Career as a Liberal Arts Scholar (Undergraduate)

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Liberal Arts literally mean Arts or Arts education that liberates one’s mind. To make it simple, Liberal Arts education broadens your horizon wide; meaning widens your general awareness about the multiple issues what humans and this world face. Liberal Arts develop your knowledge in multiple academic disciplines which are often essential for one to become an individual who can think logically and with reason, who can understand the issues which are critical for the modern and future human societies and the world, and who can apply her mind to solve several social, economic, political, and environmental issues and problems. Liberal Arts education exposes you to many fields – Philosophy, Social Sciences (such as Sociology, Economics, Psychology, History, Social Studies, Political Science, and International Affairs), Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Earth Sciences, etc.), Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Music, Visual Art, Performing Arts, Public Affairs, Gender Studies, etc. You may not be studying all these subjects together, but you may choose many of these papers during your first couple of years of undergraduate studies in Liberal Arts.


Why become a Liberal Arts Scholar (Undergraduate)?

Are you a person who believes that getting into any specialised education early in your life (during undergraduate studies) is actually boring and suffocating? Do you think specialised education makes you parochial or narrow minded? Or maybe you are a person who wants to get exposure to a few academic fields before deciding in which area you would specialise? Do you want to keep yourself free from the drudgery of the selection of your specialisation now and rather wants to understand the world first, understand what you are good at and then choose what you want to do with your life? Well, then, for all you free birds, Liberal Arts is the perfect undergraduate education. Get exposed to a lot of fields, build a free mind and enjoy!

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