Career as a Social Scientist

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Social Scientists are engaged in studying, assessing, and researching about as well resolving challenges concerning one or more complex aspects of our societies (local, national, regional, and global)– such aswelfare of the elderly, environmental changes, inequality among people, economic & political turmoil, movement of people (migration), social development, human rights, international relations, criminal justice, religion & traditions, demography/ population studies, tribal welfare, the military systems, natural disasters, epidemics,and so on. They have several contributions to make such as devising ways to mitigate social trauma (suffering) or preventing social issues or finding solutions to introduce a happier & healthier way of being applicable to different cultures of societies.


Why become a Social Scientist?

A small group of focused individuals with healthy minds are enough to change the world. Never doubt this. Do you like assisting people in general? Are you sociable and helpful? Do you find yourself helping your friends out, whenever, however? When you grow up, would you be interested in crafting a more sustainable future for us all and not just your friends? Can you help people in understanding and imagining this future? Imagining is the most important deed of all as only that can ensure our progress towards it. Our planet today is ridden with several impoverishments. Will you consider yourself responsible enough to get us away from a terrible future by securing the present? You can help in multiple ways as a Social Scientist to alleviate problems like environmental changes or sufferings of the elderly or maybe even a world-wide pandemic. Don’t wait. Let us explore who Social Scientists are, what they do, how they do it and how to become one.

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