Career as a Statistician

in India

Statisticians compile, collate, analyse, and interpret data to find insights which are used for individuals, businesses, and governments. They often present their findings in a visually attractive way or using interesting infographics for other people to understand the findings. They help businesses make decisions by analysing consumer behaviour data such as how many people in India would like to buy a new portable air-conditioner? How many people in the age group of 13-19 use social media, when do they use it, for how many hours in a day? Statisticians help governments make decisions by compiling population, demographic and economic data.


Why become a Statistician?

Do you love numbers? Are you not satisfied unless you do very well in Mathematics? Would you rather love to spend most of your study time in solving mathematical problems than spending on other subjects? Well, other subjects are important, but Mathematics has no parallel. Do you feel like this? If you are serious about Mathematics, then you can consider being a Statistician and later specialise in Data Science. It will be a super exciting future for you.

Career Entry Pathway


Get insights on monthly average earnings from entry level to senior level positions. You get to choose and compare different careers on the basis of highest to lowest salaries.


Know how much you need to spend on an average to pursue career of your choice. Get minimum and maximum expenses and even compare with other careers you may be interested in.


Study the future prospects of various careers; compare and select on the basis of careers having highest scope in the future. You get to make smart career choices to be future ready.

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