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Hunting for a Career in Physical Education?

physical education

Do you want to build your career in Physical Education or Sports but afraid that it won’t be financially rewarding? Have you always wanted to pursue a career in PE or sports, but confused about future possibilities in the field? Then, this might help you!

Earlier, a career in sports or physical education used to be the least popular choice among students. But today, with changing trends and increasing awareness around health, a career in sports is considered a highly lucrative option.

It allows you to make way for more career options: ranging from being part of selected sports clubs, health clubs, marketing fraternity, commentator, sports journalism, coach, physical education teacher, and many other related options.

Let’s briefly understand what physical education is and what are its objectives.

What is it?

PE simply focuses on the inclusion of physical activity and sports to promote psychomotor learning (coordination of physical movement) among students. It is an education that brings progress in human performance with the help of physical activities such as light walking to running, running, sprinting, hopping, jumping, climbing, throwing, pushing, pulling, kicking, etc.

“PE is the process of education through physical activities. It is the development of the total personality of the child to its fullness and perfection in body, mind, and spirit.”

Central Advisory Board of Physical Education & Recreation

PE focuses on improving physical and mental stamina, development of personality & character along with the development of neuromuscular skills.

physical education
physical education

What is the Aim of Physical Education?

“The aim of PE must be to make every child physically, mentally and emotionally fit and also to develop in him such personal and social qualities as will help him to live happily with others and build him up as a good citizen.”

National Plan of Physical Education & Recreation

So, in short:

Physical Education –

  • Promotes Health and Fitness of life
  • Enhances biological development
  • Helps to improve academic performance of students
  • Improves concentration power
  • Develops psychomotor skills
  • Improves physical abilities
  • Reduces stress and risk of illness
  • Promotes active lifestyle
  • Strengthens bone density
  • Helps develop self-confidence and human personality


What are the Objectives of PE?

  1. Physical Development: The objective of PE is to develop a system of organs such as the circulatory system, nervous system, muscle system, digestive system, etc.
  2. Mental Development: Physical activities require mental alertness, deep concentration, and calculated movement. This objective is related to the mental development of the individual.
  3. Social Development: This objective is related to the development of social symbols, which are important for better health outcomes. It helps in promoting teamwork, equality, sports, tolerance, and empathy.
  4. Neuromuscular Coordination: This objective focuses on better relationships between the nervous system. PE provides many opportunities for physical neuromuscular integration.
  5. Emotional Development: Emotional growth is also one of the main objectives of PE. Everyone has different types of emotions such as happiness, hope, jealousy, hatred, fear, depression, anger, surprise, lust, loneliness, etc.
  6. Improvement of Health: PE promotes health-related practices through health education. It provides education on the prevention of infectious diseases.


Why PE in Class 11th and 12th?

  • It forms part of the core curriculum and is presented as a national qualification
  • It offers a variety of physical activities within, and beyond, a curriculum to engage children and young people in meaningful, rewarding, enjoyable, and enriching experiences
  • It addresses the various objectives of education through well-planned and appropriate development programs


Courses Offered After Class 12th with PE

Course NameEligibilityDuration
B.P.Ed.Class 11-12 from any recognized board with a minimum 50% mark3-4 years
Certificate Course in PE/Yoga/AerobicsClass 11-12 from any recognized board with a minimum 50% mark1 year
Diploma Course in PE/Yoga/Aerobics/Yoga Teacher TrainingClass 11-12 from any recognized board with a minimum 50% mark1-2 years
M.P.Ed.Graduation along with specialization in Physical Education2 years

Note: You will be required to clear PECET (Physical Education Common Entrance Test); a state-level exam that is conducted for admission to the colleges. However, some universities also conduct entrance exams to shortlist the candidates.

Career Options and Job Opportunities  

The most popular careers in Physical Education are as follows:

  1. Occupational Therapist
  2. Human Kinetics Specialist
  3. Athletic Trainer
  4. Health Educator
  5. Physical Education Teacher
  6. Sports Therapist
  7. Sports Manager
  8. Sports Coach
  9. Fitness Specialist–Personal Trainer
  10. Fitness Director
  11. Early Childhood Motor Skills Instructor
  12. Sports Journalist
  13. Sports Commentator
  14. Umpire/Referee

You may find job opportunities under:

  • Health and Sports Industries
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Personal Trainers
  • Sports and Health Clubs
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Stadiums


Does that give you some clarity now? If you are still not sure about choosing Physical Education as a career, then you can talk to expert career counselors and get unbiased guidance and take the right step towards a career in sports.

  1. National Plan of Physical Education and Recreation
  2. Fitness & Health Careers
  3. Sports Careers



What skills are required to pursue a career in physical education?

The following skills are necessary for opting career in physical education:
• Athletic skills
• Teaching skills
• Mentoring & Guiding skills
• Observation & Analytical skills
• Leadership Skills
• Must possess physical stamina and knowledge of sports.

Where are the areas of employment after obtaining a Graduation/Diploma/Master’s degree in physical education?

You may find job opportunities in several areas such as schools, colleges, health clubs, gyms, stadiums, etc.

Is there any entrance exam to get admission in the physical education course?

Yes, you need to clear PECET (Physical education common entrance test).

What is the initial salary after completing a physical education course?

In the beginning, one can earn around Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month. However, your starting salary will be completely based on your job profile and the sport you have selected as a career. The salary will gradually rise based on your skills and experience.

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