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Get Cracking for Your Board Exam 2024 – Updates, Tips, Common Goofs & Strategy

board exam 2023

Up for your board exam 2024 in the coming months? Are you troubled by all the badgering going on inside your head right now? Do you feel misled about how to prepare? Wondering why all hell is breaking loose? Scared that your selection tests did not work out that well and that boards will not too? Or are you feeling too highheaded as you did extremely well in your selections so you’re unable to focus anymore?

In 2022, CBSE conducted the exams for class 10th and 12th students in two semesters. To calculate the results, the board considered 30% weightage for Semester 1 and 70% for Semester 2 for theory papers, while equal weightage was given to practical exams.

What to know?

The above system will not continue next year as the board has announced that there will be only one exam in 2024 as it was in the previous year 2023.

No matter how hard we study throughout the year, the last few days before an exam require “studying smart and fast.” But that’s not enough! Want to know more? Come along…

But before moving further let’s first understand what is board exam.

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What is a board exam?

Board exams play an important role in a student’s career choice. The exams are usually held at the end of Grade 10 (High School Certificate) and Grade 12 (High School Certificate). There are various boards across the country that include both national and state levels. Each board differs from the other in syllabus and exam pattern. Exams are usually held between February and March and results are usually announced in May/June.

Wondering how many education boards are there in India? Here you go…

Types of board exam

The following are the types of boards in India:

Education BoardDescription
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)Widely recognized national-level board followed by numerous private and public schools across India.
Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)A private school board with a comprehensive program focusing on the principles and fundamentals of theories.
Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE)A privately-run national Education Board in India governing both the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and the Indian School Certificate (ISC) for classes 10 and 12 respectively.
National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)A student-friendly education board aiming for a versatile and free educational system. Child-centric, NIOS empowers students to make choices regarding what to learn, how to learn, and when to learn.
International Baccalaureate (IB)A non-profit academic corporation providing high-quality educational services for students aged 3 to 19 years. Privately run and multinational, IB is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)Established in 1858, CIE offers international credentials to 10,000 school systems in 160 countries. It provides globally accredited certificates and examinations in over 150 countries, ensuring a broad reach and international recognition.
State BoardEach state in India has its own unique State Board with a distinct curriculum, educational strategy, and ranking criteria. State Boards cater to the specific needs of students within the respective states.

Study for board exam -Tips and tricks

Are board exams easy or hard? Essentially, they are just exams, and if you have prepared well, there’s no need to worry. However, here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Answer the correct number of questions
  2. Answer the given question
  3. Take your time
  4. You can’t remember everything
  5. Practice previous exam questions
  6. Don’t panic if you think you’ve come up empty
  7. Learn to use your breath
  8. Take care of yourself
  9. Don’t talk about the exam before or after
  10. Treat yourself after the exam

Also, read: National Education Policy 2023 and National Curriculum Framework 2023

All the best for the board exam 2024!!

Tips to reduce stress during exams

With exam season fast approaching, here are seven strategies to help you deal with stress and anxiety:

  • Plan a realistic study schedule and allocate breaks to avoid burnout.
  • Prioritize sleep, exercise, and nutrition to ensure physical well-being.
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques: Practice deep breathing, meditation, or yoga to calm the mind.
  • Divide study material into smaller, manageable tasks to reduce overwhelming feelings.
  • Replace negative thoughts with affirmations and believe in your capabilities.
  • Connect with friends and family for emotional support and encouragement.
  • Take breaks to do activities you enjoy, fostering a balance between work and leisure.
  • Regularly assess your knowledge through mock exams and revise effectively to build confidence.
  • Break tasks into smaller steps and tackle them progressively to prevent last-minute cramming.
  • If stress becomes overwhelming, don’t hesitate to consult a counselor or mental health professional.
Tips to reduce stress during board exam 2023

How to prepare for board exams class 10?

Here’s a curated list of top 10 exam tips and a few other pointers about how to prepare for board exams for class 10th or even for class 12th, and competitive exams:

Weaponize your mind to do your best. Come along.

  1. Choosing a Spot (A Place to Study)
  2. Realizing the Magical Effect of Ambience
  3. Formulating your own calendar
  4. Understanding the Game of Time
  5. Sorting all your handouts
  6. Quickly Stick It on
  7. Explaining answers to your grandmother or little sister
  8. Practicing on paper
  9. Focusing on yourself
  10. Knowing That Rewards Always Work

Note: For more details refer to the link.

Board exam date sheet

CBSE Class 10th & 12th Date Table 2024 will be released online. CBSE Exam Time Table 2024 for PDF download will be available on CBSE’s official website

To download CBSE Exam Date 2024 in PDF format, students should follow these steps:

1 – Go to CBSE’s official website i.e.,

2 – Click on the link that says “Class 10 2024 CBSE Time Table PDF Download”/ “Class 12 Time Table 2024 CBSE Download PDF”.

3 – A new tab CBSE date table pdf page will appear on the screen.

4 – Download the pdf file and save the date sheet for future reference.

5 – Take a printout of the CBSE Date Sheet 2024.

The link for the same will be available on this page after release.


Feeling less tense already? Or do you want to go back one more time? Sure do.

Back here?

I hope you’ve gained much more than you’d actually hoped for your board exam 2024!

All of these exam tips could be a bit confusing for you. Also, you will get multiple areas on the internet that can give you ample such tips. But you were served with a warmer plate here, weren’t you?

In any case, it is often useful to reach out to expert counselors for addressing individual issues. iDreamCareer experts are always ready to help young minds like you from 9th class, 10th classclass 11, and class 12 with an aim to select your most-suited career choices.

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