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What Career Should I Choose?

what career should i choose

With thousands of options, one of the most common questions among youth is “What Career Should I Choose?” If you do not know what you want to do, the task may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, it is not. We are here to help you!

In this post, we will help you in finding all the question you must be having like what to do when you are confused about career? what career is right for me? how to decide your career? How to choose your career? and a lot more!

Continue reading to find out all!

Why is it important to choose a right career?

While most people are looking for a good job to start their professional career, the reality is that building a strong career takes more than just getting a well-paying job.

It is important to know how to choose a right career because it can help you in more than one way. With the right career you choose, you can –

  1. Work in the field you love
  2. Develop skills and use them properly
  3. Never get tired of what you do
  4. And have clear direction and goals for professional growth, etc.

What to do when confused about career?

Feeling confused about your career path can be a challenging experience, and finding out what is best for you as a professional may require a lot of time and effort. There are a few important steps you can take to identify your professional needs and interests in order to have an answer about “what career should I choose”.

Here is a step-by-step guide if you feel confused:

confused about career

How to choose your career?

Choosing a career path can take weeks, months or even years as you continue to learn what you want and need at work. So, we’ve come up with a few activities that you can do to help you with the decision-making process. It is important to note that you may have the option to change your course many times in your life, making the ability to choose a new job is an important life skill.

Some of the ways that can help you in choosing a right career are:

how to choose your career

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How to decide your career?

Here is a list of few steps you can take to decide your career:

  1. Prepare a roadmap
  2. Take a personality test or psychometric assessment test
  3. Check what you are not interested in
  4. Research your available options
  5. Prioritize your needs and wants
  6. Seek the advice of a career counselor
  7. At last, try chosen option and believe in yourself

How to know what career is right for me?

Asking “what career is right for me?” is one of the most important questions in your career journey. No wonder the right career will bring success and happiness to you. But if you make a bad decision, it can damage your future prospects, relationships and prosperity.

To answer this question, ask following questions to yourself:

what career is right for me


Hope you have your answer on “what career should I choose?” Students face tremendous pressure (both from peers and parents) while making life-changing decisions. Career coaching is a supremely essential exercise & its need is increasingly being felt at all spheres of the industry today.

iDreamCareer is on a mission to provide the best career-related guidance in India and is helping millions of young minds discover their true mettle. Want to join hands with us? We try to help young confused minds from 9th class10th classclass 11class 12 with an aim to select their most-suited career choices.

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Discover More by accessing the Free Career Dashboard

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