Career as a Merchant Navy Officer In India

Merchant navy represents the non-combatant fleet that deals with the transportation of passengers or cargo. Therefore, merchant navy fleet is made up of passenger vessels, cargo carriers, oil tankers, gas tankers and various other types of ships. As a Merchant Navy Officer, you will be responsible for the safe movement of cargo and/or passenger on board of the ships you command. You can either become a Deck Officer and work your way up from a Fourth Officer's rank to become the Captain of a ship or you can become a Fifth Engineer and work your way up to become the Chief Engineer of a ship.


Why become a Merchant Navy Officer?

Would you love to see the world and get paid handsomely while you do so? Have you ever dreamt about sailing on a ship across the oceans and travel to unknown territories? Are you good in Science and Mathematics? Then you can think about a career as Merchant Navy Officer either as Marine Engineer or as a Deck Officer. Fancy being the Captain of a ship? Then pursue a career on the deck. Or else, pursue a career in the engineering department of a ship. Either way, it could be exciting for you. The career is glamorous and pays you very well, but be prepared to sail on board of ships for months at a stretch and miss your family. But if you want to be a multi-millionaire before your turn 35, this is it for you.

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