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Profile Building

Boost your skills, interests, strengths, qualifications and .

Decision Making

Guidance for your entire overseas career decision making process.

Country Selection

Finalize colleges based on interests, career goals and courses.

College Shortlisting

Choose the perfect overseas destination for a fruitful career

Letter of Recommendation

Get LOR/SOPs evaluated by experts and support in interview preparation.

Parmita Sarma

12+ Years of Experience

Highly skilled professional providing valuable insights and guidance in the field of education and careers.

Data-Driven Career Guidance

Helped students make informed decisions by offering guidance that aligns with current career and job trends.

500+ Successful Admissions

Unbiased help to multiple students in securing admission offers to top universities worldwide.

Specialized Senior Mentor

Specialized in career paths, university applications, essay reviews, and foreign university admissions.

Shivani Khatri

7+ Years of Industry Experience

Guided academic journey and provided personalized counseling with vast industry experience.

Future-Focused Guidance

Helped find the right career path according to updated market trends and offers to aspiring students.

Application Excellence

Assisted with essays, and statements of purpose while providing comprehensive support through the application process.

Transformational Impact

Fulfilled the study abroad dreams of numerous students and changed lives with inspirational support.

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