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Engineering Management: Courses, Subjects, Scope, and Jobs


Engineering Management is not what people say it is. It is more!

This is a change of career track, essentially. It is about switching from an engineering role to a product manager role. You’ll need to develop a bunch of new skills you didn’t know even existed.

In addition to the typical bugs & production issues…

…as an engineering manager you will also have to deal with people’s emergencies. Project planning emergencies. Recruiting emergencies. People conflict emergencies!

The math is simple. An Engineering Manager handles 5 to 10 engineers. So, it easily means there are 5 to 10 times more engineering jobs than manager jobs. Stakes are high and competition is intense, especially because there are high chances to promote a high-performance engineer into a managing role instead of hiring laterally.

However, EM courses are highly promising and highly coveted. Top recruiters look for EM qualifications in an engineer in addition to engineering experience while hiring for EM roles.

What is Engineering Management?

Engineering Management is a very well-qualified job for engineering graduates. It provides students with all the skills an MBA can equip but integrates them extensively into the field of engineering and its applications. It is the perfect way for a person with an engineering degree to make his or her career stand out by demonstrating both technical and managerial skills.

Are you all set to dig in further?

Highlights of engineering management courses

  • Offline courses:
    • MTech in Engineering Management
    • PG Certificate in Engineering Management
    • MS in Engineering Management
    • PG Diploma in Engineering Management
  • Duration: 1 year to 2 years
  • Eligibility criteria: BE/B.Tech in Engineering followed by an entrance exam specified by the university or institute
  • Entrance exams: There are many entrance exams both private level, state level, and national level tests. And so, this course is very competitive. Some of the entrance exams are GATE, UPSEE, AP PGECET, and many more depending upon the university or institute.
  • Fees: Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 5,00,000
  • Online courses:
    • Engineering Management MSc Online by Brunel University London
    • MSc in Engineering Management Online by Tufts University – Medford, USA
    • Master of Science Engineering Management by Westcliff University, USA
    • Master of Science in Engineering Management by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA, and many more.

Subjects covered in engineering management course

Some of the core subjects covered in the engineering management course are:

  1. Statistics and Probability
  2. Applied Machine Learning
  3. Data Science for Business Intelligence/Data Analysis 
  4. Operations Management
  5. Accounting and Financial Management
  6. Project Management
  7. Product Management
  8. Economics & Public Policy/ Managerial Economics
  9. Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
  10. Systems Engineering and Architecture
  11. Manufacturing Management
  12. Computer Simulation for Risk
  13. Technology Management
  14. International Business Management
  15. Engineering Systems Simulation
  16. Design Project Management

Note: Check the official website of the Institute for the detailed syllabus before applying.

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What is the scope of engineering management?

Master’s in engineering management (MEM) course trains you to manage both the work aspect of the staff and the visual resources, by organizing them. It requires important technical knowledge and communication skills to lead a team.

Engineering graduates often covet Management Trainee positions. This has a huge impact on the business of engineering and can help you achieve more than a mere degree in engineering. They are highly sought after in today’s work-focused environment and are trusted with very large projects, thus, making the study worthwhile.

Job opportunities after engineering management course

Here are some work roles / designations that you can look for across job boards in India or abroad after a degree in Engineering Management. Your role will typically be called “Engineering Manager” and you will be involved in leadership responsibilities across core engineering disciplines. However, here are some specific examples, depending on the kind of industry sector your company is operating in and the kind of duties you are to perform (for eg., forecasting or operations or supervising etc).

Examples of job roles:

  • Support Engineering Manager (for eg., in companies like Amazon, Microsoft etc.)
  • Utilities Engineering Manager
  • Research Engineering Program Manager (like in Lockheed Martin Corporation)
  • Manager, Web Engineering (for eg., in companies like Disney)
  • Manager, Systems and Network Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering Manager (like in Northrop Grumman)
  • Engineering Manager, Forecasting
  • Manager of Solutions Engineering
  • Engineering Manager, Collaborative Technical Learning (for eg., in companies like Netflix)

Every company, irrespective of whether they are operating in core engineering disciplines or not, will require engineering managers.

Jobs are ample, and salaries are very competitive.

Think of out-of-the-box companies like Spotify, Netflix, Starbucks, Disney, Uber, Adobe, Kraken (cryptocurrency company), Etsy, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Slack, American Express etc.

All these companies are not your regular engineering companies but have multiple openings for engineering managers in India as well as abroad. Try your luck! You may get placed in their headquarters too!

You may dream of a job in these BIG companies too –

These are primarily engineering or software dev or e-commerce or engineering consultancies.

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  4. Apple
  5. Microsoft
  6. Facebook
  7. Flipkart
  8. Oracle Corporation
  9. Cisco System
  10. Tata Consultancy Services
  11. PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers
  12. Cognizant
  13. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
  14. Bain & Company



There you have an overview of Engineering Management as a discipline. Ready to enroll? No? Reach out to our star mobility experts and industry seniors for a helping hand in suggesting a career for you. iDreamCareer, with its Career Planning Program, engages millions of young confused minds from 9th class, 10th class, class 11, class 12 intending to unfurl suitable career choices for them.



Is engineering management course tough?

Yes, being successful as an Engineering Management Trainee is difficult because it requires specific skills (both hard and soft) along with managerial qualities.

Is engineering management course better than an MBA?

For an engineer, even if an MBA is a popular option, MEM (Masters in Engineering Management) will be more inclined to his or her job and be more useful. It helps them succeed in the same field and as a result, it can be a good decision if one is really interested in engineering rather than business and management.

Do I need to have a job experience for engineering management course?


Will engineering management course help me in getting more salary?

No. Classic misconception. Some engineers who excel in their work may be paid more than their supervisors. With an EM degree, you can only find a ladder you can start with, which goes high enough!


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