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Apr 2019

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All about the new National Testing Agency and recent changes in NEET & JEE-Mains exam

All about the new National Testing Agency and recent changes in NEET & JEE-Mains exam : On 7th July 2018, Honourable Human Resource Department Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar on a press conference, released the birth of National Testing Agency, announcing some big changes in the conduction of entrance examinations in India. Some of the vital changes announced by him on the press conference are as follows: From the Academic year 2019, following entrance exams will now be conducted by NTA and not CBSE: JEE (Mains) NEET UGC- NET CMAT GPAT   Secondly, JEE(Mains) will be conducted twice a year in the month of January, and April; and similarly, NEET will also be conducted twice a year in the month of February, and May. The candidates can give the exam twice a year, and out of which the best score will be considered for the admission process.   Thirdly, the Syllabus, Language, Nature of Questions, and Feeswill be the same, however the mode of examination will be on computer, instead of pen and paper, to bring in more transparency. Moreover, the examination process will be 4-5 days long, and per the convenience the candidates can select the date.    As the mode of examination will be computer based, the candidates who do not have an accessibility of computers at their homes, the testing agency will be providing them an opportunity for practicing the test on computers either on Saturdays and Sundays, or by downloading the practice sessions.   For NEET 2019, the dates for online submission is 1st October 2018- 31st October 2018. As of now the tentative dates of the examination is between 3rd February to 17th February 2019, and 12th May to 26th May 2019. The exam will be 8 days long, and the candidate can choose one day as per their convenience. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to reach us at 9559990000, or write us at support@idreamcareer.com to get your queries solved. We will be happy to guide you.

10 Signs That You Need Help from Career Counsellor

10 Signs That You Need Help from Career Counsellor : 10 Signs That You Need Help from Career Counsellor India is the largest democracy around the world where one celebrates the freedom to practice any profession or occupation of their choice. But this may not be entirely true because decades of Indian education have been submerged in the outmoded style of learning and stagnant career options to pursue thereafter. If that wasn’t enough, there is continuous uninformed guidance and expectations from family members or peer pressure limiting you from making unconventional career choices. Truly speaking, there is no particular villain in the story but then we’ve become accustomed to making safe and tested choices in all spheres of life. And, education and career are sitting right at the top of that list. Ignorance is not bliss! It is necessary to evolve with time. It is essential that we realise that times are not the same. There are so many new types to thriving career options that have emerged. One should choose a career that they can stick to and offers ample opportunities for them to explore in the future. It is equally important to stay at the top of the game in the chosen field. So where does it all start? How can one make the best career decision for themselves? Given the maze of opportunities that lie at hand, is it just the performance in a subject or stream that counts? These are some of the most important questions to ask oneself before choosing a career path. And, career counselling is one of the most effective processes to undergo in order to find the right direction for a successful professional life. For ages, career counselling in India has been neglected on accounts of being a manipulative exercise and a worthless investment. Unlike the set notion, undergoing career counselling in India online or offline is an enriching experience for both children and adolescents. India is slowly yet steadily warming up to the idea of introducing it as a solid support system for students in schools and other educational institutes. Career counsellors in India suggest the best career choices by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, talents, skills and personal interests of an individual Career counselling is a process that takes you through a series of experiences to help you make the right decisions considering core components like your interests, family values, culture, abilities and personality. It involves gaining new knowledge about yourself which ultimately, positively affects your decisions related to career. It etches out a roadmap for individuals to follow for a suitable career growth. Even though we’re mentioning these points, many people do not realize the help that actually comes along with choosing career counselling in India. They are unsure if they really require the help of that sort. Here are 10 signs that indicate that you should get help from a career professional today: 1.You are clueless about your goals in life : Determining what you will be good at any stage of life might be difficult for some people. Unfortunately, this can never fit as an excuse in most situations in life. Living a life that is without a direction is almost like not living at all. It’s important to think about things that excite you and make you happy. You should analyze what career choices will be the best match for the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. You may seek help from your family and friends for the same but it will also be insufficient. For complete guidance, trust only career counsellors that will take your personality and interests into account when advising you. With their years of expertise and knowledge about a number of careers, they will help you design your career path with the least number of obstacles. 2.You’ve just finished middle school and are prepping up for bigger challenges: The end of the middle school is often considered as the threshold of the career foundation.   Once the middle school finishes, there is a new sense of responsibility that the students feel. They start considering strengthening their focus and concentration for subjects like Science and Maths. They actively start observing their peers and start getting influenced by career discussions with them. Parents, by now, are more serious about the performance of a child as the career building stage effectively starts from this very point in life. It’s at this tender age that a student should enroll themselves for a session of career counselling in India. Given that the seeds of ‘success in future’ are sown during this time, this is the best opportunity to educate the students about the importance of career planning. It’s relatively easier to expose them to the plethora of career choices post recognizing their skills and talent and helping them get their life on track from the very beginning. 3. You’ve just completed class 10th and are looking forward to selecting a new stream: Completing class 10th is one of the most important milestones for a student in India. If students are not completely aware of their career choices ahead of themselves, it is highly probable that they might opt for a stream that is not suitable for them and neither benefits them in any way in the future. This is also another transition phase where students listen to all sorts of advice, some of them from completely misinformed individuals and some of them from overconfident peers. Either way, listening to and acting upon these can be really harmful. Class 10th is the stage where a student finally gets to control the steering wheel of their career and move it in the right direction heading to success. One needs to strengthen their decision-making skills because from here onwards all the major career decisions need to be determined by reasoning and assessing personal skills and talent. It is also the time where you can omit the subjects that bring down your performance unnecessarily. Opting for career guidance in India at this stage helps a student choose the accurate career path by weighing skills and personal attributes against the three common streams- Commerce, Science and Arts- and career choices options involved. 4. Now that class 12th is over, what options do you have for colleges or work opportunities? Crossing your second milestone, class 12th brings even more responsibilities on your shoulder. This is the time where you’re just officially about to enter the rat race and experience competition head-on. Why only this? You will also be required to make decisions for your future like: Continuing with your current stream and moving forward with higher education in the same. Filling forms and applying for competitive exams and entrance tests at various institutes. Switching to a new stream altogether and proceeding with higher studies. Taking a quick training in the thriving sector and get a job. From regular career choices such as MBBS, mechanical engineering, BBA to more evolved options in the same categories like biotechnology, petrochemical engineering, physiotherapy, international trade, event management, graphic designing, etc., there are many options. Moreover, if one is eager to do a job after 12th, they can go for vocational careers that require particular skills’ training. Some of these fields are hospitality and tourism, software development and electronics and hardware. 5. You are now a college graduate but you’re not even close to deciding what to do next : After three or four years of a bachelor’s program, you are now faced with another challenge. You are now ready to either take the first step in the job market where thousands of people are literally applying for the same job or gearing yourself up to get a spot in the best universities in India and abroad for a Masters program. If getting past the grueling college routine and course curriculum does not give you a clue of what you could be in life, then there’s a problem. It is possible that you may have done really well during graduation years but it may still leave you feeling empty and unhappy. Whether you’re considering going for a job or pursuing further studies, you will require career guidance. Career counselling will not prepare you just for an immediate sense of achievement but will make you ready for long successful professional life ahead.     6. Your job choice didn’t work in your favour and you ended up being fired : The sound of it hurts, doesn’t it? But, unfortunately, it happens to many people with jobs in India. People end up underperforming against the set expectations at work and this happens. It’s not that an individual is trying to hamper his own career knowingly. Maybe the job choice was incorrect. Maybe the position applied for was wrong. There are so many unconscious wrong choices from your end that make you think that you’re doing a good job but tells your employer otherwise. You may also strongly feel that your current job is not your correct call but you still continue it for the sake of monetary benefits or experience. The real struggle starts when you face your employer and they put the stamp of underperformance on you and tell you to leave. Career counselling at this point in time will pull away all the negativity and help to see the real truth behind your experience. It will encourage you to move forward with a new improved game plan where you make better moves and touch success repeatedly. 7. You’re in a job, maybe even doing well but you’re still unsatisfied : Some people just have a knack for learning things quickly. This quality makes them perform well at any task assigned to them. But this may not necessarily be the dream job they were going for. Every job and career has its highs and lows but it is important to be able to see oneself doing something similar for at least the next 10 years. That’s one of the best ways to plan your career. Currently, due to the introduction of many new career options, the roles and responsibilities found in job descriptions overlap. This does not decrease the significance of the skills you need or the experience you may require. To gain experience, you need to learn fast and have milestones set well in advance. Career counselling in India can help you find out the perfect job. 8. You’re in a bad job that you can’t escape from : It’s not wise to stick to a job that does not make you happy. Moreover, it’s not just about being happy but it’s about seeing your future in a good light with it. You may think that you can make it work for like two months or a year but sooner or later you will have to leave. Continuing with that kind of stress for the sake of it can lead to underperformance, health issues, complete burn out or finally you getting fired. You don’t need to suffer but you need to be proactive. You can find the right support you need with career counselling in India to move ahead and get to your ideal workplace. Career counselling is just a small investment for your big future. 9. You know what you want but are getting nowhere with the kind of opportunities you are seeking : You might have been the brightest student in the class all your life but if you can’t impress an employer with your vision of the future and your success along with the growth of the company, it’s not a good news. Employers are looking for people who know who they are, what they want to be and how they will contribute to the organization while becoming who they want to be.  Whenever a company is hiring, they are looking for individuals who have clarity and are informed about the choices they are making. Career counselling helps to assess the development of career path from time to time. It helps you to understand your own goals and share it confidently. This shows the employer that you are passionate. Career counselling helps you maintain that passion and become the person you intended out to be. 10. You’ve got the talent but are out of focus : Can’t concentrate on one thing for long? This may not necessarily be your fault. It’s more like a blessing in disguise that your creativity and talent are making you behave this way. Career guides will actually match your interest, personality, skills and more against a number of career options and suggest you the top ones accordingly. Career counselors in India not only have the education but have the observation skills, communication skills and experience to help you achieve your dreams. Set your goals right under the guidance and support of career counselling experts. Choosing the right career may not be easy but institutes like iDreamCareer are trying to provide valuable guidance to students of class 9th to 12th so they can have a better future ahead. Being one of the best institutes for career counselling in India, iDreamCareer promises to make counselling a comfortable and interactive experience so that students make good progress in their career path.  

Indian Statistical Institute Admission 2017

Indian Statistical Institute Admission 2017 : Indian Statistical Institute Admission 2017   Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) has notified its admission process for 2017-18 academic year. ISI offers following courses post class 12th: 1. Bachelor in Statistics (B Stat Hons) - Offered only at ISI, Kolkata branch 2. Bachelor in Mathematics (B Math Hons) - Offered only at ISI, Bangalore branch Eligiblity Criteria Class 12th passed (or appearing in 2017) with English and Mathematics as subjects.  Admission Process 1. Via ISI Admission Entrance Test, commonly called as ISIAT + Interview 2. If a student has cleared Indian National Mathematical Olympiad then he/she need not write ISIAT and will be directly called for the interview ISIAT 2017 Important Dates Online Application Starts 08.02.2017 Online Application Ends 10.03.2017 Application Fees Payment Starts 10.02.2017 Application Fees Payment Ends 15.03.2017 ISI Admission Test 14.05.2017 Application can be filled from 8th Feb on the following website - http://www.isical.ac.in/~admission/   Note - ISI offers its program at free of cost. In fact students who get selected are being given Rs. 3,000 per month stipend.  -- If you need further career guidance please reach out to us at support@idreamcareer.com or call us at 9555990000.   

Symbiosis Entrance Test 2017, Application Process, Dates, Colleges, Exam Pattern

Symbiosis Entrance Test 2017, Application Process, Dates, Colleges, Exam Pattern : Symbiosis Entrance Test 2017 Notification   The Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) is a common written test for the admission processes at the undergraduate institutes of Symbiosis International University. SET 2017 is an entrance exam to get into 14 institutes of Symbiosis covering 19 programs.  Participating Institutes & Programs   Important Dates Exam Pattern SET 2017 has 5 papers: General, Law, Design, Engineering and Health Sciences.  The test will be conducted in two session: morning and afternoon.  A candidate may give two papers, but he/she will have to choose one paper from morning and one paper from afternoon session.    SET 2017 Application Link - Click Here --- For further queries or if you need career guidance please write to us at support@idreamcareer.com or call us at 9555990000.   

BITSAT 2017, Application Process, Dates, Exam Pattern

BITSAT 2017, Application Process, Dates, Exam Pattern : BITSAT 2017 Notification   BITSAT-2017 is a Computer based online test for Admissions to Integrated First Degree Programmes of BITS Pilani Campuses in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad.  Programs Offered Eligibility Criteria For admission to all programs except BPharm - Candidates should have passed class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Maths, and adequate proficiency in English.  For admission in BPharm - Candidates should have passed class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Maths, and adequate proficiency in English. However candidates with PCM is also allowed to apply for BPharm program.  Candidate should have scored 75% marks in class 12th aggregate of PCM or PCB.  Candidate who have appeared Class 12th exam in 2016 or if appearing in 2017 are only allowed to apply for BITSAT BITSAT-2017 Exam Pattern Important Dates   Application Link - Click Here   --- If you would have further queries regarding BITSAT-2017 or need career guidance please email us at support@idreamcareer.com or call us at 9555990000. 

NEST 2017, Application Process, Eligibility, Important Dates

NEST 2017, Application Process, Eligibility, Important Dates : National Entrance Screening Test 2017 The National Entrance Screening Test or NEST 2017 is a compulsory test for admission to the 5–year Integrated MSc programme in basic sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics – at: National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar & University of Mumbai – Department of Atomic Energy Center for Excellence in Basic Sciences (UM–DAE CEBS), Mumbai. Both NISER and CEBS are autonomous institutions established by Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India, in 2007. NISER is an off–campus centre of Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI) and all academic programmes of NISER are affiliated to HBNI.  Eligibility Criteria A candidate becomes eligibile for the program if he/she satisfy the following 4 criteria (all 4): (a) Secures a position in the NEST merit list. (b) Pass the XII standard board examination or equivalent in the science stream in the years 2015 or 2016 or 2017 from any recognised Board in India. (c) Secures at least 60% in aggregate in the XII standard board examination. For SC/ST/PD students the requirement is 55%. (d) Born on or after August 01, 1997. For SC/ST/PD students the limit is relaxed by five years. Important Dates Application Start - January 2, 2017 Online Application Last Date - March 06, 2017 Admit Card Download Date - April 14, 2017 Date of Examination - May 27, 2017 Result Announcement - June 16, 2017 NEST 2017 Examination Pattern The question paper will consist of 5 (five) sections of objective (MCQ) type questions. Section 1 is the general section and is of 30 marks. There will be no negative marking in the general section. Sections 2 through 5 are of 50 marks each and will contain subject specific questions from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Application Link - www.nestexam.in -- For more information or if you would need career guidance, please email us at support@idreamcareer.com or call us at 9555990000.     

Christ University 2017 Admission Notification for BBA BA Bcom

Christ University 2017 Admission Notification for BBA BA Bcom : Christ University 2017 Admission Notifications   Christ University has started its application to the following UG level programs from Dec 9, 2016: BCom (Regular) BCom (F&A) BCom (Regular) Morning BA BSc BBA-Tourism & Travel Mgnt BTech BA BBA FIB BBA Honours BBA (F&A) BHM BA - LLB BBA - LLB BCA BCom Honours BCom Professional BCom International Finance Application Link - https://christuniversity.in/apply-online   Application Modes   Direct Mode: Applicants can obtain the application forms after remitting the prescribed application processing fee at Counter No.7, Office of Admissions, Ground Floor, Central Block, Christ University Main Campus, Bengaluru from December 08, 2016. After obtaining the direct mode application the candidate has to fill the application online by using the link: http://offlineapp.christuniversity.in/.The application will not be valid if not filled and submitted online.   Online Mode: The online applications will be available from 04:00 PM, December 08, 2016 onwards. Applicants can fill and submit the application forms online on the University website. The online application can be processed through the payment gateway with a valid Credit / Debit Card / Net banking facility. NRI/OCI/PIO/Foreign Nationals may pay through Demand Draft, made in favour of Christ University, payable at Bengaluru. (Details are given under the preferred programme page in the University website).   Applicants must print and sign the application form before submitting to the Office of Admission for further consideration. They are advised to take a copy of the application form for further reference and to produce at the time of selection process. Applicants should send / submit the application and the required supporting documents in an A4 size Envelope ONLY and must mention programme applied for with Mobile Number.   For all programmes (except BCom Regular, BCom F & A and BCom Morning Track) application forms along with supporting documents may be sent/submitted:By Registered Post / Courier Service to   The Office of Admissions, Christ University,   Hosur Road, Bengaluru - 560 029                                             And Only for (BTech & MTech Programmes) Faculty of Engineering, Christ University Mysore Road, Kanmanike, Kumbalgodu, Bengaluru - 560 074   Directly (In-Person) between 9 AM and 4 PM on all working days except on Saturday (9 AM to 12 Noon) at : Office of Admissions,Central Block,Christ University Main Campus,Hosur Road, Bengaluru – 29 And   Only for (BTech) Faculty of Engineering, Christ University Mysore Road, Kanmanike, Kumbalgodu, Bengaluru - 560 074 --- If you wish to get further guidance and Management/Law/Engineering/Medical (NEET) entrance exam alerts, please write to us at support@idreamcareer.com or call us at 9555990000.     

NEET 2017,Application Process, Important Dates, Eligibility, Cut-off, Counselling

NEET 2017,Application Process, Important Dates, Eligibility, Cut-off, Counselling :     NEET 2017 (OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED)  "This article is updated post NEET 2017 notification is officially announced on 31st January 2017"   NEET 2017 (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a single window entrance exam for 52,304 MBBS & BDS seats in the private & govt. medical colleges of India (except AIIMS & JIMPER). As per Hon. Supreme Court order from 2016 the AIPMT is now changed to NEET. There were lot of orders by Supreme Court in the NEET 2016-17 academic year admission process and much clarity has come now for the NEET 2017-18 academic year.    A special note on the admission process via various counseling has been added on 24th June, 2017. Please note the following points as mentioned below for the admission counseling process via NEET: 1. 15% seats admission in any government medical college in India (except AIIMS, JIPMER and colleges located in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and J&K) will be taken via AIQ counseling held by DGHS centrally (NEET).  2. Rest 85% seats admission in govt. medical college will be taken by state counseling held by government. These 85% seats are only for the state domicile students.  3. 100% seats admission in all 34 private deemed university in India will be taken via AIQ counseling held by DGHS centrally.  4. Private colleges (NOT Private Deemed University) which is affiliated to a state govt university in any state will take admission for its 100% seats ONLY via state govt. counseling. Most of the states will block these states for their own state domicile students only (e.g- Maharashtra). But there are some non-govt. quota seats as well in some private medical colleges (Only in Karnataka, UP and Bihar) for which the admission is open to outside State students as well.    NEET 2017 Eligibility Criteria to appear (New Criteria introduced) Candidate should have completed 17 years of age as on 31st Dec 2017 Candidate should have Indian nationality or be overseas citizen of India (OCI) Age Limit (New Criteria which has changed again on 31.03.2017) No Age Limit (as per Supreme Court order on 31st March, 2017). Age Limit of 25 years for General Category and 30 years for other categories has been removed.  NEW CRITERIA OF RESTRICTED ATTEMPTS INTRODUCED: The number of attempts which a candidate can avail at NEET-UG examination shall be limited to 3 (three) uniformly to all the candidates. However as per new notification on 3rd Feb, 2017, writing NEET 2017 will be counted as FIRST ATTEMPT. It means everyone can give NEET exam in 2017 irresepctive of their number of attempt in the past.  Indian Nationals, Non Resident Indians (NRIs), Oversees Citizen of India (OCIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) & Foreign Nationals are eligible to appear in NEET (UG)-2017. Candidates should have scored minimum 50% marks in class 12th PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology). For SC/ST/OBC, minimum marks in class 12th PCB should be 45%.  NEET 2017 Elgibility criteria for seats under the control of states/universities/institution/AFMC/Central Pool Quota Indian Nationals, Non Resident Indians (NRIs), Oversees Citizen of India (OCIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) & Foreign Nationals are eligible for admission in Medical/Dental Colleges subject to rules and regulations framed by the respective State Governments, Institution and the Government of India. Foreign nationals may confirm their eligibility from the concerned Medical/Dentals college/state NEET 2017 Elgibility criteria for 15% All India Quota Seats Indian Nationals, Non Resident Indians (NRIs), Oversees Citizen of India (OCIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) & Foreign Nationals are eligible for 15% All India Quota Seats Candidates from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K): Students from the States of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and J & K are NOT ELIGIBLE for 15% all India quota seats as these States had opted out of All India Scheme since its inception. If they claim eligibility, they must submit online Self Declaration which will be generated and printed automatically along with confirmation page for the record and to present during counselling. Candidates from the States of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and J & K can appear in NEET (UG) for admission to Private Medical/Dental Colleges or any Private/Deemed University and Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune subject to the fulfilment of eligibility conditions.   NEET 2017 Important Dates (FINAL RELEASED)   Events Dates NEET 2017 Application Form Release Jan 31, 2017  NEET 2017 Application Form Last date to Submit March 1, 2017 NEET 2017 Application Fees Last Date Jan 31 to March 1, 2017 Admit Card Uploading Date Apr 15, 2017 NEET 2017 Exam Date May 7, 2017 Answer Sheet Downloading 4th week of May 2017 NEET 2017 Exam Result June 08, 2017   NEET 2017 exam language & centres Hindi English Assamese Bengali Gujarati Marathi Tamil Telugu  Kannada (Added Recently) Odiya (Added Recently)     NEET 2017 Admission & Reservation   Reservation of Seats in government medical colleges under 15% All India Quota 15% seats are reserved for SC candidates 7.5% seats are reserved for ST candidates 27% seats as per Central Act are reserved for non-creamy layer OBC candidates only in Central Educational Institutions. Reservation would be applicable to the castes mentioned in the Central list of OBC. Thus, the candidates falling in this list may mention OBC-NCL in the Category Column in application form. Candidates from creamy layer and those who do not come under Central List of OBC are advised to mention their category as Unreserved (UR) Differently abled candidates as per MCI guidelines are: PH-1: Candidates with locomotor disability of lower limbs from 50% to 70% PH-2: Candidates with locomotor disability of lower limbs from 40% to less than 50% 3% seats are reserved on horizontal basis for Physically Handicapped candidates (only for locomotor disabilities of lower limbs between 50% to 70%, provided that in case any seat in this 3% quota remains unfilled on account of unavailability of candidates with locomotor disability of lower limbs between 50% to 70% then any such unfilled seat in this 3% quota shall be filled up by persons with locomotor disability of lower limbs between 40% to 50% before they are included in the seats of respective category, as per Certificate of Locomotor Disability) in 15% All India UG quota seat. Candidates who considered themselves eligible for this category are advised to ensure their eligibility by getting themselves examined at any Government Medical College/District Hospital/Government Hospital. However, candidates may kindly note that in case of selection under PH category, they will be required to produce Disability Certificate from one of the disability assessment boards, constituted at the four metro cities, mentioned below, before their scheduled date of counselling: Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, Ansari Nagar, Ring Road, New Delhi-110029 (Tel No.011-26190763 & 26163072) All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hazi Ali Park, K. Khadya Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400034 (Tel No.022-23544341) Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research, 244, Acharya J.C. Bose Marg, Kolkata-20 (Tel No.033-22235181) Madras Medical College, Park Town, Chennai-600003 (Tel No.044-25305301)   How to apply in NEET 2017  Candidates can apply ONLY ONLINE only Aadhar Card is made mandatory to apply for NEET 2017 Online submission of application link - www.cbseneet.nic.in Application fees for General/OBC - Rs. 1,400 Application fees for SC/ST/PH category students - Rs. 750      -------   Important points to note for overall medical admission process from the year 2017:     1. All government & private medical college will take admission via NEET scores only (except AIIMS & JIPMER)    2. There will be only 3 medical entrance exams in India from 2017 academic year:   NEET AIIMS - for 7 campus of AIIMS only - Read this for AIIMS entrance exam details - http://www.idreamcareer.com/blog/AIIMS-2017-entrance-exam JIPMER - for 2 campus of JIPMER only   3. Except AIIMS (for its 7 campus across the country) & JIPMER (for Puducherry & Karaikal campus) all other private and government medical colleges will take admission via NEET 2017 scores only. No State government (not even Union Territories) led entrance exam will be allowed from 2017. There was an exception given only for year 2016 to some states who took admission via their state medical exams.    4. Private unaided college (which is affiliated to a State University) or a Deemed University including minority colleges like CMC Vellore, CMC (Ludhiana) will be able to take admission via State centralised admission counselling process only which will be conducted by respective states DME department (Directorate of Medical Education) . No separate application or admission process will be conducted by private unaided college or deemed university.    E.g - Deemed University like BVP, D.Y Patil will take admission via Maharashtra State medical admission counselling being conducted by DMER.    This will help the students to apply at only one place and will save them application cost and hassle to go for individual private college/deemed university admission process all over India.   AFMC, AMU and BHU will conduct their own admission counselling process for admission via NEET 2017 scores.    5. In government medical colleges, admission will happen via two ways:   a. 15% of government medical college will be filled by NEET centralised counselling under All India Quota.    b. 85% of government medical college will be filled by State government. These seats can be taken by its State domicile students only.    6. Any quota seats like management quota or NRI quota seats will be filled only via NEET score. Students who apply via these categories will have to give NEET exam. Most probably even these quota seats will be filled via State government admission counselling (though this is not confirmed).    7. Central Government of India has notified that next year 10,000 additional medical seats will be added by improving infrastructure in 58 identified government medical colleges. News Link   8. AIIMS (only Delhi campus) has also increased it seats from 72 to 100 from 2017 (next year). News Link   9. We can expect private medical college association like COMEDK, UPUMCWA etc. to be abolished next year as the State govt. will take the responsibility to fill the seats in private medical college of their states.    10. Though the admission process has been regulated to a higher extent, SC or central government has still not regulated the fees structure of private medical colleges. We will need to wait if we see certain regulations on fees.    11. Some states like Maharashtra has kept the domicile as eligibility criteria to even apply in private medical college but other states have not followed this. We do expect that more states will follow the domicile criteria.      Hope this give all of the prospective students much clarity on how the admission process for government and private medical college in India will be conducted next year in 2017.  ---   If you are a medical aspirant and looking to get career guidance, feel free to reach us at 9555990000 or write to us at support@idreamcareer.com to know about our career guidance program. We will be happy to guide you.   

Implementation of NEET is a big failure: Profiteering by Indian Private Medical Colleges put medical students career at stake

Implementation of NEET is a big failure: Profiteering by Indian Private Medical Colleges put medical students career at stake :   This year Indian government created a big confusion on the implementation of NEET. Finally after the order of honourable Supreme Court and various ordinances/Bills (which involved lot of politics) passed by the Indian government, the following implementations were introduced regarding the admission of students in medical colleges in India:   1. All private medical colleges in India would grant admission to MBBS and BDS courses via NEET score which is a centralised entrance exam to select students for medical courses in India. They can't conduct their own entrance exams.   2. All government medical colleges in India will also accept NEET score with only exception given for this year i.e. for States to use their own entrance exams. But from next year (2017) all government medical colleges will have to accept NEET scores only and they can't conduct their own medical entrance exams.    This year many States have agreed to use NEET exam scores like Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar, Manipur, Meghalaya, Odisha, Rajasthan, UP, Uttarakhand, and Delhi. But states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu conducted their own entrance exams this year. From next year all State government medical colleges can grant admissions only via the NEET score.    *Only exception here are AIIMS and JIPMER who do not come under this law and will continue to conduct their own entrance exams (on their own discretion) in the coming years.    3. Every centralised govt. or State govt. college in India (except institutions in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir) has to allocate their 15% of total seats for all India students (irrespective of states), and such 15% seats in each government college will be filled by a centralised counselling process, to be conducted by Director general Health Services, MCI in NEET centralised counselling process.  For the rest 85%, govt. medical colleges can fill seats via State counselling process where students from only the home state would be eligible to take admission.    After lot of hue and cry, NEET exam was conducted in two phases - NEET 1 & NEET 2. And students felt that now the problem is over and there is a transparent process to get a medical seat in India.    But as soon as the NEET results were announced on 16th August 2016, students started to panic and had no clue on the admission counselling process.    There existed following confusions:   1. How will NEET conduct 15% all India Quota counselling process ?   2. How will private medical colleges grant admission via NEET scores? Will it be via centralised counselling or via State counselling or some consortium counselling like COMEDK etc. ?   3. How will the NRI quota seats be filled ?   4. Does private medical college still have management quota seats ? Can they still take admission via donation ?   5. How will 85% State quota seats be filled ?    6. As NEET centralised counseling process for 15% All India Quota was made online for the first time, students had no clue about how to participate in it ?    I wrote the following article to clear this confusion - http://www.idreamcareer.com/blog/NEET-Counselling which clarifies the doubts regarding the above confusion related to NEET 2016 counselling process.    After all of this, students have began to see the true face of private medical colleges. As private medical colleges across India started to release their notifications for separate admission counselling process via NEET scores, students were shocked to see the fees of medical courses. Please see it below yourself:   NIMS, Jaipur - Rs. 25 lacs per annum (that is almost 1.10 Cr for complete MBBS course) DY Patil Medical College - Rs. 16 lacs per annum Manipal - Rs. 9.19 lacs per annum   Most of the private medical colleges have doubled their fees this year and minimum fees starting in any private medical college is Rs. 5.5 lacs per annum. Please note hostel, fooding, books etc fees is non inclusive.    How would a student from low income or even mid income family be able to pay such hefty fees ?    How did private medical colleges take advantage of the loopholes in the NEET implementation process ?   1. As there was no fees cap implemented by SC or government, private medical college increased their fees to such a level where meritorious students who have scored high in NEET won't be able to take admission. This will ensure that the cut-off is decreased and the seats are offered to students who belong to high income families (who are not so good in studies and have scored less marks in NEET exam) who can pay such hefty fees. With this we can expect what quality of doctors will be produced by these private medical colleges.    Moreover meritorious students who have somehow not been able to get a government medical college stand no where now. So the entire motive of SC and government to put in place a common entrance exam like NEET which will help to improve the quality of doctors went in drain. Overall there was no meaning or change by implementing NEET and its complete failure to bring any change in the medical college admission process.    2. There is no clarity on NRI quota process - whether colleges can take NRI students without NEET or not ? Thus private medical colleges have increased their NRI quota seats and started taking students even without NEET scores at a much higher fees (Approx. 35-50 lacs per annum).    3. As there was no clarity given on admission counselling process of private medical colleges, they started to conduct their own counselling process to take admission via NEET scores. This mean that students need to apply to all private colleges separately by filling an application form which will cost them Rs. 1000-2000 per college and there are over 150 private medical college in India. With their own admission counselling process, private medical colleges will take undue advantage by creating their own laws and processes to admit students, thus creating ways to accept donation.    By the means of the forementioned ways, private medical colleges are STILL involved in profiteering, and government or Supreme Court have been able to do nothing about it. Doing business is good but being greedy is bad, and specially when you are involved in creating future doctors of our country.    Even post implementation of a single medical entrance exam we see no change in the way private medical colleges conduct their admission process. This is not fair and transparent. Medical students have continued to face such issues from the past 5 years.   I do say that implementing NEET is a good thing but government needs to implement following two processes in addition to NEET:   1. Put a fee cap on private medical colleges - This could be segregated based on the category of the medical college. An agency should rate private medical colleges, and different categories of colleges should have different course fees cap structures. This will regulate the fees structure in private colleges.    2. Create an All India centralised admission counselling process for all private medical colleges or at least have a state wise common admission counselling process for all the private medical colleges, thus ensuring a transparent admission process.    If government is really serious about creating quality doctors in our country, it needs to consider taking corrective measures on this matter on a priority basis.    Ayush Bansal Career Development Facilitator & CEO, www.iDreamCareer.com   --------   NEET 2017 Counselling Guidance Program by iDreamCareer.com   iDreamCareer.com was one of the only career counselling company in India which was helping medical students across India on the entire NEET medical admission process in 2016. We helped over 2.5 lac medical aspirants in 2016. Most importantly unlike other career counselling companies we are 100% UNBIASED while we guide students. We do not tie-up with any college/university or sell our student database to third party agencies. We are not involved in any donation based admission. We only provide unbiased and indepenedent career guidance to students.    Register for iDreamCareer's NEET 2017 guidance program which will provide credible and unbiased information and guidance to students. Under NEET 2017 guidance program students will receive: Single Counselling session on telephone (upto 15 minutes) Email Alerts on NEET, AIIMS & JIMPER exams. Email Alerts on all the medical colleges (both govt. and private) admission process. This also include sending alerts on all the counselling process of different medical colleges in India. Unlimited NEET 2016 counselling query support on email till Sep 30 - You can simply keep on asking your query related to NEET and our counselors will answer back within 48 working hours. This program cost is Rs. 2,000 per student only. Register on this link - https://www.instamojo.com/idreamcareer/neet-2016-counselling-guidance-program-by-id/ ---   If you are a medical aspirant and looking to get career guidance, feel free to reach us at 9555990000 or write to us at support@idreamcareer.com to know about our career guidance program. We will be happy to guide you.   

An Open Letter to Indian Parents - "Your Child's Career Path: A Free Will or a Forced Choice?"

An Open Letter to Indian Parents - "Your Child's Career Path: A Free Will or a Forced Choice?" : Dear Indian Parents,  I sincerely expect that you must be aware about the recent upsurge in the number of students committing suicide in Kota, which is popularly known as the coaching hub of our country.  The past one year has witnessed the suicides of 45 students in Kota city and this year the mark has already touched 12, with 2 of them occurring in the month of July. Please note that these are just the reported cases in Kota city. And I am sure you are yet to figure out how many students commit suicide in the entire country. The alarming number of students choosing suicide as a way to deal with an imposed/wrong career choice, conveys our failure as a family, society and support network. The trend suggests that these are mainly the students of grade XIth and XIIth preparing for competitive exams to get into top notch colleges offering medical/engineering courses. Why do students take such extreme steps?   1.     Please acknowledge that students are “humans” with their own desires, dreams and aspirations. When their autonomy is suppressed under your imposed career choices, an intense psychological pressure starts to set in their minds. A point comes when they are not able to handle the pressure and succumb to your expectations and unfulfilled dreams. This unfortunate journey starts when you push them to opt for career streams and subjects that they do not enjoy or have the aptitude to pursue. It leads to lack of motivation, focus and interest which ultimately leads to poor academic performance. One of the 12 students who committed suicide referred to her mother in her last note - "You manipulated me as a kid to like Science, I took science to make you happy".  Why do you directly or indirectly force the child to study subjects in which he/she has no interest? Why does your child need to be better than your friend’s child? Why do you wrongly believe that Science students have a better scope than Humanities? May be because your friend’s elder son who graduated from IIT got a good job with a hefty package (I am sure you never analyzed the numbers behind such airy packages). Let me shout out loud and clear, it’s high time you stop getting influenced by other’s success and hefty packages. Your child is not your friend’s elder son because may be even you are not like your friend. Till when will you kill your child’s individuality by this constant and tormenting comparison? Your child may have same or better abilities as other children but he/she may just have different interests.   2. Career Myths – Top career myths that influence a student to inappropriately choose a career are as below: If a student has scored good marks in class 10th, he/she has to take Science stream. Arts and Commerce streams are only meant for average and weak students. If a student is good in Math, he/she should become a software engineer. If a student likes to play games in computer, he/she should become a software engineer.  The list of such career myths which force a student to aim for either engineering or medicine as a career is endless.    3. The “charming” Coaching Institutes – Coaching institutes manipulate you by putting up big advertisements portraying the faces of rank holders from their institute. They cash on your desire to see your child’s face up there on such hoardings thus leading you to enroll your child right from standard 6th. Yes! They do offer preliminary preparation programs for Engineering/Medical courses. Have you ever wondered why do they offer scholarships to students who have scored well in class 10th or have admission tests for filtering out students? Because they only enroll academically potent students who would crack such competitive exams with little assistance. Your poor child who may be a mid-low scorer is forced to slog among such “toppers” in these coaching institutes where the only thing he/she learns is how to rote in a better way!!   4. The run for a hefty package – The misleading news regarding the 1Cr+ packages from the high end companies further fuel your expectations from your child to secure admission in coveted institutions like IITs and bag such offers. But have you ever analyzed the math behind the 1Cr+ package that includes a high cost of living in foreign countries, tax payments and other expenses. Ever wondered their actual cash in hand? I am sure not because all you ever cared was a tag of IIT and expensive pay package. Let me inform you that not even 0.25% of students of all the IITs (22 of them) put together secure such hefty packages. But you, dear Indian Parent, you already visualize your child bagging such an enormous package on the cost of pursuing a career which they are just not interested in.   5. Forced to Compete – Putting a noncompetitive child into a competitive career path adversely impacts the student’s mental and even physical health. After a point, the student tends to break down and see suicide as an easy resort to end his everyday struggle with intense competition.  I certainly hope that after knowing these facts and the reasons behind students taking such unfortunate steps, you would want to improve as a parent and not influence your child towards a certain career.    Some ways by which you can be a better parent by "assisting" (not helping, not guiding) your child in career planning:   1. Stop projecting your unfulfilled dreams on your child. Stop forcing your child to do something which you couldn't achieve. She/he is not a tool to fulfill your unaccomplished aspirations and desires. He/she is different. Give them a gift of free will. Let them carve their own career path. Let them pursue their own dreams and fly in a sky painted by their own aspirations.  2. Provide a stimulating environment with ample exposure to different arenas. Let them learn from their own experiences. Encourage them to pursue internship/volunteering opportunities with social companies, startups or MNCs. Let them go for summer exchange programs etc. Let them have a taste of skill sets and different work environments involved in various career profiles of their interest.  Examples: If you really want your child to know about his interest in software engineering as a career path, then enrolling him in a short team coding language course during summers is a good way. See if your child likes to code. A computer engineer need to have reasoning skills and be passionate about coding. You need to give your child the closest exposure which can make him/her understand about the skill sets required in a certain career. Once exposed to all possible aspects of software engineering, the child is in a better position to make his own choice.   To give them exposure to entrepreneurship as a career, let them enroll in high school level entrepreneurship programs & Business Plan competitions. There are many such programs available in our country now.   Journalism - Journalism is just not name/fame, it is more about unbiased reporting, debating, editing etc. It is more about having passion and interest to know and discuss about nations, politics, social issues etc. Encourage them to read newspapers, follow news, participate in debating competitions. If they hold on to such interests, this could be a viable career option for him/her. Similarly for broad career clusters, there are ways to give your child some exposure to it. Rather than enrolling them into coaching institutes from class 6th. Try giving them such exposures. Another way of giving them exposure is to let them read about different careers, let them meet different career professionals or a career counselor who can make them understand about different career options.    3. Understand your child’s nature and inherent potential. Is your child relaxed or anxious? Is your child friendly or competitive? Is your child more into books or the one who studies at the last moment but still end up fetching good scores? Is he/she extrovert or introvert? For a child who is not competitive in nature, pursuing competitive careers like engineering and medical will be difficult. A child who is not fond of reading, a career like law, or research based careers like psychology will not be a good option. For a child who is introvert, a career in sales/marketing or journalism will not be appropriate. For analysing your child’s aptitude and personality, you can even take help of career assessment tools which help to identify student's aptitude, personality and interest, thus suggesting the most appropriate career choices for your child. It’s also advisable to seek guidance from an expert career planner rather than ending up with a wrong career choice.   4. Instead of enrolling your child into coaching institutes like Allen, FIIT-JEE, Aakash, Vidyamandir and so on from class 6th, consider building a peer learning environment for him/her. Peer learning is a very effective way of learning and understanding. You could also look at new-age online companies like CueMath, Vedantu, ByJu's, Khan Academy which focus on concept building via online videos and one-on-one teaching/mentoring rather than rote learning. Such academic initiatives help students to really understand the concepts well, and develop interest towards certain subjects, thus finding a suitable career for themselves in future.     5. Most importantly, be unbiased. Do not influence. Be a friend, assist them in knowing careers rather than telling them what a right career is. Let them find that answer themselves. A satisfied life is way better than a pocket filled with notes but a heart void of happiness.  I feel very disturbed to witness that parents, knowingly or unknowingly, become the major cause behind these tragic deaths of students. As a parent or as a human being, this is something which you would never want should happen to your child. It will hurt you the most to see your child suffering in a career trap or the worst of all, to see them taking their own lives because you pushed them to aim for a career which they never wanted to pursue.    Don't put your child in a cage created by your own aspirations and dreams. It is important for them to identify the right race for themselves rather getting into the rat race. Let your child find their own path, let them find their passion, let them dream, let them think of impossibilities & consider the less travelled paths. Let them fly and let them be free to choose their own career!!   Regards, Ayush Bansal Career Development Facilitator & Co-Founder, iDreamCareer.com -- If you are a parent & looking for career guidance for your child, please email us at support@idreamcareer.com or call at 9555990000.