Career as a Architect In India

An architect is a specialist who plans, designs, reviews and many times manages the construction of buildings (including homes, public buildings, ports and airports, skyscrapers, malls, etc.). As an architect, you will work on not only designing the building but also using the surrounding space in a useful way. You will ensure that public safety is taken care of while designing a building. You will also take care of the soil and earth crust on which the building is to be made. You will also choose the material to be sued in construction while keeping in mind the environmental laws.


Why become a Architect?

Do you love buildings? Are you fascinated buildings and structures such as a skyscraper or a beautifully designed villa? Buildings, churches, temples, and monuments represent one of the oldest engineering geniuses of human civilization. While engineering is often remembered, it is more than engineering that has led to these beautiful marvels. Yes, the science of architecture is far more important if you want to build the tallest skyscraper or a small house. So, if you dream to build the big, dream of becoming an architect.

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