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Transforming Your
Career decisions

Your career decisions are entirely yours,

We empower you in making the right ones

Know your personality

How can students benefit?

know your personality

Know your personality type​

Take career assessment test to understand your personality archetypes. Know your talents and hidden personalities

acknowledge your interests

Acknowledge your interests​

Discover things that interests you and take actionable steps to improve. Find what really excites you and plan a career around it

understand yourself better

Understand yourself better​

Career assessment test makes you aware of your own true self. The key to growth and opportunities hails from self-awareness

Watch the video instead?

Know yourself.
Make the best of career decisions

Find out what engages you the most; what you really like doing and what you don’t, understand what you are good at and enhance your knowledge in areas you wish to pursue your career in. 

iDreamCareer’s career assessment test helps you realise who you really are and empowers you in making the best of career decisions throughout. 

what's in for you

What's in for you?

This career assessment test is for you to realise your hidden superpowers, know your true self and the things you can do.

Your career decisions are entirely yours, our responsibility is to empower you in making the right ones. 


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