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All You Need to Know About a Career in Mining Engineering

Career in Mining Engineering

Unconventional is the new conventional! Youngsters are opting for new, untrodden career paths today, from fashion designing to cosmetology, from cosmetic dentistry to fashion photography. Even engineering is not restricted to traditional mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. With subjects like aeronautical engineering, mining engineering, agriculture engineering, etc. we have seen the rise of many alternative engineering courses in the past few decades. Let’s have a look at one of the special engineering course that is a career in mining engineering and how you can pursue one.

What is Mining Engineering?

Mining engineering is an engineering branch that involves the practice and application of technology for obtaining and processing minerals from the environment.  Mining Engineers design mines and apply engineering principles to the safe and effective extraction of natural resources from these mines. Mining engineers focus on creating mining equipment and techniques that are as friendly to the environment and cost-effective. The work of a mining engineer can be an office job or a field job. Depending on the type of mine, they may work above ground in an open cast mine, or underground in a traditional mine. Mining Engineers should be prepared to travel and stay away from home for extended periods.

A career in Mining Engineering

Mining Engineers often have to work in collaboration with Geologists and Metallurgical Engineers to locate and evaluate new mineral deposits. Mining Engineers are involved in developing innovative equipment or monitor mineral-processing operations to separate minerals from dirt, rock, and other materials. They are involved in designing both open-pit and underground mines, supervise the operations of the mine, train mining staff and crew, oversee the design and construction of mine shafts and tunnels in underground mines, looking into methods for transporting minerals to the various processing plants.

It is a mining engineer’s job to ensure that the mines are operated safely and in the most environmentally effective manner. They also observe the quality and quantity of production to assess the efficiency of the mine operation. Mining engineers play a crucial role in finding solutions to pressing issues such as water and air pollution and land reclamation.

Educational Requirement

Aren’t sure whether mining engineering is for you. Are you good at maths and science? Do you have an interest in natural resources? Do you love problem-solving? Do you love the outdoors? Are you interested in working underground? Then you are made for a career in mining engineering.

A Bachelor’s of Science degree from a recognized institute in Mining Engineering is all you require. Master’s degree programs in mining engineering are typically two-year programs. Minimum 60% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th). A minimum of 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level (12th) is required. In addition to it, you will need to have strong problem-solving abilities, as well as the ability to communicate effectively. A Mining Engineer should archetypally be able to visualize three-dimensional objects from 2-dimensional drawings.

Indian Institutes offering a degree in Mining Engineering

Name of InstituteEntrance TestOfficial Website
Indian Institute of Technology, KharagpurJee
Indian School of Mines, DhanbadJEE Mains & JEE
Acharya Institute of Technology, BangaloreCET/COMEDK/University/
Regional Engineering College, RourkelaJEE
Orissa School Of Mining, KeonjharOdisha

International Institutes offering a degree in Mining Engineering

Name of InstituteEntrance TestOfficial Website
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySAT /ACT + TOEFL/IELTS
Michigan Technological UniversityTOEFL/IELTS
Pennsylvania State UniversitySAT /ACT + TOEFL/IELTS
Colorado School of MinesSAT /ACT + TOEFL/IELTS
University of ExeterIELTS
University of KentuckySAT /ACT + TOEFL/IELTS

Job Opportunities

Ranging from complex aircraft parts to paints, minerals have a wide variety of use in diverse industries. From the road we drive on to the building we live in, everything needs different minerals or their by-products. Mining enterprise across the world has evolved in the last few decades with technological erudition brought in mining workplaces. Mineral Industry needs highly proficient engineers and scientists.

With the increasing significance of mining activities, a career in mining engineering has become a lucrative option now. Jobs are available in both the government and the private sector.

Salary Structure

The starting salary for a mining engineer in India can be between 3-6 lakhs per anum.  Some of the organizations that hire mining engineers are The Indian Bureau of Mines, Geological Survey of India, Coal India, Tata Steel, Reliance, ONGC, HCL, NALCO, and Neyveli Lignite. Countries like Saudi Arabia, UK, Qatar, and Kuwait also provide lucrative career opportunities for interested candidates with a salary ranging from $64,000 to $98,000 per annum. The private sector has higher salaries whereas government sectors have higher perks.


A career in mining engineering in India has become very important with swelling demand for technological innovation and safe mining. Be it a mountain, desert, in the ocean, across India or the world. You’ll probably find mining engineers working in all of these places sweating away on mining assignments. Explore the many aspects of a career in mining engineering from exploration to production and mine closure.

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