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Picking out the Top Engineering Entrance Exams – India


Well, that’s no biggie! Everyone around knows how interesting this topic is. Technology is eating the world and in a pace we’ve never known before. Here’s a bit of a story before we jump into the lists of engineering entrance exams.

The CIA (the American intelligence agency, pfff!) has a new CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and he is an Indian. He’s been to the Bluebells School International, New Delhi.

Turns out, it’s Nand Mulchandani. This fellow has NO engineering degree (can you believe it?)

He has a BA (yes, Bachelor of Arts!) in Computer Science and Mathematics. Whaaaat? Seems possible but not in India and its age-old education system.

He did follow it up with a Master of Science in Management from Sloan. Yes, so that’s also a thing! MS in Management. Haha.

And then finally did a Master’s in Public Administration. What a mish-mash!

Do you think such a trajectory is possible here in our very own Hindostan? And then to epitomize with a top spot in the country’s highest intelligence agency like the RAW or be an advisor to central Ministry? Not even a distant dream.

Whatever the Yankees do, they do it with swag, pulling the world to its knees.

They invent. We admire. And then we follow (IF WE CAN).


Do I still have you with me on the same page (like literally?)

Then enough of opening talk. Let’s just dive into the lists, shall we?

Fourteen Top Engineering Entrance Exams 2022

  1. JEE Main and Advanced
  4. MHT-CET
  5. Amity JEE
  6. AMUEEE (Aligarh Muslim University)
  8. MET (Manipal Academy of Higher Education)
  9. COMED-K
  10. AP EAMCET (JNTU Kakinada)
  11. IPU-CET
  12. KIITEE (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology)
  13. SITEEE (Symbiosis Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exams)
  14. WBJEE

Twenty2 State Engineering Entrance Exams after 12th

  1. Maharashtra Engineering Entrance Examination
  2. CG-PET
  3. Andhra Pradesh EAMCET
  4. Gujarat-CET
  5. BCECE
  6. IISC-Bangalore
  9. Karnataka CET
  10. K-CET
  11. KEAM
  12. KEM-CET
  13. RPET
  14. Odisha -JEE
  15. JCECE
  16. UP-SEE
  17. Goa CET
  18. WB-JEE
  19. Tripura JEE
  20. KIIT
  21. Assam CEE

This lists the most popular ones in terms of the number of enrolments for the past academic year.


2. JEE Advanced





7. MET

Top Private Engineering Colleges in India Without Entrance Exam

REVA University
PES University – [PESU], Bangalore,Rs 13.60 lakhs
VIT VelloreRs 7.80 lakhs
Ramaiah Institute of TechnologyRs 3.47 lakhs
Siddaganga Institute of TechnologyRs 2.08 lakhs
BITS Hyderabad
RV College Engineering, BangaloreRs 2.35 lakhs
SRM Institute Of Science And Technology – [SRMIST], Chennai,Rs 5.50-10 lakhs
JNTUHCEHRs 0.82 lakhs
BIT BangaloreRs 2.37 lakhs

Pure Science, Research & Mathematics

  • Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) – admission to IISc Banglore in 4 year BS Degree
  • National Entrance Screening Test (NEST) – 5 year integrated M.Sc. programme in Biological, Chemical, Mathematical and Physical sciences in NISER or UM -DAE CBS
  • Indian Statistical Institute Admission – B Stat (Hons), B Math (Hons), M Stat, M Math, MS (QE), MS (LIS), M Tech (CS), M Tech (QROR)
  • Chennai Mathematical Institute Scholarship – BSc, MSc, PhD in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics



In case you have made up your mind about which ones you want to apply for, there’s not a single thing we’d say to talk you out of it. Else, if you feel you’re rushing it and want some useful advice, I’d say we’d go a long way together. Let’s patch up like good ol’ friends. Talk to our advisors on board.

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