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KET Exam: Info That You Shall Need


KET Exam (Key English Test) is an elementary-level English exam. It is one of a series of English proficiency tests. KET is controlled by Cambridge English and is well known around the world.

The KET complies with the CEFR A2 standard. CEFR is the Common European Framework for Reference of Languages ​​and provides a detailed description of what one can do at each level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2).

This exam assesses all four English language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. So, after successful completion of the KET, your ability to use English to communicate in simple situations will get proved.

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What is the Cambridge KET exam?

The Cambridge Key English exam, commonly known as the

KET exam, is for beginners or basic qualifications for those who speak English as a second language (ESL). It is now known as the Cambridge English Qualification A2 Key.

An A2 Key level is a good place for older students to start learning English as a Second Language. And it is a point for young learners, who are just beginning to learn English, to prove their ability to communicate in simple, everyday situations.

Highlights about the exam

Who can take the KET exam?

The exam is an optional test if you are new to learning English. If you want to make sure you have a basic understanding of spoken and written English, and that you are able to have brief contact with English speakers, you are the perfect person!

KET can also give you the confidence to study advanced English exams, such as PET. Depending on your age, you will need to choose between two versions of the text. You can find more information on this point below.

If you have completed 250 hours of reading or practice and are able to speak, write, and understand basic English, you should take the KET Cambridge English A2 Key Test.

Score outline of KET exam

You may need to earn scores, either in total or in a particular skill, depending on the institution, college, or organization you are applying for. The following score points will be used to report the results of the exam:

Cambridge KET Exam ScoreGradeCEFR Level
100–119Level A1A1

Note: 50 % marks of reading & writing paper and 25% marks of listening & speaking (each) paper will be counted. You will get different scores for each of the 3 papers. For the overall result, these three scores will be averaged.

How to register for the KET exam?

The following are the 3 steps to register for the exam:

1st Step: Choose your exam

2nd Step: Find the exam center

3rd Step: Book a slot for the exam

Note: For more details refer to the link.

What is the cost of the KET exam?

The exam centres set up a test price in all cases, so you should contact the centre of your preferred location in person. However, the estimated cost of the exam is approximately 120 EUR (i.e., Rs. 10,357).

What is the validity of the KET exam certificate?

Your exam certificate will remain valid forever. However, Universities, colleges, and businesses may determine how long to accept the results, so make sure you carefully meet their needs.

How to study for an English exam?

There are several steps you can follow to study for an English exam:

  1. Review the material: Make sure you understand the content that will be covered on the exam. This may include grammar rules, vocabulary, literature, and writing techniques.
  2. Practice with sample questions: Look for practice questions or past exams to get a sense of the types of questions that will be asked. This can also help you identify any areas that you need to review more thoroughly.
  3. Create flashcards: Flashcards are a great way to review vocabulary and grammar rules. Write a word or concept on one side of the card and the definition or example on the other.
  4. Take practice exams: Practice exams can help you get used to the format of the test and the types of questions you’ll encounter. They can also help you identify any areas where you need to spend more time studying.
  5. Review your mistakes: After taking a practice exam, review the questions you got wrong. This can help you identify any areas where you need to spend more time studying.
  6. Get plenty of rest: Make sure to get enough sleep the night before the exam. Being well-rested can help you feel more alert and focused during the test.
  7. Arrive on time: Make sure to arrive at the exam location on time so you can have time to review any last-minute details before the exam begins.
  8. By following these steps, you can help ensure that you are well-prepared for your English exam.


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