Career as a Political Analyst

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Political Analysts are involved in the research and study of various aspects involved in politics – such as how political systems are developed and how they work, the impacts of government policies, which factors influence political trends, how political parties conduct and mandate poll campaigns, what strategies they use to win elections, etc. They interpret and analyse policies, public issues, legislation, or the operations of governments, businesses, and organizations. Collect data from sources such as public opinion surveys and election results


Why become a Political Analyst?

Do you want to get involved in politics but do not want to become a full time politician? Do you wish to take up a role which gives you the power to analyze and if needed criticize a political party or action? Are you someone who knows what good and healthy politics is and want to bring change in how parties run for campaigns or even introduce policies? If you can research on politics, evaluate & collect data with resources such as public opinion surveys and election results. Remember that you would be using statistical analysis to interpret research findings. This could mean that you spend days and weeks on same or different topics, finding reliable sources and informative details. As a Political Analyst, you could work with politicians, build and organize campaigns; you could work with political think tanks and research Institutes; you could find a number of opportunities in media houses and news channels as well. Thinking how to enter the political space? If all this is exciting to you, then read on to find out how to become a Political Analyst.

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