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7 Effective Ways to Study

Study Guide

From status updates to tweets, from iPhones to Macintosh and to the expanding fad of McDonald and KFC, we are captivated under the dungeons of flashy outward advancements. As the craze of technology is advancing, our tiny tots learn to operate various gadgets before they even begin to speak or walk. My aunt’s seven months old kid knows how to pose for a pic, whereas I have to strive hard to manage that 1 perfect click. I am envious and amazed simultaneously, glaring at the rising exposure and opportunities available to the kids of today. Ways of living have changed and so does the ways to study. Use this blog as a study guide and be efficient!

As the rising fashion is inclined towards westernization, our daily lives are also transforming as per the need of the hour. Why blame the younger generations only, when even the adults are engrossed in the glitter of the virtual world. Yet, a well-known statement, ‘Padhnewaale log toh street light ke neeche bhi padh lete hai’; was, is and will be prevalent and is a part of daily dose for every young generation.

Although we may agree that the study material has not changed much in decades, we will also have to acknowledge the fact that our parents had to face much more challenging situations for studying than us. But, we can’t ignore the fact that the latest generation is trained as per the virtual era and since the day they are born, they have been an active member of the technological realm. Hence, as nothing remains constant, even the studying patterns or styles had to evolve.

How to Study?

When the ways of studying have changed, why not follow a study guide that makes us more productive? Let’s have a look at a few of these interesting new approaches:

Studying on the beat:

Television and radio were generally regarded only as sources of entertainment; but, today they are a source of energy and motivation for studying. I know it may sound strange, but as per the hottest trend, music and studies form a perfect combo. Recently an article published in ‘Metro’, based on research by the music streaming service Spotify in association with a clinical psychologist ‘Dr. Emma Gray’, suggested that students are more likely to perform well academically if they listen to music while they study’.

The right side of our brain deals with the generation of original and unique ideas; music instigates the activity of the brain and induces a state of relaxation, which helps it is performing better. So a calm melody or serene classical beats might be helpful for every student. Studies have shown that classical music like Beethoven, Mozart, and Indian Carnatic music are very effective in increasing concentration.

Set up the stage:

A study by ‘Dunn and Dunn’ suggests that there are different types of learners: morning people, afternoon ‘larks’, and the ‘night owls’. Every parent expects their kid to wake up in the ambrosial hours ‘Brahma Muhurat’ to excel in the art of learning but tied within the complex schedule of school and extra classes, the probability of night owls increases.

Now it’s not about the timing, as the kids demand the best of everything to create a study atmosphere and leave no chance to blame their uncomfortable surroundings for scoring less.  A noise-free zone designed according to the kid’s wishes with the presence of trendy furniture and decorations, ample sunlight and lively greenery; is one of the basic demands for fruitful studies, made by today’s children.

Just Google it:

Imagine if Vasco Da Gama had the option of Google maps, it would be so easy for him to discover the route to India. Google is no more a search engine, it has turned out to be a savior in our lives. Like devotees plea to Almighty for getting rid of their troubles, the kids refer Google for every minute query. Although a huge reference list of books might be available for your guidance, the Google search engine serves the best. So be it a study-related query or a personal problem, Google knows it all. I wonder how Chinese kids survive without Google God at their disposal. 

Gadget freak:

“Man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid.” It’s a sad truth that rather than man operating machines, the machines are operating man. Today, if you miss your school or tuition there is no need to copy the entire material the next day, as your cooperative friend can easily text you the picture on ‘WhatsApp’.

The world has really compressed inside gadgets, you can now contact your acquaintances sitting right across the globe through social media and learn about varied perspectives easily. So at any point and time, if you are skeptical about the teachings inside the classroom, just confirm it with the experts online and you can absorb greater knowledge than your fellow mates.

Try it before we learn:

Gone are the days when cramming theoretical knowledge was enough in the competitive world, now you have to be tried and tested before entering a new phase. As the inquisitive kids are more eager about the machinery of a toy than its outer appearance, they also believe in gaining practical experience instead of simply learning the concepts.

The concept of ‘smart classes’ in school is a worthy initiative towards practical learning among kids. The rising curiosity makes the kids capable of being future scientists, doctors, and engineers. The practicality of today’s kids makes them a valuable asset for the big corporate world that believes only in delivery.

Don’t believe till you see:

Gone are the days when the kids used to let the adults take all the decisions for them. For every instruction or order, they have a ‘WHY’ and are satisfied only by rational answers. It is a difficult task to satisfy these queries, but this trait of questioning proves to be essential for the kids in the future. Our elders lacked the ability to interrogate and believed what they were told, now the kids require reasons for every single notion and they believe in what they see and observe.  More than students, the teachers have to stay cautious as the kids can counter-question them at any point in time.


These are some recent and very common approaches to learning, which have set up unique benchmarks and provided an exclusive definition of success. The list is in-exhaustive and it varies from one kid to another, as each of them is unique, which makes them stand-out in the crowd.

Follow any way you desire, you just have to be aware of the pros and cons of the chosen path. Even parents need to understand the new trends so that they can guide kids in a better way. The rising virtual world is a boon, yet the alert adults have to keep an alarming check before these opportunities transform into a curse.

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