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A-Z of a Career in Advertisement

Career in Advertisement

We all have been brought up singing and tapping our feet to the rhythm of the advertisements. Some were famous because of the catchy jingles – washing powder Nirma, Kya aap Close Up karte hain?, or Action ka school time, some had stories to tell – Dhara cooking oil (the jalebi ad), some had famous taglines – thanda matlab coka cola, hum mein hai hero (Hero Motors), har ghar kuch kehta hai (Asain Paints), while some because of their unbeatable creativity – the Vodafone Zoozoo ad. These ads were a slice of our lives and somehow make us feel nostalgic.

Do you ever think over the efforts behind these two minutes advertisements? Does the world behind these drapes excite you? After looking at any advertisements does the thought that I could have done it better ever crisscross your mind? Are you a storehouse of ideas? Are you capable of thinking ‘hatke’ just with the blink of an eye? If the answer to above-asked queries is positive then yes, your heart does beat for advertisements.

Advertising is an impersonal line of communication to your existing and prospective customers. Creating an immense desire for your product, convincing the customers this is all that they need, with the sole focus of generation of revenues and recognition as a brand. 

The road to this super-glam world of advertising may sound easy but creating a market in the presence of close substitutes is not any child’s play. What makes you choose a product from its competitors (Frooti, Slice, Maaza, Jumpin) when the product type is identical. Isn’t cut-throat competition just an understatement for this business? Darwin’s theory nudges every moment in your mind – survival of the fittest and shrewdest for sure.

Careers in Advertising

Advertising offers a wide spectrum of interesting careers. Let’s figure out in which part of advertising you belong in:  

  • Research: The research department of advertising companies helps in discovering the tastes and preferences of customers. The prime objective of the research is analyzing consumer behavior and mindset, to detect the patterns of current market and competitor’s strategies. True feedbacks about the campaigns which went live and even the surveys that throw light on purchases made after the advertisement raises scope for improvement of campaigns.
  • Planning: This department works on devising campaign strategy and plan. You work on the brief provided by the client and then after some know-how, you decide which route is to be taken. You come up with the plan to be worked thereon by the creative team.
  • Creative: The creative bunch is responsible to crack some award-winning ideas and coming up with things in the most innovative manner. From copywriters to graphic designers, from photographers to animators and so on, all comprise of this creative team.
  • Client servicing: A client servicing person is a link between the client and the agency. You will understand client requirements, bring in new contracts while retaining the existing ones. Frequent communication with your clients to ensure that the client’s needs are being met for what they paid. This department tests your patience the most.

Skills Required

Passion: Develop a passion for advertising. Many enthusiastic youngsters are attracted to the glamour spelled by this profession. But the reality is bitter. Profound passion only can help your boat sail in this vast ocean of advertising.

Creativity: A way of expressing one own self. One should be creative enough to grab the audience’s attention in the first stroke. Ability to think out of the box whether it is a catchphrase or the central idea of an ad.

People skills: It is the ability to deal with, influence and communicate with other people effectively, which is another pre-requisite for this profession. One should know how to convey the ideas and one often has to understand the needs and expectations of clients.

Wear thick skin: This is a very competitive field and usually requires persistence. There are times when even after putting in so much of handwork, a campaign gets rejected by the client. Don’t lose your heart. Develop a move on attitude. It’s not necessary that every idea gets acknowledged. Learn to accept criticism.


Apart from the above mentioned, you should be a jack of all trades. One should be a team player as an advertisement is not an end to end process. Make up your mind to work in an environment with tight deadlines, never lasting long hours, last-minute changes, difficult clients, caffeine addiction and whatnot.

Don’t change your mind after reading all these. Every profession has its own pros and cons. This profession might offer a low salary at first but it gives you the opportunity to express yourself, to pen down whatever you feel, freedom from your monotonous 9-5 meaningless jobs and yes most importantly, to leave an imprint and captivate the minds of millions of people. Which other job offers all these? So get ready to take a flight for your dreams, who knows the next ad by you becomes the most talked about thing in the town.

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2 thoughts on “A-Z of a Career in Advertisement”

  1. Nice information provided by you, thanks for this. I want to know about the role of PR(public relations)in advertising filled and type of work for PR in this field.

    1. Hi,

      Public Relations and Advertising are slightly different- Public Relations Managers usually communicate with various Media on behalf of client companies, government, celebrities, industrial leaders etc. Their job is to inform media outlets about the activities happening with the client. Advertising is usually done for a specific product with the objective of notifying potential buyers of the benefits of using/purchasing the product advertised.

      Hope it helps.

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