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Career Counseling is helpful in India to get the best Platform for Student

Career Counseling is helpful in India to get the best Platform for Student : Career Counseling is helpful in India to get the best Platform for Student Understanding Career Counseling In India It is not that all that career counseling does is to advice the potential student of the current options to pursuing a career. There are the usual consultants who make a show of researching out the possibilities and only to insist that the student sticks to what is the convention. Often there are vested interests at play which more or less gets to push specific predetermined options to the student. Thus the first step to getting guided sufficiently well on career counseling in India is to pick out the right service provider who would keep the interest of the client foremost in mind. What career counseling seeks to do? There are broadly three or four stages to a complete career guidance session. Each stage aims at the specific outcomes to be arrived at which could be the input to the next phase of evaluation. This would allow each part of the client to be focused upon and to be improved to facilitate the taking up of an active career option. Evaluating the person Before the student is suggested options to choose from concerning a career option, it is best to start by understanding the mental conditioning and the true capabilities of the person. Things like psychometric tests determine the number of the traits of the individual, and to provide a reference point to start finding a suitable career choice. A person with excellent interpersonal skills should be matched with a career option that can make good use of this feature and not be at a hostage to the behavioural trait. A large part of tests is the questions that are designed to understand the individual. A good counselor would take sufficient pains to explain to the client the need to be truthful with the answers. After all, a set of wrong answers is going to end up providing the incorrect assessment which can do more harm in the long term than any good as such. Advising corrective action In many instances, it would be evident that it is possible to correct certain aspects of a person and more so if the individual is on the younger side. However, this must be done professionally that it does benefit the student. Certain traits can be corrected and some behavioural aspects further strengthened. In case the student does have a certain interest area, it is best to focus on how to equip the individual better to face the field of study. Just as trying to change a person, it is essential to know when it would be futile to do so. Unless this differentiation is made, the student can be put through some traumatic conditions in the bid to bring about changes which cannot be done. Presenting the options for a career Once the student has been put through the paces to find his strengths and weakness, the next progression would be to suggest the options available on hand that would be in tune with his abilities. In case a client does have strong opinions about a particular course of study or the career line, it is best to work out an option which does take into consideration these concerns. One of the gravest mistakes that can be committed while choosing a career option is the factor of making money after the studies. No doubt, money is vital to living but not to such an extent that it is the only aim of picking out a career path. If a careful study were to be done on the career options that were available a good two decades ago, it would be evident that there would not be many options of those days that are relevant today. Thus it is essential to realize that career options and choices are a factor of the times people are living in and must not be taken as being permanent by any means. What would matter to a student starting on a career is to pick out a field of study where he would be able to excel and stand out. This would ensure the most possible that the individual would be valued for his service and ability far longer than an option that does not stress this aspect. Offering the admissions assistance After the student has zeroed in on what to pursue in terms of his life goals, the next step is to provide options of institutes and universities that do have the right courses which would ensure his success in the chosen field. One of the critical features of student life in India is the mad rush to get admission to the most prestigious teaching facilities available in the country.  It must be made clear to the student that getting a good elite institution to pursue a course of study is great, but the refusal to the top few institutions need not mean the end of the road. An excellent career counselor would focus on providing the good reachable alternatives when speaking of institutions to study. If this is done from the first day of the counseling sessions, the individual would be more balanced in his approach to pick the right educational institution. Never should a person be made to feel worthless just because he was rejected from being admitted to a prestigious institution of study. How does the student benefit from a good career counselor? The above would broadly lay out what it takes to pick out a career choice. But the listing is not by any means the most exhaustive one, and there are bound to be additions to the steps outlined above. A good counseling service would try to put the maximum level of service all under a single venue or location. This would help the potential client have the best advice as well as the most convenient one too. Career counseling in India has come a long way the past few years, and it is now considered mandatory to make a consultation when picking out a career option.

How Career Counselling is One of The Essential Components of Today's Education

How Career Counselling is One of The Essential Components of Today's Education : How Career Counselling is One of The Essential Components of Today's Education In recent time, career counselling has got the recognition it needed. Career counselling in India had never been much popular amongst students. However, people like parents or students now become concerned about one’s career choices due to unsuccessful jobs and stressful lifestyle. Now, students are more inclined towards making a career in the field they are passionate about. And, the most reliable way to understand your career choices is career counselling. It will not be wrong to define career counselling as a never-ending process. Going throughout the life, the process lets you decide the best career option in any age. Whether you are a student who just completed the higher studies or an employee working somewhere you no longer want to work, career counselling is for everyone that needs to know their calling. However, it is most effective for students that want to decide on a dedicated and successful career path. Career counseling in India helps students to find their right career path by examining their core competencies. If you think passing exams is the only difficult thing in a student’s life, then you haven’t asked them about their career yet. Deciding on a right career path has become a barrier for them. Teens are most of the time surrounded by questions like- what stream are you going to take after 10th, what to do you want to be in the future, or what’s your dream job? These are some of the questions that increase the pressure on a student. Many a time, career suggestions from others take the place of an individual’s real interest. These are critical aspects for a student that we forget to watch. Need for Career Counsellors Many students unaware of the effective career choices, chooses the bandwagon of popular jobs. This is not the right way to take one of the most important decisions of your life, your career. In this cut-throat competition time, students want to pick nothing but the best career track for a successful life ahead. There are so many career opportunities that students by getting puzzled often take irrelevant courses and then suffer in an uninteresting job. Career counselling, therefore, is an important aspect to consider before making a career decision. It is a key component in today’s education sector that promises to deliver the best results in terms of education. On the other hand, many people change their career track after settling into a job. This is most likely due to the fact that they haven’t consulted a career counsellor before starting their career. Everyone knows about popular job fields like engineering, law, and doctorate. However, there are many other areas too that can be considered for making your passion as your career choice. If you like stars and wish to do research about them, why take engineering? In such cases, maybe you are unaware of the skills you possess and just pursuing the most optimal option. If you can relate to any of the discussed scenarios, finding and talking to a career counsellor can be the best decision of your life. Gone are the days, when the only popular choice for students was to get a degree, do a decent job in a government organization, and work until you retire. Today’s generation and career opportunities both are different and way too far than ever expected. In spite of the pressure of acquiring a leading career, most of the students need to have their passion blended in their career path. Career counselling can make it possible and much more. Removes The Confusion Regarding Career Experts working in a career counselling sector mentions that career opportunities are increasing day by day which ultimately affects the choice of a student. This situation leads to confusion for a student. When they have hundreds of choices, picking up the most valuable one is difficult. And, talking about the coaching institutes, they introduce new courses every month. However, they most of the time fail in providing effective results because of not having highly skilled teachers. In such cases, the only trustworthy option is to interact with a career advisor. Since they are career experts, they successfully deliver results by performing detailed research and comparison of choices. They highlight what’s right or wrong on a career path and in this way, a student can take a correct career route. Shows The Right Education’s Path Education setting is another very important aspect that has changed today. Unfortunately, it is now can be considered as a business. The education sector has positioned themselves as one of the most lucrative business these days. Coaching and other teaching organizations are attracting students with highly engaging advertisements. Not to provide a quality education, but they mostly target selling of education degrees. On the other hand, students take such courses in the fear of missing out on effective courses that will affect their career. Indeed, students might affect their career, but, by opting for these platforms. Career counsellors are the saviors that can save you from the tricky education providers and guide towards the right path. They make proper decisions regarding the most suitable options for you. Guides Based on Increased Competition With more job opportunities in the market than ever, there is an expansion of the academic sphere too. Now the career ladder does not end at graduation, instead, it is growing further. People want to do Masters or PhD due to the fact that there is a significant disparity in demand and supply. Students are looking for valuable certification and diploma courses that can increase the value of their main degree. However, organizations are having limited jobs for an enormous number of candidates and thus, companies are only targeting the best resource for them. Career counsellors are helpful in chalking out the best version of a student. They examine the strengths, weakness, and other factors of a student. Finally, they provide the right combination of the career field and the skills they possess. Provides Technology Equipped Guidance When everything in the world has embraced tech-driven solutions, even career counselling have started designing digital and accurate results. Other than career counsellors and companies, if you are a career-oriented person, you must have heard about career assessment tests. And, if not, career assessment tests are a widely used method to inspect the personal and professional skills of a student. Students can take these tests, and understand their skills insights and what career path to be travelled. The best part about them, tech-driven solutions are error free. Career counsellors use them to analyse a student and then suggest the best career choices. In the process of career counselling, the students can leverage aptitude and personality test, which are not only fun but also highlights their personal skills suitable for a job. Career assessment tests lead to a discussion with career counsellors where they can determine their calling and invest their efforts in a perfect career track. Most of the career assessment test is free and easily available online. They are especially helpful for teens that can make their right-career search easier. This hands-on and innovative approach is simple to find some effective career options; however, making the results comprehensive, career counsellors can help candidates to go with specific opportunities. Skills To Become a Career Counsellor Career counsellors ask, analyze, and tell you the best career path based on your skills and effective career alternatives present in the market. Rather than just researching what are the possibilities of a career, it is a great responsibility towards raising the education sector’s level. India is not really well and balanced when it comes to our education system. We have brilliant to students or learner, but we mostly lack good educators. Career counselling in India, however, is a strong asset of the society that provides a right approach in shaping the career of a kid. For those who want to make a career in showing others the way to their right career, below are some top skills they must possess. Research Skills: With increasing career opportunities, people look for career counsellors that can end their search process. Career counsellors constantly keep them updated with new jobs and career choices with research practices. Listening Skills: It can be assumed that career counsellors need to offer great advice to the students. However, there’s more to it. Listening patiently to the clients is what that is important to lead the discussion in a right direction. Communication Skills: It is like a base for the career counselling process. It is not about telling people about the career options, but how well you can explain that matters. Empathy: It is one of the most essential quality to become a counsellor. Since counselling process includes interaction and discussion with children and their parents, empathy is vital to building a rapport with them. Problem Solving Approach: Having this skill is helpful to resolve any career-related conflict between parents and children. A counsellor should be able to show a mutual path to both the parties. Career counselling is a significant job profile where the person involved in essential practices like understanding one’s personality, core strengths, and skills. As per some reports suggest, there are nearly 12000 careers and knowing all of them is impossible. Therefore, the critical thing for a career counsellor is to adopt the best practices and approaches relevant to career guidance in India. Career counselling is a strong chain that connects an individual to his dream job role. They update their knowledge regularly to come up with the latest and effective solutions. Counsellors use scientific evidence along with a logical approach. The process is not only dependent on advice from career experts, but a huge chunk of information is provided by children and their parents. Briefly, career counselling is extremely helpful to build a student’s career and is a very important part of education.

School Vs Coaching Institutes: Time to revive Indian Schooling system

School Vs Coaching Institutes: Time to revive Indian Schooling system : School Vs Coaching Institutes: Time to revive Indian Schooling system   A recent order by hon Supreme Court of India stated that entrance to medical and engineering colleges in India should not be taken just on an entrance exam score and weightage should be given to the school exam marks as well (class 12th exam score). SC order also stated that the central govt via MHRD should come with a body to regulate the private coaching institutes.    This order bring our attention to a very important subject of "School Vs Coaching Institutes" !!     I recently met a student 'Divya' who is studying in class 10th in a school located in Delhi, India. She was a class topper but she was worried that all her friends have been joining engineering and medical coaching institutes (Yes that too in class 9th/10th) & she is worried because of being left behind as she has not joined a coaching. Her mother added "I see Divya's friend and class mates joining coaching institutes and I feel my daughter is lagging behind if she has not joined a coaching right now".    Herd Mentality    Its just not Divya but most of the Indian students who aspire to join a private tuition or a private coaching institute because of herd mentality & societal expectations. This herd mentality has been established by the private coaching institutes. Such institutes establish a mindset that if you are a student who has not joined a coaching program you wont be successful in future. And this lie spreads. This is a classic sales pitch for such private coaching institutes through their advertisement in which they portray their ex-students who cleared entrance exams because of their coaching and are successful in their life.   I understand and believe in privatisation of education in India (which can improve quality and help the govt. too) but not at the cost of selling false aspirations and dreams to students and definitely not if such coaching institutes only agenda is sheer 'profiteering'. There has to be a balance between business & education which is not derived from greediness.    Recently Kota's Allen Career Institute (The Biggest coaching institute of India) was found out to be hiding 100 Cr of unaccounted income. This is by far the biggest corruption in education sector in India. Here is the complete news link. This clearly shows how these coaching institutes have completely commercialised education sector.    The larger cost that we are paying is when such students do not focus on their core fundamental education. And a much larger issue is when students start believing that for anything to be learned or to be successful we have to enrol in a coaching institute or a private tuition. Why so?   Rote Learning & Practice Test Learning Methodology    Private coaching institutes in India have created an out-of-school learning system which is based on "rote learning" & "practice test/assessments". It does not focus on fundamental learning, concept building or a free mindset where students can think out of box and learn with an open mind. It restrict students in a closed framework of education system based on past exam papers.    Annually 1 million students flock to Kota, a city in the state of Rajasthan in India which is also the hub of coaching institutes to crack the prestigious engineering (IIT-JEE) & medical entrance exams. Coaching institutes in Kota have tied up with schools who allow the coaching institute students to completely skip classes in the school for 2 years (class 11th & 12th) and attend only coaching institute classes for 8-10 hours per day. Students are being only taught Physics, Chemistry and Maths (required for engineering entrance exam) OR Physics, Chemistry and Biology (required for medical entrance exams). Day and night (for 2 years) 'some' of these students with the mastery of rote and practice based learning methodology clear the entrance exams to get into IITs & medical schools. Imagine such critical two years of a student is just fixed upon the "lousy" learning methodology of coaching institutes. More importantly such students skip important subjects like english, vocational subject which is being taught in the school. Additionally there is a huge difference between the learning environment at school and these coaching institutes.    Forced aspirations leading to young student committing suicides   Kota city alone see number of student suicides every year. Students are being pushed by their parents to study subjects in which they have no interest. Read this article which I recently wrote on this important issue - Link    Do we really need such coaching to clear entrance exams ?   A recent report published by IIT-G (the conducting body for IIT-JEE 2016) stated that 52.4% of students who qualified IIT entrance exam in 2016 never took any coaching for entrance exam preparation and studied in school and on their own. Such high statistics clearly prove that you do not necessarily need to join a coaching to clear entrance exams/achieve success. This should bring back our attention to improve learning environment in the school which can clearly allow a student to learn and even clear such entrance exams.    But why are Indian school teachers not doing their job ?   Many Indian school teachers make hefty amount of money via private tuition outside school. They tend to teach inside the school in a way (half-cooked) which make the students to come to them outside school for private tuition which in turn give the school teachers to earn a lot of money. Clearly teachers are not doing their job in the school system to crete an earning opportunity for themselves outside the school. And such behaviour of teachers is due to very low and stagnant salaries being paid by the schools in India. We need to understand the importance of teachers, their effort for which they need to be paid at par with any other profession in the market. Only then schools could have the authority to regulate such behaviour of teachers. But as they dont pay well, they dont care and more importantly school do not care what is being taught. As they have now agreed that its not their job to educate students, it the responsibility of private tuition and coaching.    Bring back the attention to the school education system   The entire system along with all the stakeholders (school, teacher, student, parent) have passed on the responsibility of delivering 'education' to coaching institutes. Clearly they no more believe that school education is important. And not anyone but its our country students whose aspirations, dreams or eagerness to learn is being crushed down by such beliefs.    We need to act, we need to bring back the confidence in our school education system; a fundamental way of learning. We have created a powerful ecosystem to deliver education but we are trying to create another parallel system of private coaching which lack to deliver quality education.    Divya was guided to get into Design as a career option (based on her abilities, personality and interest) and was guided to stay away from coaching institute in class 10th and even later. She was told to not get burdened because of her friends decision to go to coaching but believe in her own abilities. She gained her confidence, she believed in her own abilities & on the potential of learning in the school.     Its time we bring back our attention to the importance of education in the school !!     Regards, Ayush Bansal   Co-Founder & CEO, www.iDreamCareer.com     --------------------   If you are looking to get career guidance please call us at 9555990000 or write to us at support@idreamcareer.com 

AIIMS 2017 - AIIMS Entrance Exam, AIIMS Important Dates, Elgibility

AIIMS 2017 - AIIMS Entrance Exam, AIIMS Important Dates, Elgibility : AIIMS 2017 Admission notification All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) has notified entrance exam details for admission to its MBBS course being offered at 7 campus of AIIMS situated across India as follows: 1. New Delhi 2. Patna 3. Bhopal 4. Jodhur 5. Bhubaneshwar 6. Rishikesh 7. Raipur Eligibility Candidates who have passed/appearing/appeared for class 12th exam or its equivalent with subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engish & scored 60% marks in aggregate in class 12th exams. (50% for SC,ST,OPH category)  Important Dates Application Form Start Date 24.01.2017 Last Date for Application 23.02.2017 Entrance Exam Date 28.05.2017 Result Notification 14.06.2017 First Counselling 03-06 July 2017 Second Counselling 03.08.2017 Third Counselling 05.09.2017 Exam Mode Examination will be conducted only on online mode in two shifts on 28th May 2017.    Application starts from 24th January, 2017 on this link - www.aiimsexams.org     -- Medical Entrance Exam 2017 Counselling Guidance Program by iDreamCareer.com   iDreamCareer.com was one of the only career counselling company in India which was helping medical students across India on the entire NEET medical admission process in 2016. We helped over 2.5 lac medical aspirants in 2016. Most importantly unlike other career counselling companies we are 100% UNBIASED while we guide students. We do not tie-up with any college/university or sell our student database to third party agencies. We are not involved in any donation based admission. We only provide unbiased and indepenedent career guidance to students.    Register for iDreamCareer's NEET 2017 guidance program which will provide credible and unbiased information and guidance to students. Under NEET 2017 guidance program students will receive: Single Counselling session on telephone (upto 15 minutes) Email Alerts on NEET, AIIMS & JIMPER exams. Email Alerts on all the medical colleges (both govt. and private) admission process. This also include sending alerts on all the counselling process of different medical colleges in India. Unlimited NEET 2016 counselling query support on email till Sep 30 - You can simply keep on asking your query related to NEET and our counselors will answer back within 48 working hours. This program cost is Rs. 2,000 per student only. Register on this link - https://www.instamojo.com/idreamcareer/neet-2016-counselling-guidance-program-by-id/ ---   If you are a medical aspirant and looking to get career guidance, feel free to reach us at 9555990000 or write to us at support@idreamcareer.com to know about our career guidance program. We will be happy to guide you.   

Awesome Tips that may Help You to get Better Career in Life

Awesome Tips that may Help You to get Better Career in Life : After the excruciating years of your academic career, it's time to face the "real thing". It’s time to put down your textbooks and start looking at your professional life and moving towards the career you have always dreamed of. Life, apparently, does not stop and wait for you to decide which career path to take. Life certainly does not give you an awesome career on a silver spoon. Like every other successful and wealthy person in the Forbes list of the richest, a great career comes with a price. Don't worry; the price is not that hard as long as you are inclined to give some effort. So here are some awesome tips to get you going on your career.   Get social. Make connections and use these connections. Always be in the know (in a good way, of course). Ask around and be nice to your co-workers. Remember, knowing who’s who have higher probabilities of a promotion than those who do only what they are told to do and nothing else. Make friends in the workplace and take advantage of these connections to move up the ladder.   Awareness and attitude. What nobody tells you about office protocol but something that you should always keep in mind is that superiors hate people with attitude. They might have a company policy of "nothing personal" but then, when is it ever not personal, right? Another thing is to always be aware. Know what’s going on. Ask questions even with the littlest gist of any change, but be mindful of knowing the difference between gathering useful information and office gossip.   Make an action plan. You action plan is your to-do list on how you can attain your goals. In some cases, if you want to move up the ladder, you will need to have additional certifications. Going on a university is obviously out of the question, so you can try online learning. Keep your action plan realistic and systematic. The more tangible the actions are (even if it may look gradual) the faster you can accomplish your list and attain your goal.   Focus on work. Do not follow money. Let’s be downright honest here. We all work for money. Everybody knows that. So you don’t have to rub it in everyone’s faces – especially your boss – that you are here for the money alone. A career means your passion and calling for a specific profession. All money and workload put aside, your enthusiasm in performing your task should be as constant as the air you breathe.   Financial situation. To clarify, this is not to contradict the 4th point, but to let you know where you should appropriately put money into play. For instance, before jumping into any career-move and decide to follow your heart’s calling – especially if it means being paid less than what you’re currently earning – take a look at your financial situation first. If your bank account screams a “no”, believe it. Otherwise, you will be doing exactly what we are dreading in the 4th point: when it becomes all about the money.   Moving on the right track of your professional life means better financial capacity, strong possibility of landing your dream job (if you have not done it already) and increased job and self satisfaction. It's about working hard to earn that pride in your gut. Bottom line: you want a better career, you should work hard for it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author Bio: Andy Bell is an everyday learner and editor, working at Tutoring Help. He is passionate about helping online learning businesses to achieve their goals. He loves tutoring job & his favourite subjects are math and English, but he has also taken honours classes in science and history. Outside the classroom, he enjoys tennis and is an active member of the Rancho Crandon Park.

A bird’s eye view of the society: Careers in Sociology

A bird’s eye view of the society: Careers in Sociology : Overview Why are some cultures patriarchal while others are matriarchal? Why is polygamy acceptable in certain societies but not in others? Why are people belonging to certain groups, societies or cultures inclined towards taking up certain professions? What is an ideal society? As a sociologist, you will be able to find out the answers to these and more such pressing questions concerning the world.   What is Sociology all about? Sociology is the study of people in relation to their fellow human beings, and it deals with topics like culture, religion, politics, economics, group dynamics, communication, power, conflict, inter-group behaviour, etc. Sociology tries to understand the behaviour of people at a group-level, rather than at an individual-level. Broadly speaking, the focus of Sociology is on understanding and explaining:   What might create an ideal society How is culture created, and how does it get passed on from one generation to another Similarities and differences among different groups of people Influence of social institutions on individuals     How to get into this Career? A student interested in pursuing a career in sociology can study Humanities at the plus-two level and opt in for Sociology as a subject. After that, a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Sociology can enable one for a successful career in this field. Those inclined towards academics and research should pursue MPhil/PhD degree as well.   In India, most universities offer specialised UG and PG courses in the field of Sociology, including, but not limited to, University of Delhi, Delhi; Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi; University of Calcutta, Kolkata; Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi; University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad; Jadavpur University, Kolkata, among several others.    You can find out more about these universities here:   University of Delhi, Delhi  http://www.du.ac.in/du/ Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi  http://jmi.ac.in/ University of Calcutta, Kolkata  http://www.caluniv.ac.in/ Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi  http://www.jnu.ac.in/ University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad  http://www.uohyd.ac.in/ Jadavpur University, Kolkata  http://www.jaduniv.edu.in/   Skills and Competencies You must be someone who is comfortable in reading extensively about societies around the world and must display a sense of empathy and curiosity towards them. You must be a critical-thinker with the ability to conduct research effectively. You must also have a flair in writing and public speaking for effectively communicating your research findings with interested groups.   Career Opportunities As a graduate or post-graduate in Sociology, you can find meaningful career opportunities in the academia, non-government sector and even in the corporate sector. You can become a professor of the subject at a university level and continue exploring the subject by doing research. Sociologists are much in demand in non-government organisations, including Oxfam, UNO, WWF, among other prominent names. These days, many corporate organisations hire students from a sociology background for CSR as well as market-research jobs. Besides these sectors, there are opportunities galore for sociologists in the research and publishing industries as well.   Cost Involved The cost of pursuing a UG or PG degree program in Sociology will depend on the institute you are pursuing it from. As government colleges are highly subsidized, the cost of pursuing the course from a government college will be very low whereas private colleges may be costlier. All in all, pursuing a course in Sociology may cost you anywhere from Rs 15,000 to several lakhs depending on the institute you pursue it from.   Talking Money: Remuneration As there are many different kinds of jobs that open up for you as a graduate in Sociology, your remuneration will depend on the kind of work you do. If you begin your career in the academic field, you can except to earn around Rs 40000 or more per month as an Assistant Professor. A job with an NGO can pay you anything between Rs 15000 to Rs 100000 depending upon the organisation and your role. A job with a corporate as a CSR or marketing professional may earn anywhere close to Rs 25000 to Rs 60000 per month.  

Be the Dronacharya of Sports by choosing a career of a Sports Coach

Be the Dronacharya of Sports by choosing a career of a Sports Coach : The role of a mentor is respected worldwide. Whatever it may be the field, but a coach is enormously responsible for shaping up the life of their students. They give direction to raw skills and talents. In India, sportsmen are treated like gods and glittery stars. In fact they themselves want to be worshiped. For this they are highly dependent on their tutors and coaches in order to stay in form and perform well.   What do you need to become a sports coach? Qualification wise it is absolutely not a challenge to become a sports coach. You can simply be a 12th pass having Physical Education as one of your majors. You can study sports as a subject in some of the selected institutes and universities of India and abroad if you wish to be a coach with a thorough knowledge of sports. But the skill sets required to become a successful sports coach are Good communication skills to morally boost participants. Expert at playing any particular sportsman Good analytical skills, solution giver, patience and non submitting spirit Great organizational skills, and supportive in nature Great physical stamina, aware of techniques to keep fit Leadership qualities with an endearing attitude   So how to pursue a career as a sports coach? There are no obligations with formal education in sports coaching. One can be a senior or former player in any particular sport to pursue a career as sports coach. There are however some institutes offering you a diploma in sports coaching which expects you to have completed your graduation preferably in a sports subject. A very successful goal oriented sports coach can land up working with national and international clubs, schools and other academics. Start the career as a volunteer coach and shift to being an assistant coach till you finally reach the position of a head coach. It is highly possible for a well accomplished coach to open his new academy for sports coaching. And if the sport happens to be a well known sport like cricket, tennis, badminton or soccer, they can manage aid from various government, state or even corporate houses.   What are some of the institutes to pursue sports coaching as a subject in India? Serial No. Name of Institute Courses offered 1 Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports, Montibagh, Patiala Punjab Diploma in Sports Coaching 2 National Sports East Centre, Salt Lake City, Sector-III, Calcutta, West Bengal Diploma in Sports Coaching 3 National Sports West Centre, Sports Complex. Sector-15, Gandhinagar, Gujarat Diploma in Sports Coaching 4 Tripura University B.Phy Ed. 5 Punjab University B.Phy Ed 6 Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Graduate Course by Sports Authority of India (SAI) - B.Sc.(Health and Phy.Ed. & Sports 7 University of Delhi PG Course(Sports) - M.Phy.Ed 8 SAI National Sports Diploma Courses in Sports Coaching 9 Bangalore University PG Course in Sports (M.Phy.Ed.) 10 Gulbarga University PG Course in Sports (M.Phy.Ed.) Fees involved for such courses are really minimal. So monetarily these courses are not much of a problem to pursue.   How much can you expect? The salary of a sports coach is highly dependent upon, which sports he wishes to pursue his career in. On an average they can draw a salary of Rs.20000/- -Rs.25000/-on a monthly basis. For professional coach of any professional team, the sky  is the limit. BCCI had offered Ravi Shastri , the former Indian cricketer an annual salary of Rs. 7000000/- .   What are your career prospects abroad? If you want to be taken very seriously as a sports coach in India, a master's degree in sports coaching can really catapult your career in a big way. You can also choose to become a sports coach in many other games abroad, which can pay you handsomely. One may have to struggle far less in western countries than in India after choosing a career in sports coaching.  The salary graph is shown below.                 Source: Payscale What are some of the good institutes to pursue a career as sports coach? Here are some of the institutes abroad where you can pursue a career in sports coaching. Universities in U.K. provide proper well defined courses in sports coaching. Course fees can range from £8000-£15000. Serial No Name of Institutes Course offered 1 St Mary's University, Twickenham B.Sc. Hons. Coaching Science 2 Kingston University London B.Sc. Hons. Sport Analysis and Coaching 3 Middlesex University B. Sc. Hons. Sport and Exercise Science (Teaching and Coaching Sport) 4 University of Roehampton B.A. Hons. Sports Coaching 5 University of East London B.Sc. Hons. Sport, Physical Education and Development 6 London Metropolitan University B.Sc. Hons. Sport Psychology and Coaching 7 London South Bank University B. Sc. Sports Coaching and Analysis   Critical analysis of the career The satisfaction level reported my most sports coach, big or small has been found to be immense by a survey conducted by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But in India, apart from some selected sports, other sports coach have to face quite a number of resistance and overcome red tapism to finally get noticed and bring about significant change in the lives of those training under their tutelage. The salary figures are also not well defined for lesser known sports, and it is a big deal to make way for this career in India.   Call for action: Until unless the country realizes the importance of sports and its growth it is difficult to realize the role of a mentor. All sportsmen require tutelage in order to discover their hidden talents and channelize it. And this is only possible if tutors are given due respect in the country, irrespective of whatever sports they wish to deal with.

Suit Up for a Career in Banking

Suit Up for a Career in Banking : Whatever the point of entry, there is a chance of high growth in the field of Banking. Also, there are vast avenues for networking, social service, making a name for oneself and self satisfaction. A working person always earns more than what he can carry around in his pocket. This extra money not only needs safeguarding but also further investment so that it can earn more money. Both of these functions together define Banking. Career Fact: Switzerland, a country which is mere 132nd area-wise and 98th population-wise in the world, is the financial capital of the world since it is the most preferred banking destination in the world. Banking is the management of other people’s money.. In earlier times, banking was limited to loans and safeguarding of deposits. Now the services provided by banks have increased manifold like providing  debit and credit cards, lockers, ATM services, online transfer of funds, insurance, brokerage services, fund managers, risk management services, advice to corporates etc. With the increase in the roles played by banks, the need for skilled professionals to manage the same has also risen. Apart from Graduates and Post-graduates, professionals like CA, MBA, MCA, Actuaries are enjoying lucrative career in banking.   Top Institutes Overseas (as per 2014 updated rankings by Forbes.com excluding USA) Most MBA courses offered internationally by reputed universities have integral banking courses as a part of their financial concentrations.   Ranking School Location Courses Offered   Eligibility   2014 Salary   Website #1 Insead France Mba Graduation $209 K www.insead.edu/ #2 IMD Switzerland Mba Graduation $226 K www.imd.org/ #3 Cambridge (Judge) UK Mba Graduation $169 K www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/ #4 SDA Bocconi Italy Mba Graduation $160 K www.sdabocconi.it/ #5 IE Business School Spain Mba Graduation $175 K www.ie.edu/ #6 Cranfield UK Mba Graduation $135 K www.som.cranfield.ac.uk/ #7 Oxford (Said) UK Mba Graduation $150 K www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/ #8 Warwick UK Mba Graduation $121 K www.wbs.ac.uk/ #9 Lancaster UK Mba Graduation $95 K www.lancaster.ac.uk/lums/ #10 S P Jain Dubai Mba Graduation $57 K www.spjain.org/     India Apart from these courses employees of various banks can pursue diploma, certificate and management courses offered by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF), a professional body of banks, financial institutions and their employees.   Different bank structures can be categorized as follows : RECRUITMENT PROCESS Public Sector Banks generally recruit at two levels: Clerical: Minimum qualification is 10+2. Selection is through competitive exam. On clearing of JAIIB and CAIIB certificates, the candidates can reach upto the level of Chief Managers and above. Probationary Officer/Assistant Manager:   Minimum qualification is Graduation in any discipline. Selection is through competitive exam. These candidates can reach upto the top-most level i.e. CMD. Recruitment to the above two cadres is looked after by IBPS, a body for joint recruitment in Clerical and PO cadre in Public Sector Banks. Also, recruitment of specialists in Middle Management posts like IT experts, Lawyers, CAs, MBAs etc., is undertaken by each Public Sector Bank individually. Private Banks generally prefer graduates for recruitment at any level. Executive level jobs are filled with professionals like MBAs, CAs etc., through direct interview, campus placement etc.   Required Education Skills and Career Prospects:     Work Profile and Salary Structure Due to expanding nature of banking operations, there are a number of job profiles active nowadays in banks. General Branch Banking - In PSB's generalist officers are recruited as Probationary Officers POs and the clerical cadre with remuneration of appx Rs 20,000 a month plus for clerical cadre and Managerial cadre earns appx Rs 40,000 plus perks. Sales and Marketing Officer - They look after development of sales and marketing of new and existing products and services offered by the bank. Starting salary for marketing officer is in the Rs 50,000 plus range, plus commissions on sales. Product Design Officers - Their main focus is on designing of new and relevant products and services. The preferred candidates are Actuaries and CA's. Technology Officers - B.Tech, BE or MCA are preferred for these posts. They look after technology driven banking operation, innovation and automation. They earn at par with POs. Investment Bankers - This is a high risk-high gain area. Generally MBA's from reputed institutes and experienced CA's are preferred. Overseas compensation are as high as 2 crores. Credit Officers - They look after the credit policy making and approval and disbursal of loans. PSB's appoint POS, however private banks prefer specialized officers. There are various other profiles reserved for more experienced and senior management executives like - arbitration, corporate financial consulting, IPO management etc.   Future Prospects                                               There is a prospective chance of 4-5 lakh job openings in banking sector in next 5 years. Whatever the point of entry, there is a chance of high growth in this field. Also, there are vast avenues for networking, social service, making a name for oneself and self satisfaction. Mohammad Yunus of Bangladesh won a Nobel Prize for pro-poor banking. CSR and other social initiatives by banks provide a chance to their employees to work in the field of Social Service and achieve a higher level of satisfaction. In short, Banking possesses all the qualities looked for in a good job opportunity, especially if you want to excel in handling financial assets as well as people. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest Articles: Sports Management - Be the Sports leader for all games | A Career in Interior Designing | Striving to Make a Difference: Career as Development Practitioner | Put on your Dancing Shoes | Be a Piece of Art to Enter the Industry of Glamour: Career in Modelling | Play the mind game to start a career in Sports Psychology | Sparkle as a Jewellery Designer | Career in Optometry   

Striving to Make a Difference: Career as Development Practitioner

Striving to Make a Difference: Career as Development Practitioner : If you are determined towards making an improvement in this world & being the change that the world needs, don’t feel that you cannot build a career around the same. You definitely can and all the information will be given to you in this article. The world today is constantly in the process of increasing development but there’s also a side of this world, ignored, trapped in the hinges of poverty, education, corruption, lack of water, climate change, over-population, gender discrimination, increasing crime and other global issues. Let us remind ourselves, India is not immune to these obstacles and they are hazardous to the growth of our country. Today due to our actions, humanity is under threat. There is one non-governmental organization (NGO) for every 400 people in India, but where is the development? These NGOs raise 40,000 to 80,000 crores per year, but it ends up in whose pockets? It’s spent in paying the staff. It’s the bitter sweet truth; all NGOs have not been created for altruistic purposes. There are certain NGOs which are doing their best but due to lack of innovative ways of voicing their requirements to the people and mobilizing them towards a cause, they suffer with the same old problem of inconsideration from the people of India and are unable to raise funds. To attend to these knots of our nation effectively, we need realistic policies and policy makers who work towards sustainable development. These people are called Development Practitioners. All you need is a Bachelor’s degree in this discipline, but it’s recommended to pursue a Master’s degree or specialized course certificate in Development Practice. To go higher, you can opt for MPhil and/or Ph.D., which will allow you the ability to attend Union and state examinations.   Career Path After completing your education as Development Practitioner, you can work in these departments: Rural and Urban Planning Departments Consultancy firms Research Agencies Non-government Organizations Corporate Social Responsibility Cells of companies   Preference in this field is given to those who have worked for social sector and civil society institutions. There are numerous educational institutes on an international and national level, offering specialized degrees in this field, which can help you build your career.   Top Institutes for Development Practice India Fees of the institutions would depend on their standard, location and courses. Average range of the total cost will be from INR 50,000 to 200,000. Fee structure keeps changing though and is dependent on the institute in question. SCHOOL COURSE ELIGIBILITY FEE CITY WEBSITE Ambedkar University in collaboration with Pradan Specialized course in Development Practice Masters with 55% in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Natural Sciences or professional degrees like law, agriculture engineering and medicine Rs. 16,500 per semester Delhi http://www.pradan.net/ Teri University   M.A. in Development Practice Bachelor’s degree from any discipline 2 lakh New Delhi http://www.teriuniversity.ac.in/   Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development M.A in Development Practice Bachelor’s degree from any discipline Rs.10,800 Chennai, Bangalore, Beemanthangal, Sriperumbudur   http://www.rgniyd.gov.in/ Tata Insititute of Social Sciences M.A. /M.SC Development Policy, Planning, and Practice Graduate in any discipline 2 lakhs (including all semesters) Hyderabad, Guwahatti and Tuljapur www.campus.tiss.edu Annamalai University M.A. in Development Practice Graduate in any discipline Please check with school Cuddalore www.annamalaiuniversity.ac.in Babasaheb B.R Ambedkar University (BBAU) M.A. in Development Practice Graduate in any discipline Please check with school Lucknow www.bbau.ac.in/ BhagatPhool Singh MahilaVishwavidyalaya M.A in Development Practice Graduate in any discipline Please check with school Haryana www.bpswomenuniversity.ac.in Birla Institute of Technology Management Specialized course in Development Practice Please check with school Please check with school Noida www.bimtech.ac.in AzimPremji University Masters in Development Practice Graduate in any discipline Please check with school Bangalore www.azinpemjiuniversity.edu/in     Top Institutes around the world The fee differs from location to location, but on average it is estimated to be around 15,000 US dollars. The fee structure keeps changing though.   SCHOOL COURSE ELIGIBILITY FEE CITY WEBSITE SIPA (School of International and Public Affairs) MPA-DP Please check with school 24,470 US dollars Columbia, USA www.sipa.columbia.edu University of Waterloo Master of Development Practice Graduate in any discipline 8,400 CAD dollars Ontario, Canada www.uwaterloo.ca Monash University Masters in Development Practice Graduate in any discipline Please check with school Melbourne, Australia  http://www.monash.edu/ Dublin City University Masters in Development Practice Graduate in any discipline Please check with school Dublin, Ireland www.dcu.ie   Skills required One must be able to conduct research and take in an immense amount of information. Skills of public speaking, writing and communication have a major role in working in this field. Patience, responsibility, promptness, passion, intelligence, discipline, a realistic attitude, creativity, sharp mindedness, critical thinking, and problem solving are a few qualities that should be possessed.   Employment opportunities You can work in the following specialized areas as Policy Analysts, Development Planners or Development Practitioners: Economics Political Science Philosophy Psychology Business administration You can work for, Non-governmental aid organisations: You can work in 'Third World' countries on development projects, or in "Western" countries running campaigns, lobbying, raising money, and development education. International development institutions: You can work for international organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank.   Government policy: You can work in the public service at all levels developing policy and programs concerning development and aid.   University research: You can continue studying in the university doing postgraduate research, or work as an academic teaching and researching in development studies. For example see: National Centre for Development Studies.   Consultancy: You can work as a kind of free-lance 'expert' for various organisations on various projects. For example see: SAGRIC International.     Salaries Average salary of a policy analyst in foreign countries is from USD 36,000 to 100,000 annually.  In India, salary differs according to the specialized area and qualification of the person. The average salary is around Rs. 350,000 for NPO to upwards of Rs. 600,000 for business development managers. Please note that the average salary will depend on what career path you plan to pursue after you get your degree.   Visionaries can realize their vision through this field. You can systematically approach problems. It won’t be a walk in the park, but it’ll sure be worth doing as it will be for the greater good of the society. Use the platform that this profession to build a bigger vision and inherently do your part in changing the world for the better.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest Articles: Put on your Dancing Shoes | Be a Piece of Art to Enter the Industry of Glamour: Career in Modelling | Play the mind game to start a career in Sports Psychology | Sparkle as a Jewellery Designer | Career in Optometry | Multiply your academic growth with Mathematics | Career in Hospitality Management: Make the world your workplace

Career in Optometry

Career in Optometry : Recent statistics show that every third blind person in the world is an Indian. There are millions of other people suffering from various other kinds of defect in their eyes. Optometry is the right career option for those who are interested in alleviating human suffering. In an overly populated country like India, the demand for optometrists is very high and is expected to rise further in the coming years. A recent survey has shown that in India, the population to optometrist ratio is two lakh to one, whereas it is ten thousand to one in developed countries like the US.Industry estimates in India predict a requirement of over two lakh institutionally-qualified optometrists as opposed to the current availability of a meagre 5,000.   Optometry is a science that is associated with the structure, working and function of the human eye. This profession is related toexamination, correct diagnosis and proper treatment of the eyes. It deals with optical symptoms, using lenses and other optical aids, refractive errors and their correction. An optometrist is a doctor of optometry (O.D.), and not a medical doctor. S/he has to work through various vision therapies to treat abnormalities, and can prescribe drugs for the eyes. If surgery is required, the patient is sent to an ophthalmologist (M.D.). In USA, optometry is the sixth most sought-after profession.   Primary responsibilities of an optometrist Perform regular eye examinations Practice orthoptics Offer counselling services and low-vision aids Assess and diagnose systemic diseases, and Refer patients to appropriate specialists   The Payoff In India, the current pay scale for qualified optometrists is around Rs 2.5-6 lakh per annum, depending on experience. They can also start their own venture to earn more.         Source: Payscale Skills One should be willing to serve people. The job of an optometrist involves working with lenses, which requires a high level of accuracy and precision. So, one should be able to perform tasks with clockwork precision. Since the job of an optometrist requires that one has to work in a team with ophthalmologists and other technicians, team spirit is of utmost importance. Ascientific bent of mind is also absolutely necessary.   How do I get there? One should have completed 10+2 (science stream) with at least 50 per cent marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics and English taken together in order to do a Bachelor’s degree in clinical optometry. After taking a BSc degree, students can opt for M. Opt, M. Phil., M.S.and follow it up with a Ph.D in India or abroad. In addition to this, in the US, students can also pursue an O.D. (doctor of optometry) programme from any of 18 accredited U.S. universities.The eligibility criteria for pursuing a diploma course in optometry are a pass in Class X or Class XII. Those who have completed a diploma course in clinical optometry are eligible to get direct admission to the third year of the degree course in optometry.   Institutes & URLs Some Indian universities are: S. No. University 1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi 2. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P. 3. Guwahati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati 4. Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh 5. Patna Medical College, Patna 6. Grewal Eye Institute, Chandigarh 7. BharatiVidyapeeth Medical College, Pune 8. Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal University   Overseas Rank Universities 1 UC Berkeley (School of Optometry), USA 2 State University of New York (College of Optometry) 3 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA 4 Perelman School of Medicine, USA 5 UW School of Medicine, Seattle 6 David Geffen School of Medicine, UC Los Angeles   Fees For bachelor courses in Indian private universities, it is generally in the range of 2.5 to 4 lakhs per annum. The same for diploma courses is generally between 2 to 2.5 lakhs. In government colleges, it is much lower than this. Overseas, the course fee is in the range of $20,000-$35,000 per annum.   Pros & Cons Secure job and income Recession-proof profession Option to choose one’s own timings, work on part-time basis if one has to study further, or if situations demand Institutionally qualified optometrists are indispensable,whether it is a small, medium or large size eye hospital/institution Cannot prescribe any medication   Conclusion Experts have predicted a severe crunch in manpower in this field in the years to come. Owing to this, and the fact that this is a highly competent specialization which requires continuous upgradation of knowledge, it is an exciting career option for youngsters. It is also the kind of profession that gives you immense satisfaction by curing patients suffering from ailments in one of their most vital body parts-the eyes.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest Articles: Multiply your academic growth with Mathematics | Career in Hospitality Management: Make the world your workplace | Spin the wheel of fortune with a career in Equity Research | Get your wings and Fly: Career as a Commercial Pilot | Lending a listening ear: Career in Audiology | Romancing the sea: Career in Marine Engineering | The good, the witty and the clever- Philosophy combines all! | Cure the world with a career in Physiotherapy