Career as a Economist

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Economists study and analyse the ways people, nations and businesses use scarce resources such as land, labour, raw materials, and money to produce goods and services. They study and analyse the various ways as well as the costs and benefits of distributing and consuming these goods and services. Economists carry out research, collect and analyse data, monitor economic, business and political trends and develop forecasts for future situations. Their work help nations to shape up policies to benefit people; help businesses to make crucial decisions; help investors to decide where to invest; and so on.


Why become a Economist?

Do you often wonder what makes the world tick? Why does Government incentivise businesses by announcing a tax cut? Why does the Reserve Bank of India or other Central Banks of different countries reduce or increase interest rates (rates at which banks give loans to businesses)? Why waiving farmers' loan is beneficial for the farmers but may not be good for a country's financial situations? Why inflation matters so much? Why do people find less satisfaction from a particular good (say the same brand of shampoo) if they keep on consuming it for a long time? Intriguing, isn't it? Do you want to find out and build a career out of it? Are you good in Maths? If yes, join in. An exciting career if you want to make it count.

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