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Get Cracking for Your Board Exam 2021 – Updates, Tips, Common Goofs & Strategy

After the pandemic, feeling troubled for your board exam 2021? With all the badgering going on inside your head right now? Do you feel misled? Wondering why all hell is breaking loose?


Or even if it’s not that crazy for you in your head, you can still feel relaxed with the knowledge we’ve shared in this post.


Wherever your mind stands right now, take a look into this for recent updates, few good exam tips and a guideline on how to prepare for board exams.



Updates in board exam 2021

CBSE’s released new notices and announcements. Check conclusions section of this post for links.

Revised Timetable for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2021 –

May 4, 2021Odia, Kannada, Lepcha
May 6, 2021English language and Literature
May 10, 2021Hindi Course A & B
May 11, 2021Urdu Course A, Tamil, Bengali, Bahasa Persian, Melayu, Thai, Elementary Book-K & Accy
May 12, 2021French, German
May 17, 2021Painting
May 18, 2021National Cadet Corps, Carnatic Music, Gurung, Hindustani Music (vocal, Mel Ins, Per Ins)
May 20, 2021Home Science
May 21, 2021Science – Theory, Science w/o Practical
May 22, 2021Japanese, Carnatic Music, Elem. of Business,
May 25, 2021Telugu, Sindhi, Marathi, Manipur, Assamese, Tibetan, Nepali, Gujarati, Telugu – Telangana, Bodo, Tangkhul, Bhutia, Limboo, Spanish, Kashmiri, Mizo, Rai, Tamang, Sherpa
May 27, 2021Social Science
May 29, 2021Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Introduction of Tourism,
May 31, 2021Retail, Security, Automotive, Introduction of Fin Markets, Agriculture, Beauty & Wellness, Front Office Operations, Food Production, Banking & Insurance, Marketing & Sales, Health Care, Apparel, Media, Multi skill found course
June 2, 2021Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Basic
June 3, 2021Arabic, Sanskrit
June 5, 2021Malayalam, Russian, Punjabi, Urdu Course B
June 7, 2021Computer Applications


Revised Timetable for CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2021 –

Date of the ExamMorning Shift (10:30 am – 12:30 pm)Afternoon Shift (2:30 pm to 5:30 pm)
May 4, 2021English Elective, English Core
May 5, 2021Taxation, Hindustani Music Vocal, Carnatic Music (Vocal, MEL INS), Hindustani Music Mel INS, Hindustani music PER INS
May 6, 2021Knowledge tradition and practices of India, Nepali, Financial Markets Management, Automotive, Electronic Technology, Insurance, Medical Diagnostics, Kuchipudi Dance, Odissi Dance
May 8, 2021Physical Education
May 10, 2021Engineering Graphics, Food Production, Shorthand (English), Media, Textile Design
May 11, 2021Typography & Comp. App., Fashion Studies
May 12, 2021Business Studies, Business Administration
May 17, 2021Accountancy
May 18, 2021Chemistry
May 19, 2021Political Science
May 20, 2021Urdu core, Legal Studies, Salesmanship
May 21, 2021Urdu Elective, Sanskrit core, Sanskrit Elective, Front office operations, Air conditioning, Design
May 22, 2021Healthcare, Sculpture, Painting, App/Commercial art
May 24, 2021Biology, Office Procedures
May 25, 2021Economics
May 27, 2021FrenchHorticulture, cost accounting, Electrical technology, music production, shorthand hindi, food nutrition & dietics, Early childhood care
May 28, 2021Sociology
May 29, 2021IP, CS, CS(Old), IP (old), IT
May 31, 2021Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
June 1, 2021Hindi Elective, Hindi core
June 2, 2021Web application, Tourism
June 3, 2021Geography
June 4, 2021Bengali, Punjabi, Arabic, Telugu Telangana, Marathi, Japanese
June 5, 2021Psychology
June 7, 2021Home science
June 8, 2021Physics, Applied Physics
June 9, 2021Banking, yoga, graphics, Kathak, Bharatnatyam
June 10, 2021History
June 11, 2021Entrepreneurship, Library, Biotechnology, Beauty, Agriculture
June 12, 2021Marketing, NCC, GT
June 14, 2021Retail, Mass media studiesTamil, Telugu, Sindhu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Odia, Manipuri, Assamese, Tibetan, Kannada, German, Persian, Russian, Limboo


Revised Timetable for ICSE Class 10 Board Exam 2021 –

Board Exam 2021: ICSE Class 10 routine (Revised)
Board Exam 2021: ICSE Class 10 routine (Revised)


Revised Timetable for ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2021 –

Board Exam 2021: ISC Class 12 routine (Revised)
Board Exam 2021: ISC Class 12 routine (Revised)


35 Super Tips for board exam 2021 and Strategy

Here are 35 small tips that may sometimes slip one’s mind and if you want a detailed strategy that can help you crack higher scores, don’t miss reading another one.

  1. Get to know the syllabus
  2. Know your strengths & weaknesses
  3. Set a realistic target score for each subject
  4. Make your own study plan
  5. Start early
  6. Focused, targeted practice
  7. Get the right prep material & books
  8. Practice solving harder questions
  9. Build your stamina
  10. Review mock answers thoroughly
  11. Read everyday
  12. Do previous years’ questions
  13. Maintain notes
  14. Timed practice
  15. Know scientific concepts back and forth – NCERT must if it’s CBSE
  16. Work open book for the first few weeks
  17. Study consistently but for short periods
  18. Procrastinate procrastination!
  19. Learn the question types and the common wrong answer traps
  20. Prepare to go wrong
  21. Try to study in 30 minute chunks
  22. Get the blood moving – jump around, move your legs, arms, hands,
  23. Learn how to use a scratch pad
  24. Don’t be afraid of the tough questions
  25. Use mind maps to memorize concepts
  26. Don’t cram
  27. Practice mental math
  28. Always find the right place to study
  29. Learn to speed read
  30. Workout to stay focused
  31. No last-minute preparation
  32. Visit your testing center before your test
  33. Wear earplugs while studying and on test day
  34. Have a physical stopwatch with you
  35. Hard work pays off!



Board exam 2021: 8 Common mistakes You Should Watch out for

1. Never forget to attempt any question.

2. Write any assumptions you make. Teachers check hundreds of different answer scripts. So, clearly specify what assumption you are taking and WHY.

3. Attempt all question of a section in some order. Don’t create a mess.

4. Write proper SI units wherever applicable.

6. No over-writing.

  • one marks : 1–2 lines
  • two marks : half a page
  • three marks : half-three fourths of a page
  • four marks : a page
  • six marks : three-four pages

This is generally for theoretical papers. Sometimes, 6 marks can be finished in 1 page or so. And 3 marks might take 2 pages.

7. Stop and don’t study from someone else’s notes. Make your own. Don’t be lazy.

8. Don’t save things that need cramming for the end. These are certain things that get you marks for free so do them much before the exam (revision becomes cakewalk)




Hope this compilation helped you with the updates and tips & tricks you require for your board exam 2021. We’re (iDreamCareer) the foremost in India helping millions of young minds discover their true mettle. Check CBSE’s new site.


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