing payrolls, etc.

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What Does a Tally Professional do?

As a Tally Professional, you will be engaged with one or more of the following roles and responsibilities: –

  • Processing all commercial invoices, bills, purchase orders, payment vouchers, payment receipts, credit/debit notes etc. through Tally.
  • Entering all financial transaction data into Tally accurately.
  • Keeping all financial transaction data up-to-date.
  • Verifying and entering all the employee data into Tally for payroll processing.
  • Doing necessary paperwork, compiling all the data from the papers into Tally and maintaining physical copies of the essential information also.
  • Generating different types of financial statements such as Profit and Loss Statements, Balance sheets, etc.
  • Computing tax liabilities and processing all tax payments accurately.
  • Assisting in financial audit procedures.

How to Become a Tally Professional – Eligibility Criteria

After your Class 10 all subjects as per the scheme of studies, you can get training in basic computer operations, and then obtain a training program to qualify for an NSQF (National Skill Qualification Framework) Level 3 Certificate for Accounts Assistant using Tally. You may obtain this certificate for using Tally after class 11-12.

Alternatively, after your class 11-12, you can obtain training to become a Tally Certified Professional.

Job Opportunities

After having a certification in Tally, you can get a job in the accounts department of many organizations which use Tally for financial accounting.

You can get a job as an Accounts Executive / Tally Professional / Junior Accountant or in similar positions after proper training or certifications.

Salary of a Tally Professional

Salaries vary according to job profiles and the kind of organization you get to work at.

In entry-level jobs: You may expect to get about Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 12,000 per month.

Salaries increase with your work experience and as you get promoted.

With 1-5 years of work experience, you may expect to get about Rs. 6,500 – Rs. 20,000 per month.

With 6-12 years of work experience, you may expect to get about Rs. 12,000 – Rs. 27,000 per month.

The Tally Certified Professionals earn much more generally compared to the rest.

Career Progression in Tally Professional Profession

From an Accounts Executive / Tally Professional / Junior Accountant, you can certainly progress to be a Tally Expert / Accounts Officer and then as a Senior Accounts Executive/ Senior Accounts Officer in an organization. You can rise into higher roles such as Chief Accountant, General Manager-Accounts etc. But remember that to progress, you will need Bachelors’ degree in Accountancy and for senior-level roles such as Chief Accountant, etc. you should better have an M.Com. 

The future of Tally Professionals looks very bright as 90% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in India, across several sectors such as sales, manufacturing, accounts, service, IT-ITES and various others are using Tally.ERP 9 (the latest version of the software). So, placement opportunities across industries are very vast and are increasing.

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