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Best BSc Courses for Your Bright Future

best bsc courses

Looking for an answer to what are the best BSc courses, then this post is for you!

Science as a subject has always fascinated students and due to this, a career in science has become one of the most sought-after paths. Of all the diploma courses after 12th science, the bachelor’s program is considered a viable option.

BSc offers a wide range of subjects and specialized courses that provide a solid foundation in science and thus open up a range of opportunities for students who want to start their professional careers or continue their studies after graduation with a Bachelor of Science.

Since the list of undergraduate courses is very wide and varied, in this post we will tell you about some of the best BSc courses.

What is BSc?

Bachelor of Science is a degree that can be obtained after Class 12th science. The Bachelor of Science (Bachelor of Science) course is a three-year graduate course in the science stream. It is a very diverse program that offers students a variety of disciplines.

Although all major BSc courses are offered in the majors, there are some that are also available to Commerce and Arts students.

Highlights of BSc course

Following are the highlights of BSc course:

Full Name Bachelor of Science
Level of ProgramBachelor/Undergraduate
EligibilityClass 12th with Physics Chemistry, Maths/Biology
Duration3 years- 4 years
Admission ProcedureEntrance Exam and/or Merit-based 
Type of CourseHonours and General
Cycle of CourseSemester/Yearly
Employment RolesAnaesthesiologist, Scientist, Lecturer, Biology Researcher, Scientist Assistant, Laboratory Technician, Chemist, Research Analyst, Professor, Pharmacist, Plant Biochemist, etc.

Unlike any other degree, a BSc offers you the opportunity to choose from an array of both general and specialist courses. The following list shows some of the best and commonly chosen BSc courses you may consider:

BSc in

  1. Information Technology (IT)
  2. Fashion Designing
  3. Agriculture
  4. Anesthesia
  5. Cardiology
  6. Aviation
  7. Radiology
  8. Product Design
  9. Biology
  10. Economics
  11. Geology
  12. Statistics
  13. Mathematics
  14. Biotechnology
  15. Geography
  16. Computer Science
  17. Animation
  18. Nutrition and Dietetics
  19. Nautical Science
  20. Microbiology
  21. Visual Communication
  22. Anthropology
  23. Physics
  24. Molecular Biology
  25. Environmental Science
  26. Home Science
  27. Life Sciences
  28. IT
  29. Biochemistry
  30. Clinical Research
  31. Nursing
  32. Mathematics
  33. Forestry
  34. Geology
  35. Aeronautics
  36. Psychology
  37. Anatomy
  38. Chemistry
  39. Ecology
  40. Food Technology
  41. Hospitality Management
  42. Botany
  43. Microbiology
  44. Zoology
  45. Healthcare Management

Source: Education | Bsc | After Bsc Career | Non Medical

About the best BSc courses

In this section, we will introduce you with the explanation of some of the BSc courses:


One of the most popular and widely popular fields in the list of undergraduate courses is the Bachelor of Science in IT.

Bachelor of IT subjects focus on key aspects of computers and modern technology such as programming languages, data structure, network management, apart from providing professional training. With the development and emergence of new technologies, these professionals are in high demand for jobs at all levels in the IT sector. Those who aspire to higher positions or want more experience can pursue a master’s degree in IT.

BSc Computer Science

Closely related to IT, BSc Computer Science is an alternative to B. Tech Computer Science. Of the many subjects on the undergraduate course list, students enroll in the course to delve into the world of computer science possibilities. By the end of the degree program, you will likely understand the basic aspects of hardware, software, programming and design.

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BSc Nursing

One of the most popular health science courses, the Bachelor of Nursing degree is a 4-year program aimed at equipping students with nursing know-how. You will be studying following subjects – anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, fundamentals of nursing, etc. while pursuing this course.

BSc Fashion Design

For those of you who want to explore opportunities in the dynamic and fast-changing fashion industry, a Bachelor of Fashion Design is something you can aspire to. This 3-year program teaches you the ins and outs of the fashion sector and equips you with the skillset to launch a career in fashion design. Of the various programs in the list of undergraduate courses, this field is becoming a popular career choice for a large number of students due to its engaging curriculum and numerous employment prospects.

BSc Animation

In the age of digital technology, VFX and animation have become staples of the entertainment and advertising industries. In this regard, the demand for professionals with experience in this field has also increased. The Bachelor of Animation is a 3-year degree program that aims to provide standard animation skills that will help you launch a career in animation. It is also considered one of the highest paying jobs.


Finally, you have all the information optimized just for your use. And you have an answer on best BSc courses? If you still feel indecisive or confused, do dial us up. It is often useful to reach out to expert counselors for addressing individual issues. iDreamCareer experts are always ready to help young minds like you from 9th class, 10th classclass 11, class 12 with an aim to select your most-suited career choices.

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What are the top highest paying BSc courses?

The top highest paying BSc courses are โ€“ BSc Biochemistry, BSc Computer Science, BSc Agriculture, BSc Nursing, BSc Information Technology, BSc Biotechnology, etc.

Is BSc course good after 12th?

After 12th there are so many career options to choose from. One of the most chosen fields of study is the BSc courses after 12th. When it comes to choosing a bachelor of science degree is the most common option to choose. A bachelor’s degree is a 3-year, work-oriented bachelor’s degree.

Is BSc better than MBBS?

First of all, if you compare both the courses, the competition for MBBS seats is much higher than for BSC. MBBS is a 5-year course in clinical medicine that includes professional development for the entire human body and patient care. On the other hand, BSc is 3-year, work-oriented bachelor’s degree.

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