Career as a Public Relations Manager In India

Public Relations Manager communicate with various media on behalf of client companies, government, celebrities, industrial leaders and other people. Their job is to inform the press or media about the various about various events, incidents and situations happening with their clients by briefing the media, sending press releases, preparing press notes and organising press conferences. In the event of any controversy or adverse situation in relation to their clients, Public Relations Managers present their clients' side of the stories to the press or media. They manage the reputation of their clients. Public Relations Managers build good relations with the press and media executives to make sure that their clients' stories are published.


Why become a Public Relations Manager?

Are you excellent in communication, specially in writing and speaking? Do you often take part in debate and other elocution competitions in your school or elsewhere? Are you friendly? Do you build up relationships with others easily? Are you pursuasive? Can you make people believe in what you are saying? If the answers are mostly yes, public relations can give you a good career option.

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