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in India

Chartered Accountants are public accountants who can audit and certify financial accounts of companies and other enterprises to be true. In India, like in most other countries, all companies (except proprietorship companies) are required to submit their annual financial accounts to the tax authorities. As per law, these accounts must be audited and certified by Chartered Accountants. Otherwise submissions can't be done. Apart from this role, Chartered Accountants also work for various companies and other enterprises (including governments) in the finance functions which include budgeting, maintaining books of accounts, cost control, investments, etc.


Why become a Chartered Accountant?

Do you love crunching numbers and have a deep interest in money or anything related to money? Well, we are not taling about playing monopoly, but serious interests in matters of money such as keeping track of money spent, making a budget for a home event, taking the responsibility of keeping your personal budget within limits and so on. Are you somebody who likes to do Maths but not much willing to study Science beyond class 11-12 at the most? Then Chartered Accountancy could be good option. But remember, you have to be excellent in Mathematics.

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