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Artificial Intelligence (AI) let machines (mostly computer systems or other machines embedded with computer programs) do things or perform tasks that require human intelligence such as (a) recognition of speech and communicating, answering question, giving insights, reacting to human emotions, etc.; (b) search for information and convey the search results; analyse information to recommend possible decision options; (c) recognize images, view objects and scenes, etc. and make inferences from observation; (d) switch on / switch off as well as control operations of a machine, equipment, or device; (e) High tech Artificial Intelligence can assimilate knowledge from various sources as humans do, learn from the experience of conversations with humans, understand human emotional reactions, and then make decisions on the basis of learning and experience.


Why become a Artificial Intelligence Engineer/AI Expert?

The 2 most electrifying buzzwords in the tech-world today are "Artificial" and "Intelligence"! Well, but together not apart! So are you the revolutionary one with above-par imagination and intellect? Are you in love with walking and talking machines? or maybe dancing and singing machines? Or do you want them to be future "teachers" as well? Have you already said "Hello" to the world of software coding? Would you like to usher in the next Industrial Revolution 5.0? Are you ready for bigger challenges and taller obstacles to make a machine more human?

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