Career as a Electrical Engineer In India

Electrical Engineer is a specialist who designs, develops, tests, manufacture and maintain various equipment, processes, devices and systems that are run by electrical power and electromagnetics. They are involved in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power from various energy sources such as fossil fuel (petroleum, natural gas, etc.), solar energy, wind energy, water, biofuel, etc.


Why become a Electrical Engineer?

Have you ever wonder about the key resource which drives human civilization? Our daily lives and industries? The answer is energy. Among the energies, electrical energy or power is the most critical apart from the energies you get from fuel. Imagine your life without electricity. You would be practically driven back to the past. You won't get almost all the products that you use daily. You will have to depend upon local artisans for carrying on. This is just not possible as artisans cannot supply all the products that are needed by the humongous population of the earth today. Electrical Engineers are involved in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power. They are involved in designing equipment, devices, and systems which uses electricity to run. Interested?

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