Career as a Metallurgical Engineer In India

Metallurgical Engineers are primarily involved in extracting metals and other minerals from ores. After extraction, metals and minerals are processed to make them suitable for manufacturing various materials such as steel. Understand this - iron is extracted from iron ore and processed for use in manufacturing steel. Metallurgical Engineers are experts in extractionn and processing. They may also get involved in research and development of new substances from various minerals and substances; for example, in developing carbon nano tubes from graphite or other carbon based materials.


Why become a Metallurgical Engineer?

Well many of us might have broken down our toys to check what were inside when we were toddlers. That was simple curiosity. But has that tendency to break apart things stayed with you even now when you are a teenager? Do you like to disassemble stuff and attempt to assemble again? Are you the guy at your school or at your home who would first try to fix a device or equipment when something goes wrong in them? Are you very good in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics? Metallurgical Engineering could be a good option for you.

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