Importance Of Career Guidance And Counselling

It is never enough for the educational institute no matter how senior or junior that it might be just to be imparting knowledge alone. The overall development of the students which comes about by allowing each individual to achieve and perform to his best is what every school should aim for.  Here it is the constant and continued interaction between the students and the teachers that would bring about the most desirable results and over time too. Thus this blog is all about how career guidance and counselling can help you in making important career decisions.

When young minds are being trained out to fill positions in society, it is crucial to allow just the right time frame to bring about the development. A rushed attempt would not only create half-baked results but could cause damage to the individual too.

How to create the right interactions

It is wrong to consider that career guidance and counseling in education are needed for those students who have to make a life choice or a career choice. The need is to interact with the students as frequently as possible and at all levels of development.

Often when the right approach is not taken at the start of school life, it becomes close to impossible to establish lines of communication after some time. Thus the stress must be laid as early as possible to have guidance sessions with the students to open up lines of communication between the students and the teachers at an institution.

The senior classes could do with the formal guidance and counseling sessions which can be laid out in the standard timetable. However, the much younger tots need not be restricted by the set times, and the staff must make it a point to have informal sit around sessions which are the first step to hearing what they have to say.

Once the initial contact has been established with the students, it becomes easy to bring about changes in their thoughts and manners through the interactions. Therefore students in need of counselling benefit a lot when the right career planner is able to initiate the right and focussed conversations about a students’ interest areas.

Objectives of career guidance and counselling

When we talk about the need for counselling for students, we must also focus on the fact that students need not be persuaded into any one particular career field, they must and always be guided towards the right direction based upon their interest areas, personalities, and aptitudes. A career counsellor must offer unbiased career guidance and counselling to those students in need of guidance and clarity. Thus we have curated a few key pointers to define the overall objective or goal of career counselling:

  • Focus: Trusts run most of the educational institutions and managing bodies that have specific objectives to fulfill. Thus by using the guidance and counseling sessions, it is possible to give a much-desired focus to the student body in general.

    Moreover, it is possible to mold the students as per the needs and requirements of the society as the case might be. Rather than trying to effect sudden change in thinking and actions of the students a gradual process that involves a continuous interaction would bring about a much better result most of the time.

    With young children, it is that they need to be given a general sense of direction and the best way to do is to have productive interactions that are aimed at achieving the desired results. At times of turmoil and turbulence in society, it is the guidance that keeps the students focused on the studies and school activities.
  • Control: There would not be many schools and educational institutions that do not need to keep the student body under control. The control can mean the disciplinary one or the need to achieve the goals of the given institution. The guidance and counseling in education are aimed at keeping the students in check and within limits set out by the society in general.
  • Understand: It is never that guidance sessions are meant for just the students alone. A good counseling session is a chance to understand the needs of the students so that the teachers can offer the right attention.

    Thus the guidance sessions are equally meant for the teachers to affect changes in their attitude towards the students as well as the methods that they have been following till then.

If a reasonably large school or institution were to be taken, there would be people from all sorts of backgrounds. But most institutions would have a base of people who do prefer the kind of attention that is being rendered at the location. By the use of proper guidance, it is possible to create an awareness of the needs of the future society in general and the trends that could emerge as the students prepare for a life outside the school.

Balance is key to a lot of life practices, and by using the method of guidance and counseling in the right manner; it is possible to relate to what the student would want from the time spent in getting an education. Often when opportunities are discussed among people, the role of data in coming to certain conclusions cannot be belittled. A good guidance session must be able to bolster the trends prevailing in society by using data to good effect.


Guidance and counselling in education have to be approached as a continuous activity that is aimed at creating a dialogue between the student body and the teachers. It can be used to bring about changes to attitudes and thoughts in time as the students get to trust the staff and those involved in the running of the institutions.

The need for career guidance and counselling for students is increasing these days as a number of new-age career fields are being introduced to students. With little or no awareness about these futuristic careers, parents, as well as students, are in dire need of counselling. Therefore, the importance of career guidance and counselling has increased leaps and bounds.